Saturday, July 5, 2008

Yay! Pollution!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Feeling independent? Maybe spiritually?

First off, Sonya is doing great. She recently had surgery to get a catheter implant for chemo therapy treatment, which we’ll be starting next week. It takes a lot of mental strength to subject oneself to 6 months of taking this poison, especially when you’re told that the cancer has been removed.. The thing is-they give you a 50% chance of it returning when it’s stage 3. That’s a flip of a coin, and a gamble we’re not willing to take. Every two weeks she’ll be hooked up to a machine for two days at a time.

In the mean time, she’s incredibly awesome!

Sonya and I took a trip to the Canary Islands for a pre-chemo get-away. I took a booking to get us there and I wrestled 4 matches in four days. I have to admit, being back in the ring didn’t suck. I’m not ready to live full-time out on the road again, but I’d like to see the NWE take off. Along with myself, the talent consisted of Rikishi, Orlando Jordan, Chris Masters, John Heidenreich, Ultimo Dragon, Juvetude, Vito and many wrestlers you might not know, with many more stars on the way. After I left for home, Raven and Booker T hit the shows. NWE sold out huge WWE size arenas and that along with the first class treatment made me forget the things I don’t enjoy about the business.

This week we flipped our calendars to July, which means here in California, it is officially illegal to talk on your cell phone while driving- unless you have a hands-free situation like a head set or speaker option. Now, this is something that everybody probably agrees “Sure, that seems like a good idea.” I know it bothers me to see some 16 year-old driver turning across traffic at a busy intersection with a phone stuck to the side of their head. Even more, sometimes I’m ashamed at being that idiot myself. Have cell phones caused a lot of traffic accidents? I don’t know, but let’s think this through, as long as we’re giving up more freedom. We should probably outlaw eating while driving, too. Wouldn’t that be at least just as dangerous? In fact, let’s also ban putting on chap stick or lip stick, definitely flossing, and probably smoking while we’re driving. Those of you who are saying “ None of those sound like good ideas anyway-except maybe smoking” let me remind you that we’re not talking about making judgement calls, we’re giving up the right to do just that. In fact, I was driving the day the law went into effect and wondered if I would be breaking the law by plugging one ear with my finger. I drove around for a few minutes with my one finger plugging my ear and I felt extremely shady, like I must look suspicious as fuck! It shouldn’t be illegal to stick a finger in your ear, should it? Can they take that away from you? I guess they can, since extending your middle finger is prohibited. Believe it or not, I heard you can tape a phone to your head! I’m just imagining all the new gimmicks that the phone companies can cash in on now to capitalize on this situation. That means big money for big businesses, and they keep us under their control.

The gays think they have freedom, now that California is allowing them to get married. If they have to find out what medical marijuana patients find out all the time...the Federal Government doesn’t give a shit about State laws. How’d you like to be enjoying life with your spouse to find out one day that Big Brother doesn’t accept your commitment so they decide you’re single all of a sudden? At what point is it none of their fucking business? When we blindly accept that things are either legal or against the law and use that knowledge to base morality on, we are disconnected from reality.

I’m sure you’ve heard that sodomy is against the law in many official books, right? You might have even giggled about it. Have you ever thought about the condoned and expected anal raping that would occur if you were locked up for doing the same thing without their control?

On the way back from Spain I couldn’t help but notice the junkies, all over the airports. In the rest rooms at the departure terminal, they’re getting their last fix before boarding an international flight. In the arrival rest rooms, they’re at it again because they can’t wait until they get outside at the bottom of the escalator. They know it’s against Federal law but somehow it’s ok. Outside, as we walked from one terminal to another, we literally have to zig-zag to avoid the bodies all over the side walk using their drugs. Any hope of catching some fresh air is always quickly put to rest as soon as those doors to the outside open and the cigarette smoke rolls in. Mmmmm. Yummy! Doesn’t reading this make you want a delicious roll of cyanide and formaldehyde right now? Why shouldn’t you? As long as you’re standing near 4 1/2 other people, they have just as much of a chance as you do of dying from the smoke. Besides, you can’t stop because you’re addicted, so what does anybody expect?

