Friday, October 26, 2007

Be proud of who we are

As you may know, I am spending much of my time trying to stay home in California, off the road, after years of living in hotels. I'm only a few months into my break, and I say only because I am enjoying my time away from traveling more than the thought of living out of my suitcase. If you are hearing this for the first time, believe it. That means if you are a "wrestling promoter", I put that in quotes because mostly these are fans trying to run a show, I'm not waiting for or wanting your phone call, but I wish you the best. I've never fit the stereo type and I'm not going to start now by prostituting myself out like the other wrestlers without contracts have to and want to do. Very few situations are worth considering leaving home.

Making an exception for just such a situation, I took Sonya over seas for the last couple weeks for an awesome trip where I appeared at the Armageddon Show. This was a big convention that ran for two days in Melbourne, Australia and then another three days in Auckland, New Zealand.

In Melbourne, I signed at the show with my brother-in-the-business, Sabu, and Jasmine St. Claire. Hopefully, I'll get a pic of us to post. The fans were awesome. We look forward to coming back when the opportunity presents itself.

Funny story-the local wrestlers asked me a few questions, and one was about what I do for my calves (RVD's calves are, like many outstanding qualities, not showcased in the ring) because I wasn't wearing my shin pads that usually cover them. I went on to explain that outside of the gym I also do all kinds of unorthodox shit throughout my day to challenge or train myself. One thing I mentioned was that I flush urinals with my foot. I didn't think they'd understand when I realized every urinal I used over there was automatic, but I heard the next day that a bunch of them went home and tried it on their toilets. Funny.

You've probably even tried standing with your eyes closed and maybe lifting one foot off the ground to test your balance. I walk with my eyes closed a lot, under my shades, when I know I have enough safe room. I challenge myself by going for a number of steps that looks short of a collision. Not that I'm suggesting it, but I even do it on my bike and count seconds. I fell once. I'm sure it looked hilarious. One of my first martial arts teachers, James Williams taught me that kind of training. We would spend a lot of time training the mind. I do recommend that.

So, I signed in New Zealand next to Christy Hemme for three days, and Raven for one. The Kiwi's are very nice people and the weather was just right for the most part. After lots of posing and Q and A sessions, and meeting thousands of very kind locals, Sonya and I stayed a couple days and chilled. We actually went on a real Hobbit Hike with Raven and some friends we made and climbed hills and crossed streams and went through caves to get to black sand beaches. It was crazy! I've never done anything like that and will remember the experience always. They filmed Xena, as well as many other projects there in the magical looking mist coming off the ocean.

We made it home to a very smokey Los Angeles. Don't worry about the Van Dam Casa, we're safe, but fuck- I heard on the news that over 1400 homes have been destroyed!

Try to always remember that there are always consequences. Every action has a reaction. Make good's a good idea!

We've been catching up on Dexter( damn, I love that show), Heroes,Two and a Half Men, Robot Chicken, My Name Is Earl, Damages,Californication, and Weeds. Still got The Ultimate Fighter to check out, and I'll give Bionic Woman another look but I didn't think after the second show that it was going to be something for me after all.

Being home doesn't mean I can't leave my house to appear at the Shrine next Sunday, Nov. 4th! Fans in the Los Angeles area, Come see me from 12:00 to 3, I do believe. Los Angeles Comic Book and SciFi Convention. Bring some energy and of course, I expect everyone to tell me they miss my store :(

Sonya's genius brother invented something that may be of interest to you Ipod lovers. It's an add-on for Itunes called MOODSHUFFLE, and it picks music for you based on your moods so you don't have to shuffle around looking for different songs you want to hear, when you want to hear them. Or something like that. Check it out at MoodShuffle - Your music, your mood. Freedom from playlists and an endless ski.

As long as we're plugging, my good friend Shawn Stasiak has a documentary piece you can take a look at here --- Muscular Galore. I doubt many wrestlers or fans got to know Shawn like I got to know him. In fact, I appear in Shawn's film talking to him about spirituality and how we came across and applied what we've learned towards our lives. I haven't seen the whole film yet but it covers a lot of Shawn's motivational path, from Shawn's early days looking up to his famous father, Stan Stasiak to Shawn's current chiropractic career helping others where he can.

I've been talking about this research that Chris Nowinski is doing, concerning concussed athletes and the brain damage consequences. There's that word.
If you want to read an interesting article on it and learn a bit about how Benoit's dad dealt with everything, there's a good story at

My good friend and former high school class mate, Dory Funk Jr., has a new wrestling training center in Florida with all kinds of exciting things happening. Take at look at

Well, I just got back and have a lot to catch up on.

