Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I don't know Butchie, instead.

Blog time.

Let’s see… what’s going on? It’s no big surprise that John from Cincinatti was axed from HBO. I still enjoyed watching the episodes, although it was less and less each time. There was no pay off for the patience required to hang with this show. At least the actor that played John got famous enough in time to have his DUI a few days ago make big news.

Check out his profile online and say to yourself “I don’t know Butchie, instead.”

If you haven’t noticed, Weeds season 2 is like 3 weeks in now and you should be watching it on Showtime. Has it been that long since I updated this blog? Also really worth watching is Californication. Great show! Great show.

It’s always a sad day when we have to say goodbye to a favorite show until next season. I guess Entourage deserves a break too. They’ve been delivering solid half-hours for the longest, so relax for a bit, gentlemen. I’ll do the same.

Before we leave the subject of television shows, let me apologize to the entire cast of Arrested Development for not discovering you sooner. While catching up on season one on DVD, this instantly became my favorite sitcom from network tv. Very funny stuff.

I used to like “It’s your Move” when I was a kid. That was Jason Bateman’s spin off from Silver Spoons. Anybody remember that? I guess I should watch for more of his stuff.

Wait…I got one more! Two and a Half Men is hilarious and I’ve missed years of that one, too. I’m Tivo’ing it now and will almost definitely go pick up the DVD’s.

Expect some good changes involving the website in the near future. Some plans to utilize and myspace/ are coming together and I’ll have something to show you very soon. Because I’ll be spending so much more time with my sites, that means there is no more time for all you posers. I searched my name recently on Myspace and saw many, many poser sites that will be taken down soon. I appreciate all the dedicated fan sites out there, but the ones that sucker people into thinking they are communicating with me are bogus and deceitful. I’ve read questions to and answers from “me” on those sites and let me say this…not that I’m not flattered, but your words lack the coolness that comes only from RVD, first-hand. Take them down yourselves or we will very soon and I understand that many people feel that there just isn’t enough RVD out there for everyone, but I’ll do what I can on my end.

Click on my pics and check out the new ones I’ve added recently of myself with some other celebs you’ll recognize. I’ll be reading the comments you add, and I’ll be adding more pics as I come across them.

As always, my schedule for the near future will be posted so you can keep up with my whereabouts. There’s not much info there at the moment because, as those close to me know, I have banned myself from traveling. That means I’m home. I’m loving getting to know Los Angeles after “living” here for almost 9 years. I quote “living” because spending a few hours a week to sleep here doesn’t refer to the same “living” as you might think, based from your own circumstances of where and how you live.

That said, look for me in Cali or in Las Vegas, because I love it there and I’ll usually drive it. Speaking of…

On September 20th, come to Hooter’s Hotel and Casino where I’ll be signing autographs, taking pictures and spreading coolness to all. To see who else you’ll meet and other info, click here.

Check out the Skunk Magazine on the shelves right now for a recent RVD interview.

I talked to Maxim magazine about the facts involving wrestlers dying so young. This subject is talked about much, and brought up a lot because it happens so often.

It seems that when it simmers down, there’s new justified reason to talk about it because there goes another wrestler. It’s been that way for a long time. Anyway, I believe this should be in the December issue.

Hey-why is Maxim either packaged in plastic like pornography or put up on the top shelves next to Playboy and Penthouse? I used to think the individual storeowners were just ignorant of the context of the book, but it’s like that almost everywhere. This is ridiculous to me. We don’t even get to see one bare nipple in the whole magazine! National Geographic, medical mags or even Cosmo could be considered more offensive! Bring them down off the top shelf and give them a fair chance to sell, you over-conservative, controlling and delusional thieves of freedom.

Now, I don’t want to sound like I’m spreading hate, so let me elaborate. Why do they put Maxim on the top shelf with average use of language, no nudity and no threat to National Security? I think it’s because we are supposed to believe that appreciating the female body is a sin. While our sexual attraction is our strongest, non-automatic(sleeping, breathing and eating) drive, we’re supposed to believe that loving those gorgeous physics and wanting to see more of them is what? The Devil’s work? Most creatures of Earth have a mission to “hook-up”. It’s the reproductive process and it’s the only way for a species to survive. I’m often accused of being Christian, by people who don’t understand my spirituality, but my views are my own. I’m not knocking anybody’s religion, but as far as that goes, doesn’t every religion knock the beliefs and practices of other religions? I’m speaking from an open mind and don’t mind telling you that if you think that you know 100 percent, for sure, what will happen to you when you die, than you should expect some disagreements. I believe God made women beautiful and wants us to appreciate his work. I say good job God! Make more! Women are used to sell or get attention for everything because a pretty smile provides us with an uplifting, positive energy. When man struggles with conflict over his most natural tendencies, which are harmless, he adds much unneeded stress and actually stands in the way of the big plan. Now, if you think I’m condoning rape, adultery, or lying you better check yourself! If you think I’m burying your religion, you’re missing the message.