On a recent episode of RVD TV, I discuss the power of the mind with Warrior and Chris Nowinski. My position is that there is no mental addiction. It’s just an excuse for a weak mind. I realize this may inspire some argumentative feedback from some of you, which is fine, but I doubt that you will change my opinion. Physical addiction I can understand, although I do believe the power of the mind can over come it. If your body chemistry is altered and becomes dependent on a foreign chemical to keep in balance, and the chemical is removed I can understand where some physical “freaking out” can occur. Still, a strong mind has all the answers within it. Most people that smoke cigarettes say that they don’t want to, but the addiction is stronger than their will power. I don’t mean to offend, but I call bull shit. It’s socially acceptable to be addicted to something so you have an excuse for being “out of control” of the situation. It’s still bull shit. They’ll tell you you’re a victim. You have a disease. That’s why you cheat on your spouse, you’re addicted to sex! Don’t blame yourself! You’re addicted to sabotaging good things in your life, you poor, helpless victim. Personally, I have gone months and months of doing massive amounts of recreational drug use and still quit on a dime when I wanted to. I have gone more weeks then a calendar year consuming cannabis 24-7 and still had no problem taking time off when I decided. It’s in the mind. We have a good friend who insisted for years that she couldn’t quit smoking and was willing to “try” anything. She just didn’t want to quit. If you light up, it’s because you want to. I have friends who tell me they enjoy smoking cigarettes and have no desire to quit. I can respect that. I don’t care what anyone else tells you-you are in control. The minute our friend that couldn’t stop smoking found out she was pregnant she stopped smoking-just like that. They will tell you that you are addicted so they can control you and you’ll let them because it’s easy. It’s big business. Get sent to rehab for any other issues and find out how quickly they will get you hooked on cigarettes while you’re there. In rehab! You will get hooked on nicotine, the most “addictive” drug we know of... in rehab...while you’re sent there to find out why you enjoy porn so much.

Are you comfortable with them in control of your life like that? I’m not.

So, back to Warrior. You may have heard some rumors about me training him recently. Here’s the scoop. He called with that request, and I was honored to get the call. He hadn’t been in the ring for ten years or so and he said he would be honored if I had the time to help him out. Because of our situation with Sonya’s health, I was only able to get in the ring with Warrior one day. We didn’t do a lot- mostly running the ropes, locking up and talking about what made Warrior so exciting to watch back in the day. I was ready for my outrageous Warrior moment. I had cameras standing by ready to capture the craziness that everyone has come to expect but instead, I spent the day with a hell of a cool guy that I shared a lot with. He showed me nothing but respect and appreciation, and at the end of the day I was amazed by how much we had in common. You may have seen the video I recorded of me imitating the Warrior on you tube.. I knew that people would see right away that he has a sense of humor, which is probably way different than your previous opinion. I have had nothing but good things to say about Warrior from my experiences with him and if I told you something bad, I’d be lying-which I don’t do. I remember watching that WWE video on him just like you did, and it just made me remember how exciting and intense he was. I listened to the WWE’ers claiming that Warrior was just detached from reality and couldn’t do a promo to save his life and I just thought “ How could that be true? I used to buy tickets to go see this guy so I know what he did worked!” It’s cool how things come around full circle and I’m glad we connected on a professional and even more so, a personal level.

Send your positive vibes to our boy Justin “the Insane One” McCully. He’s been in fight mode for awhile in preparation for his big return to the UFC octagon on Saturday, the 5th. His match with Gabriel Gonzaga isn’t scheduled to be broadcast, but from what I understand, if the fights run short on time we might still see the match so keep your fingers crossed for some quick knock-outs! Kick ass JMC!

While in Spain, I finished Brett Hart’s autobiography. Damn good book! Ever time I picked it up, I wanted to keep turning the pages to see what was happening. I had a hard time pulling away from it and when it was all over, I feel like I understand a friend much more. I’m amazed at how much I have in common with Brett, seeing as how he comes from a family of wrestling and I just followed a far-fetched dream to get into the business. He prides himself on things that I pride myself on and shares the same views on specific wrestlers, wrestling moves, and the ingenuousness of the whole industry, not to mention life. No wonder we get along so well. We sat in the same dressing rooms at different times and saw the same shadiness. Read his book.

I am planning to be at Comic Con in San Diego. I told some people that I wouldn’t be there but plans have changed so check the “news” page on this site at the end of the week to get the signing schedule.

Damn, this blog is long. Guess I should hit it more often. In the mean time, let me kick this out of my head. Did Santa deliver my Weeble Wobble Playset? Did the Son of a Virgin walk on water? Did an inventor attract lightning with a key tied to a kite? I have no fucking idea. It all sounds worth questioning, though- and if you wonder about shit like this or anything else that you feel you’re not supposed to think about...I don’t hate you. I think you’re fine.

Bye everybody. Live as if it was your birth right to enjoy each day to its fullest- because it is.