What, not deep enough to measure up to RVD Blog standards?

Oh, don't even think I've run out of material. So not the case, ever.

How about we talk about this for a minute? Is pride a good thing or bad? Or maybe both? We grow up wanting to know that our shoes and jeans are better than the other kids' stuff, or at least we'll pretend we think our shit's better when we're arguing. What is that? My dad's job is cooler than your dad's...our house is hair is better than yours....whatever.

I understand the need to like oneself and the problems that arise when this is not so. Okay. Soon it's school pride. Our team is better than your team. Our state is better than your state. My country is better than yours. We all want to cheer for the home town hero or heroes, even if we don't know them. Why is that? Is the person that made it far in life, and happens to be from your town more deserving of life than the guy that was born in Iraq? Is it the same formula of life, on a different scale? I'm just asking here.

I know the Australians want me to like Australian beer. I do. I know the Kiwi's really want me to enjoy their island. I do. Is that because my American endorsement adds value? Is it pride in their culture that they want to share with someone they like? Or is it wondering how they compare to the mighty U.S.A.? I always ask my friends from out of town if they like Los Angeles, because I want them to like it. I guess that's just to share some common emotion? Maybe? I'm just thinking with you...and jet lag! I'm all for "one love" and I am very grateful for experiencing many wonderful cultures.

Is the pride that makes Canadians proud to be north of the border the same thing I promote by telling everyone to embrace their individuality? Is this what eventually causes war? I think it's all good as long as you have balance. I know some people who don't know how to be proud of themselves without looking down at others. Don't be one of them. You don't have to waste time wishing you weren't someone else because you're not. You're you. Don't go looking for a point here, but imagine with me, just for once- What amazing progress we could accomplish if we were all just Earthling's, put here by the same creator, banned together in search of answers.

See ya.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Thanks for all the feedback on the first RVD TV trailer that’s up at The Whole F'N Yes, I do get some hang time on my back flips!

RVD TV is going to rock! This project is as close to the heart as it gets for me. I had Docu-dude film me hanging out at my house, running all over my wonderful city, and even archive personal video footage. You'll see a lot of random activities that are part of my normal every day life here in Los Angeles, as well as some special moments too.

Something that I find myself doing very often is having deep, thought provoking conversations that explore personal opinions and positions. Many a night, I've said “Damn, we should have a camera recording this!” as I pondered thoughts with friends over such subjects as organized religion, war, relationships, death penalty, censorship and other society imposed standards, as well as getting spiritual with the right people.

Just yesterday I was telling a friend who considers himself Catholic, but doesn't believe or apply any of the rulings that would define him as Catholic that no- he wasn't. He tells me he was born Catholic. I said that you could be born white or black, but not Catholic. That’s like saying you were born speaking English. A third party entered the amusing conversation and after ten minutes of back and forth, we ended up deciding that he was a lapsed-Catholic- which he wasn't too happy about. It was still pretty funny. I've never been one to believe what I'm told without question. How can you not question it? You have to sometimes, don't you?

This relates to RVD TV through a reoccurring episode I call Friends in High Places. They're not debates. They're not arguments. We just kick around some feelings on a subject and really open up to do it. Chatting with friends in the entertainment industry is going to draw attention and I hope someone will listen to what we have to say because a lot of important points are brought up.

When I had my good friend Taboo from the Black Eyed Pees on RVD TV to talk about language censorship he thanked me for giving him the opportunity to speak about something he cares about passionately. He gets his message across. He totally gets what I'm doing and I received outstanding support from him as well as many other Friends in High Places as we tackled the likes of gun control, violence in entertainment, and marijuana prohibition, to name a few.

Speaking of the good herb, check this out.

Nick Diaz has always been a kick ass fighter, but he just got major kudos from me for recent news. On February 24th, Diaz defeated Takanori Gomi at Pride 33 in Las Vegas by submission. It was considered one of the greatest battles of the night with Nick repeatedly winning stand-up exchanges and in the end, earning himself superstar status.

On April 10th, the Nevada State Athletic Commission announced that Nick had failed a post fight drug screening by testing positive for marijuana. Ready for this? They said that “his THC level was so high that he fought with an unfair advantage. So they overturned his victory and declared it a no-contest.”

WHAT? WHAT? All you conservative voters who agree pot should be illegal, let me ask you something. What happened to the stereotype of pot making you lazy, unmotivated, slow, and unable to function? Is that why it’s bad or does it give you an advantage in a mixed martial arts competition where reflexes, speed, stamina, precision and energy mean everything? You can't have it both ways.