Am I wrong, or do many of you readers give yourselves a hard time over wanting to see bobbies? Does it cause problems or do you make it a problem? I’m an ass man myself, but my creator gave me the predisposition to love a beautiful butt and I’m thankful for it!

For the record, I live in faith, not in fear.

I realize I may be offending some people, which is not my intention. My mission is to spread truth as I know it. I don’t hate anybody for thinking different than I do, and I hope to help others feel the same. I will be offering a lot more possibly offensive views in the next several months. I’m not trying to gain a crowd of followers that bite on everything I say. My greatest hopes are that someone will say, ‘hmm… I never thought of it that way”. My mission here is to inspire people to think for themselves as individuals. Decide what you believe based on what makes sense, not just because you’re told to believe it.

Now for some proper education…

This is taken from this week’s MPP Newsletter. Please give it a read.

Help stop DEA obstruction of medical marijuana research

“Would it surprise you to learn that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is refusing to allow medical marijuana research to move forward — despite a clear recommendation from its own administrative law judge to let such research happen?

If you’re like me, this will be just the latest outrage from the same agency that insists on terrorizing and arresting medical marijuana patients and providers who are complying with state law and their doctors’ advice.

Would you please take one minute to ask your U.S. House member to direct the DEA to permit medical marijuana research to move forward? MPP’s online action center has done all the work for you; just click a few buttons and your letter will be sent.

(Congress provides the DEA with 100% of its funding — all of it taxpayer money — so the DEA is more likely to listen to members of Congress than just about anyone else.)

In February of this year, DEA Administrative Law Judge Mary Bittner recommended that Professor Lyle Craker and the University of Massachusetts be granted a license to grow research-grade marijuana that would be used in FDA- and DEA-approved clinical studies into marijuana’s therapeutic uses, noting that it would be “in the public interest” to do so. But the DEA has ignored her recommendation and continued to block the research.

And earlier this month, during a hearing before the U.S. House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security, DEA official Joseph Rannazzisi refused to commit to a timeline for ruling on the University of Massachusetts’ application ... even implying that the DEA might just wait until after a new presidential administration takes power in January 2009!

This is the height of hypocrisy. The DEA continually cites insufficient research as a reason for keeping medical marijuana illegal — while simultaneously blocking the very research that’s needed to persuade the FDA to approve marijuana as a prescription medicine.

How can the DEA hide behind the FDA in arguing against medical marijuana access, and then block any attempt to move marijuana through the FDA approval process?”

Now to conclude what turned out to be the longest RVD blog ever…

Have a beautiful week and remember, it’s always a great day to be breathing!


Monday, August 13, 2007

Random Ass Update

When a couple of weeks go by and I haven't written a new blog, it's either because I've been too busy, or that not much has happened that I want to write about. In the case of the later, I know you want to hear from me anyway so I feel obligated to check in with you and give you something to read. This being the case, read on and expect "random".

First off, I just found out that Brian Adams was just found dead. You may remember Brian as "Crush" from Demolition. At 43 years old, he adds to the list of wrestlers finishing their life early. While it's getting harder to deny the common ground of all these young men and women, it gets no easier to except. Brian was always very cool to me and that's the way I'll remember him.

Anybody catch that show "Dinner for Five" on tv? I watched Kevin Smith host a dinner conversation with Stan Lee, Jason Lee, Mark Hamill, and J.J. Abrams. If it's still playing, fan boys everywhere- set your tivos. I'll share the biggest thing I took with me from watching that tv show with you right now. Remember how excited you were to learn that there would be a spin-off series of Star Wars made for televison? And Kevin Smith was going to write it? Sorry. It was bullshit. Throw it on the rumor list.

I know I recommended John from Cincinnati and it's a fucking crazy show, but we stayed with it all season. The interesting characters and dialogue keep us going even though we have no idea what the fuck is going on. It's made by the people who brought us Deadwood, and I usually had no idea what they were talking about on that show either. Anyway, it's a few weeks in right now, but Damages is a great show. You might have to see this from the start, but it's totally worth it. Damages. Look for it on FX.

I'll be the first to tell you that the media will convict someone long before they've had their day in court, but If Michael Vick is guilty of beating and killing those dogs, he could use some ass kicking and I hope someone tells him I said that!

Transformers kicked ass. It's as good as all the hype. Megan Fox is worth it too!

I thought the Simpson's Movie was way better than people led me to believe. We laughed through the entire movie. Good times.
I want to thank the fans that came to see me at the Comic Con in San Diego. This was my fifth time to go, and I'm already looking forward to next year. I'll be more visible next year and try to stay for a couple of days.

Alright, time for some motivation. Remember that what you do for work is not who you are. The true you exists before, during and after all things that pass in your life. Stay in touch with this person and learn your path. Grow in this connection.

I got another for ya. Living with regret only anchors us to the past so we can't move forward. Regret is a choice. Look for the silver lining. Stop wishing and start hoping.

That's it for this blog, everyone. I do read all your feedback (and recognize quite a few of you) so keep it coming. I'll be responding on my site in the near future.

If you want to do something good for your spirit, repeat this at least 4 times a day.

"I feel happy. I feel healthy. I feel terrific!"