Sunday, April 19, 2009

This is not a TEST

Hello everyone, and happy today! It is about time for an RVD blog, right? I realize I may take too long in between posts, but I start to write several blogs for weeks before I actually complete and post one, so that’s how it comes together. In an effort to stay better connected to you, and to keep up with technology, I’m giving in to several requests and starting a Twitter account. Sign up to follow what I’m doing at Twitter@therealRVD

Rob Van Dam (TherealRVD) on Twitter I hope that each of you had a fantastic easter Sunday, but statistically speaking, that’s not likely. Hopefully you were in the percentage of happy holiday havers. What could be better than celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ by painting and hiding eggs and pretending a rabbit did it? Yay Easter! Where’s the drink and food?

We just got back from France, where I wrestled for the up and coming AWR. It was a good experience being back on the road, from wrestling nine matches to long bus rides between towns, finding gyms on the road and hoping to score good food when the bus stopped. A lot of the things that got to be monotonous before were very tolerable for me this time. It was second nature to me and I guess some of my burn-out has cooled off because for the first time I can remember while over- seas, I wasn’t anxiously counting the hours until my flight home came. Sonya and I stayed an extra day in Paris and had a great time. On RVD TV you can see footage from the trip and catch glimpses of Chris Masters, Sabu, Scotty 2 Hotty, Marty Janetty, Gangrel, Heidenreich, Renee Dupree and/or other AWR wrestlers. We were looking forward to seeing Test but unfortunately, he passed away two days before the trip.

I have no doubt that I would’ve had some kick ass matches with him that most likely would’ve produced black eyes for one or both of us.

One thing that’s worth mentioning-I’ve been asked a few times if Test’s passing put a dark cloud over the whole trip. We were bummed that we wouldn’t see him again, and all told Test stories to each other, but sadly, we are all used to this routine. After so many of us have died prematurely, it’s almost like we’re trained to handle this, and life goes on. We all took a look at the bus full of wrestlers, and have to admit to ourselves that there’s a decent chance that next time we all get together, we may be a smaller group still.

Over the years I’ve gone from being devastated by news of Louie Spicolli’s death, to asking “Who died this time?” when someone in the business asks “Have you heard?”

At 33 years old, Test accidentally ended his life, while my peers continue to push the envelope. Being away from a binding contract that kept me on the road, I often feel like a survivor that made it home from the war. That’s not meant to be insensitive to war vets that have experienced far worse than I have.

By the way, as long as we’re talking about it, my views have always differed from the military mentality. We all have friends or family in the services and we’re glad that they’re going to the desert instead of us. However, that doesn’t make them heroes in my mind. While they are brainwashed from the beginning into believing that getting shot by non-Americans is an honorable way to die, I think this sounds a bit like Kamikaze craziness. If you choose to be a gun fighter, you may get shot at. Is it ok that you want to kill non-American soldiers, because the U.S. government says it’s ok, or does that still make you a killer? Does it seem right to you that if you make it back home from the war, whether dead or alive, America is supposed to honor you unconditionally? Should it matter what kind of a person you are or should we all just worship you as a hero because you chose to risk your life to kill foreigners? I guess I never accepted the message that sacrificing my life to the political agendas of the current president equated to being a hero. Would God be pleased that I got my head blown off in the name of American beliefs? Or that I blew up a building that housed a family that felt different about God than I do? Who knows. I think the biggest difference in beliefs for me is that I don’t think that the dirt I stand on is worth dying for. I understand that these men ( or boys) do what they do so I can do what I do, protecting the American dream, but war is all about killing or dying while trying. I have had the pleasure of setting foot in many other countries, and I’d rather live in any one of them instead of dying in mine-even India, and they poop on the side of the road there.

While looking out the double decker bus window in Europe, we saw a lot of ancient castles and churches that were hundreds of years old. It made me think of just how long we’ve been killing each other over who’s right about God. It seems totally unnecessary from where RVD sits. Has anyone been able to prove that they were right about God anytime in their life? If so, I must’ve missed it. Thumpers, have a field day with that.

The official street date for RVD TV DVD Vol 1 is May 5th, 2009. Go to BIG VISION ENTERTAINMENT ‘s web site for ordering info. The sneak peek DVD is still exclusively available at

Can you believe how common it is to hear of missing or found-dead children? Before we left town, the headline news went from the Caylee Anthony situation to Haleigh Cummings-both unimaginably horrible cases. Now that we’re back, we’re learning all about the monster that killed that sweet little 8 year-old girl, Sandra Cantu. I can’t even imagine how it would feel to want to hurt such an innocent, helpless child...and I have a hell of an imagination.

While we were in France, on the news was the sentencing in Austria of Joseph Fritzl- who imprisoned and raped his daughter in a hidden cell in his basement for 24 years!! He fathered seven children that were his own grandchildren!! You guys hear about this ass hole?

I made an offer last week on RVD RADIO that’s worth repeating. We were talking about pedophiles, that prey on innocent children and not only hurt them but maybe even kill them. I said that anyone in the listening audience that may be one of these monsters, and I’ll expand it to my blog reading audience, feel free to call in to my show any time. There’s not enough accessible advice for people like you and I’ll help you do the right thing, and kill yourself live on the air.

That’s or (347) 308-8754 on Wednesdays.

Now that President Obama has given the green light on stem cell research, expect a lot of cures to be “discovered”. They know they can do it, they just have to make sure they can get paid for it.

Did you guys notice how the question of legalizing marijuana for economic reasons was snickered at and dismissed at Obama’s recent Q&A? It was the most voted on question, and yet everyone in view on camera laughed at it like it was a joke, even the president. We need money. That’s the only reason pot is prohibited anyway-to protect financial interests. It’s time to quit pouring that money out to the streets and put it where we can use it. Tonight at 10p.m. ( 7 p.s.t.), I’ll be on Geraldo at Large on Fox News to discuss this. 4/19/09

Besides disagreeing with the presidents feelings on legalizing marijuana, I like the guy. He’s a world leader, uniting several countries with a common feeling of trust. He visited over seas while we were there too, and welcomed France back to NATO for the first time in over 40 years. I still don’t care about his dog though, and am tired of hearing about it blown up on the news. What about you?

I haven’t been writing much about Wrong Side of Town- the action movie written to showcase RVD-because in typical Hollywood fashion, it has met delays that I don’t want to bore you with.. Having said that, I will be updating you from the set, providing I find the time as we are rolling into production next week. Obviously, we have much to talk about here.

I’m expecting to have a lot of fun filming this movie. I’ve always been a fan of action movies, specifically fight movies. That’s why it’s so cool to have participated in three martial arts movies and now to be starring in an RVD movie. That’s what we dream chasers do. I think that some people are wired to believe that the world is full of endless opportunities while others feel that the dream life isn’t meant for them. Some of us want it all and that drives us, while others are content to watch from the sidelines, living vicariously through others. Do you agree? If so, which are you?

I spoke with boy genius and brain researcher Chris Nowinski about the possibility that successful people are wired to think differently. I don’t know if that’s a fact, but I do have an opinion. I’ve had my share of use and abuse of what some call “vices”, but I’ve never felt like something was stronger than me. Since I don’t know what it’s like to feel like I want to quit something but can not because it is stronger than my mind, I can only assume that people use this as an excuse to give themselves a break. I only think I can. That’s seeing success. If I think I can not, that’s failure-not success.

Have a festive 4-20 everybody! If you need another holiday to add to your list, feel free to celebrate April 20th along with many of us enthusiasts. Tell the boss you need the day off. If for nothing else, my dad’s birthday! Yay! Food and drink...or whatever. Cough.

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Have an awesome day.