Maybe everyone needs some truthful education, huh? Most people have misinformation about this center of controversy. Why do you think you've never seen me make excuses for my very famous mj bust with Sabu? Anytime a professional athlete, or actor, or musician, politician, or judge or anyone with a position of respect is attached to cannabis, it helps change the dishonest perception of the plant. Nick stands his ground on this. You can read his story at BOXING -

Anyone catch 60 minutes last week? They covered the subject of debate with DEA raiding medicinal dispensaries in California. That does nothing but justify their unessential budget for keeping weed illegal.

Anyone catch Real Sports on HBO? I don't remember Marcus Bagwell sounding so southern. Hmm. This was an interesting follow up to last years special on wrestlers dying young.

If you haven't heard any of my interviews on the subject of wrestlers being taken advantage of, I offer an honest but probably different opinion than most. Forget the wrestler’s union. It'll never happen. Wrestlers are all replaceable and have nowhere else to go anyway. Are you surprised when you hear that wrestler’s don't get insurance benefits? Big deal. We are independent contractors, just like the guy you paid to paint your house. If the painter signs a contract that says he will work for you for 3 years, and work for no one else and give ownership of any plans or ideas created or used on the job to you, and he gives you the right to amend the contract on your side to implement dress codes and fines and wellness programs and whatever else you decide along the way, that’s the deal he made. If you are paying him enough money so he can get his own insurance, set up his own retirement funds, and you take care of getting him to the job and back home, what’s the problem? He’s not an employee. He’s self-employed. Would he rather have less pay, but get insurance through you? Probably not, especially since he’s covered if he gets hurt on the job anyway. Make sense? I hope I cleared some questions up for you and gave you a different angle to see the situation from. I admit as quickly as anyone that the job is way challenging, but it’s a challenge we agree to. That’s why I finished the agreement that I made and now I'm done. For the moment, anyway.

Chris Nowinski is heading the research that discovered the brain damage in Benoit’s head from trauma. This offers the best possible scientific explanation for what could have happened. I'm talking with Chris about his discoveries and about ways to educate everyone. He’s findings show that many athletes who have experienced concussions share commonalities that can include paranoia and depression and ultimately, suicide. Some of my friends have other qualities that are consistent with concussions like headaches and inability to retain information, and even difficulty staying awake. We have to look at the whole situation differently now. Many times I've laughed at my own disability to regain balance and equilibrium after a good shot to the head. It seems that maybe some real damage could be taking place, and Benoit possibly having dementia is a scary enough reason to take notice. If these suicide victims all had former multiple concussions, and there could possibly be a pattern, I’m wondering if that could explain the loss of my good friend and old travel partner Mike Awsome. If you want to know more information and especially if you know someone who’s suffering from bumps to the head, you can email Chris Nowinski at

My comic book store is no longer open; so don't plan your west coast trips around visiting it. We had a lot of fun, and brought a lot of fans together with their favorite wrestlers. The city of Lomita and the city of L.A. both contributed towards making it impossible to keep the doors open for business, but we'll have all the merchandise available for you at in the next couple of weeks.

I hope you caught Family Guy Star Wars. It was awesome! I also liked the Bionic Woman and think it'll be a great new action series for us this fall.

You’ve probably noticed that I’m not taking bookings and traveling all over the globe. That’s true and not going to change any time soon. However, taking SVD to Australia and then New Zealand is gonna be an awesome trip! Sabu will be in Australia too so bring your hardcore energy and see us at Armageddon Expo Australia and then at Armageddon Pulp Expo.

Something I've heard a lot from you fans when we'd meet in person is “Keep doing what you do”. When I knew I was going to take a break, this didn't feel good to hear. I didn't want to let anyone down and people were telling me they were counting on me to keep it up. Looking back over the years, I used to get fan mail pertaining to how I had inspired or motivated some people I had never even met. I didn't quite get it at first. How could I have helped these people get over heart operations and other surgeries, divorces, deaths of loved ones and more? Just by doing back flips? I convinced myself that watching me entertained them and brought them positive energy. I also decided that by being a public image, anyone could fill in their own blanks to feel like they know me. You can pretend that I drive a monster truck, or hunt in the woods, or tear it up the on the dance floor, whatever. The RVD that you might “know” may be different than the RVD you meet on RVD TV.

If you want to hold onto your memories and not know the real me, RVD TV may not be for you. If you want to know the guy behind every accomplishment that made you a fan, and want to possibly grow from life discoveries shared openly by that same person, tune in. I will continue to inspire like I did with those performances, but I'm reaching outside the box on a personal and honest level. With this in mind, you got it- I'll keep doing what I do.

Roll the credits.

"Purplexion" by Harry Slash and the Slashtones, hear the RVD TV theme song at - The Slashtones