Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Greetings free thinkers!

Greetings free thinkers. Feel well. Everybody. Just, go ahead and feel well.
There you go. It’s going to be a long one.. Grab a beverage.
We have much to discuss, so let’s start at the top.

Wednesday, December 17 is Sonya’s last chemo disconnect! She’ll get disconnected and be through with the treatments, and she kicked cancer’s ass! She’s so amazing, you’d never know what she’s gone through by looking at her. We are very ready for the next chapter in our life.

On RVD RADIO, on the 17th, we’ll talk about cancer, and survivor stories. We want to hear from you, so be ready to share. Also joining SVD and myself will be Survivor contestant and actress Jeri Manthee, ECW original Francine, Neil Kaplan and Sabu, to name a few.. We’ve all had so much fun with RVD RADIO over the last several weeks. My blogs have to share the outlet position for my life pondering now. We’ve talked about so many topics from government conspiracies to holiday seasons, organized religion to language censorship. Last week, we had Sabu, Fonzie-that’s right, Daddy, Kid Kash, the Masterpiece, of course SVD, and our official RVD RADIO law representative Officer X all talking about Road Rage. Lots of stories!

RVD RADIO airs live Wednesdays 6-8 P.S.T. (9-11 E.S.T.) and you can go to blogtalkradio.com/rvdradio or call (347) 308-8754 to listen or join in.

RVD TV recently aired its 50th weekly episode! That’s a lot of kick ass videos and they are ALL still available to watchers. Check out the site for membership information.

In celebration of RVD TV’s 50th episode, we’re upgrading the web site AGAIN, to add more features and more fan interactive options, not to mention making everything more user friendly to enjoy. Also...

The Best of RVD TV DVD -Vol 1!

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Congrats to Justin “the Insane One” McCully for his victory over Eddie Sanchez on UFC’s Fight for the Troops Night. This bout did not air on Spike TV, but can be seen at http://www.ufc.com/index.cfm?fa=videoPlayer.home&gid=16440
JMC was in his best shape in UFC history and fought like the master that he is.

My good friend and very funny comedian Larry Weaver has a new eBook entitled "Funny Employee Awards: Your Complete Guide to Organizing a Humorous, Entertaining and Rewarding Recognition Ceremony." It features 101 funny awards certificates that you can print and give to your coworkers.

Check it out at http://www.funnyemployeeawards.com/funny-awards-book.asp

Sonya and I went to a screening of “The Wrestler”. I like Mickey Rourke. I like Marisa Tormei. It was entertaining to watch, from the beginning to the end, but it left me feeling a bit... disturbed. The character is doomed from the start because he’s a wrestler from the 80’s who just won’t quit and sacrifices everything for his passion. It was too real. At the same time, that’s what they went for. They told a story about a particular man at a particular time in his life, and they chose a depressing story to tell. I didn’t really know how I felt after seeing it, just unfulfilled. Maybe it was because I wanted the other side of the coin exposed. Maybe I felt judged. When I shook the director (Darren Aronofsky)’s hand, I just id “Thanks for reducing my life’s dream’s to rubbish.” I’m not sure if everyone got the message that I did from the movie, but I’m pretty sure it had to do with the meaninglessness of the wrestler’s commitment to his dream. Go see it, form your own opinion. You know what? Let’s talk about “The Wrestler” on RVD RADIO Wednesday as well.

Click here to read about the oldest stash in history- two pounds of still-green marijuana found in a 2,700-year-old Gobi Desert grave!

Here’s something else in the news that I found to be VERY interesting. A man named Felix Kha was cited for possession of marijuana, even though he produced the proper documentation, identifying him as a medical marijuana patient, here in Cali. The Orange County Court ruled not only that the man was in compliance with the law, but also that the police must return the marijuana to its rightful owner. The police refused-of course- and with the city behind them in support, went to the Supreme Court to fight for their cause. DENIED! They have to give it back!
"It's now settled that state law enforcement officers cannot arrest medical marijuana patients or seize their medicine simply because they prefer the contrary federal law"."Perhaps, in the future local government will think twice about expending significant time and resources to defy a law that is overwhelmingly supported by the people of our state."

Read more about this story at Cops must return stolen property . Remember everyone, we now have 25% of American adults living in Medical Marijuana states, and a president-elect that will not endorse arresting patients. Still don’t see a change happening in our life time? Keep thinking that then, stubborn reader-but I side with common sense.

When I read the comments that you readers leave for this blog on my myspace page, I’m going to be looking for your answer to a question I pose.. Well, that and of course more importantly the congrats to SVD. Yay! Ok. You ready? This is a serious question. I really want to know what your opinions are on this. Here we go.
Why do you think the top killing drug ( by far-many hundreds of thousands of annual deaths ahead of second place) is the most accepted to use?

I look forward to learning from your responses. Until then, and after then...oh, what the hell- during then, too...Have an awesome time enjoying life!