Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Price is Right

Greetings, everybody. I hope you all had a great weekend.

I understand the appreciation from some of you, when I don’t mention the good herb in my blogs. This, however, will not be one of those blogs. Hold on, before you go anywhere, I just want everyone who enjoys having a planet to live on, to take a look at this oldie -- but too often forgotten -- goodie Oaksterdam News - Ford's hemp car. Usually, people are surprised when I tell them that Henry Ford made an automobile out of hemp fibers, that actually ran on hemp seed oil in 1941. Even my friends at the Hemp Store in Auckland didn’t know this and while the car was a third lighter in weight than the standard car, it was 10 times as strong! Ford introduced this to the World Fair and if it wasn’t for the greed of his sponsor, Dupont, looking for higher profitable plastics, there’s no telling what could have became of this. It damn sure should be in our history books, but then, that’s what they want us to think about. In case you’re a bit confused about the hemp plant, it’s not the same plant as its relative, marijuana and it does not contain the stuff to get you high. We don’t utilize it because its been purposely interchanged with pot in our misguiding educations. To watch Drew Carrey's efforts to educate you on the same truth you consistently get from here, click here: Spreading the truth doesn’t seem to hurt the career of the new Price is Right host. Kudos to you Drew, for helping draw awareness where it’s needed. Drew’s got a lot more integrity than I realized. If you’re up for some more viewing on the subject, Marc Emery’s story is huge. I don’t know if anyone has done more for the cause. His movie Prince of Pot is now showing here- YouTube - Prince of Pot - Part One. If you have not seen the movie Reefer Madness, you should make this a personal goal. I highly recommend the Showtime musical remake, which is fucking hilarious. The pun’s there if you want it. Keep in mind that the original movie -used to successfully demonize the reputation of the weed in the 1930’s- is every bit as ridiculous! I’m quite sure it would have the opposite effect today because people just aren’t that gullible anymore. Too bad Uncle Sam never corrected that one.

Anyone who watches Two and a Half Men and doesn’t laugh through the whole thing must be preoccupied during the show. It’s so funny. Here’s something I have to know. Since we watch our programs on Tivo- with the ability to pause and rewind- and most people probably don’t- how many of you totally miss Chuck Lorre’s quickly flashed vanity card at the end of each show? If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I guess that answers my question.

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For your info, I do read all the comments on my front page and more enthusiastically, on my blogs. I won’t be able to respond to everyone but I am hearing what you’re telling me. The feedback from my last blog on pride was pretty awesome. Knowing that others agree with views or opinions feels like a shot of validity in the arm. Well, except for the stinging part. Some of you seem to question your own feelings on the subject of being proud of someone you don’t know because you feel connected to them. It’s always great to question, but I have some following information that has helped others, and I think it will shed some light on the subject. You cheer for your home football team. You vote for the American Idol from your state. You scream “USA” at the foreign wrestlers. This is all good energy, for and from you. This is a good place for your spirit to be, rather than focusing on the other team’s defeat. You applaud when you see a BMX biker pull off an amazing 720 degrees flip in the air, even though you don’t know him. You’re vibrating with him at a positive frequency. The more you learn to vibrate with others and celebrate their success, the more susceptible you become to receiving positive energy yourself. Practice this as oppose to being jealous of others or focusing on your beliefs that they don’t deserve what they have. These thoughts bring you down and you don’t want to be putting out bad vibes.

Everybody catch that Death Grip special on CNN? Yikes! Lots of stand-out moments here. Many good points and many not-so-whole truths. How about Dynamite Kid, huh? Karma is a mother fucker! I’m going to assume that, by now, most people are realizing that the life behind the scenes of pro wrestling is very demanding. It can be a great job if you love it more than anything in your life, but you still have to know how to take care of yourself. One thing I’ve always wondered, how does the death rate compare to the rock and roll touring industry, instead of football? Everyone wants to call it phony, choreographed, or whatever, and then they compare it to sports when they need defaming statistics. I’m not denying that I have lost many friends-fuck, every time I look at old pictures there are more and more to add to my list. Is it classified as a sport? If it’s entertainment on television, don’t you wonder why the Actor’s Guild has never claimed it? Wouldn’t that be something if the WWE writers went on strike with all these Hollywood writers all over the sidewalk here? Actually, one time- and keep this to yourself- the Guild came after me claiming that my work on a WWE video game was unsanctioned by them. I’m not making this up. If you belong to the union, you can’t do non-union work or you are in BIG trouble if you get caught. Somebody in their office, which I do belong to outside of wrestling, thought that the game, or even WWE, was considered “acting” and a conflict of union rules. They were incorrect, but one has to wonder where the mistaken lines are drawn. Wrestling unions will never take place, as I’ve often stated. Aftra owns the other high rated tv shows, but strangely, not Smack Down or Raw, or what was that other one? I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the live, traveling performances but we’ve all watched live sitcoms hoping for them to make a mistake. Obviously, there is an answer to this situation, but I have to believe there’s more room for change in this department than should be ignored.

By the way, even though you parents don’t want me telling the kids this: Mom and Dad do not know how pro wrestling works. Listen to them, because they are your parents. Listen to me, and I’ll talk about wrestling for a minute. I know…rarely done on this site. I have been in many matches where- not only did I not talk to my opponent before the match, I never met him. Sometimes we didn’t even speak the same language. Sometimes, we spoke the same language and dressed in the same room and didn’t care about talking about the match because we were both veterans that could go out there and tear it up! If I were to ask the Shiek if I should talk to my opponent before my match he would of said “What the fuck for?” There is no rehearsal required, no way to safely take those high falls, and we are definitely competing to get over in the ring. We want to be over with the crowd, over with the promoters, and hopefully, the most over guy or girl in the dressing rooms, because that’s how to get ahead. Well, that and holding everyone else down, if you’re that type of person.

Hope I’ve added insight. I heard Dog the Bounty Hunter (yeah, I know- I probably shouldn’t) say that there are words in the English language that we should never, ever use. Hmmm. Then, why invent them? I’m not referring to the word he used specifically, but censored words in general. I am saying people invented words. We give the power to the words. We can take the power away. What if we decided not to be offended by pronunciations and instead listened to intentions? I discussed my solution to profanity on a Friends in High Places episode with my friends; Tabu and one of my agents. You’ll see it soon, on RVD TV. I suggest- if we have an epidemic problem with cuss words out of control- ban all words from being profane, and what’s the worst that can happen? You’ll hear your kid say “Fuck Mom, I sure do love you.” and you won’t be brain washed to feel that negative energy attachment. You’ll feel as if your kid said “ Gee Mom, I sure do love you” And why not? It means the same…exact…thing! I can offend without swearing and I can swear without meaning offense. What a ridiculous idea it is to invent words that shouldn't be said. If your response to this is "I don't want to hear my kid talk like that", of course you don't, because society has deemed it inappropriate. That's my point. Why'd they do that? As always, explore your own thoughts before you except others as your own.

This feels like the longest blog ever! I gotta go.

So, they told us that Santa brought gifts down our chimneys, the Tooth Fairy deposited funds under our pillows, boobies are bad, weapons of mass destruction were found and marijuana is a dangerous drug that kills. At what point do we think for ourselves?