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It’s October everybody. One thing we can count on is that life moves at the speed of time, huh? Halloween is a fun time, when the Untied States somehow comes up with a few extra billion dollars to blow on clothes, make-up and masks so we can look like other people. YAY! I don t mean to come across like a Scrooge every time I bring up the issue of wasting financial resources on holidays and celebrations, but I take a logical perspective on it. Oh sure, birthdays are fun, Christmas brings great joy, and this month-forget about curing cancer or aids, forget about feeding the hungry and who cares about the financial disaster that the country is in...we want to look like Zombies and Vampires! Even if you don’t agree with me, don’t raise my taxes so you can blow more money on completely unnecessary, Big Corporation profiting cash orgies like this. Unless you can prove to me that having our ladies dress up like witches for a night of drinking out of a pumpkin is a survival necessity, I think my opinion will remain the same. I know, you want your kids to have the same joyous, stupid experiences that you had as a kid. Here’s an assignment for you to do with your kids. Let’s total up all the expenses of every silly holiday in the United States, for one full year, big and small- including the Hallmark created Secretary’s Day, Boss’s Day, Sweetest Day and every other Bull Shit Day, and compare that grand total to the 700 billion dollars that Bush is taking out of our pockets. Sorry, maybe that number's like 850 billion now. Aw, what's the difference? Again, let me remind you that we blow over 7 billion to keep the myth of “dangerous marijuana” alive by publishing bullshit lies, prosecuting innocent people and funding an unnecessary agenda with no merit. Here’s a quick story for you.

Charles Lynch was considered a great man for opening up his marijuana dispensary in Morro Bay, California. His store was welcomed by the community, as shown by the May or having his photo taken with Charles in front of his store for the newspaper, the Chamber of Commerce accepting his membership, and over 2,000 patients with serious illnesses coming to him for medicine. Someone didn’t like this. Because the dispensary was granted a Conditional Use Permit and Charles did everything by the book, the local sherriff-let’s just call him A-hole- couldn’t do anything to stop the business by state or local law. Here’s what A-hole did. He brought the DEA in to bust Charles, and had him convicted in Federal Court on August 5th. Here’s the reason I thought you might care- the jurors in that case are not allowed to hear the words “medical marijuana”- since the Feds deny it’s existence, and poor Charles is tried as a common drug dealer!!! No mention of state or local law is considered relevant in this Federal Court Room. Sound right? Fuck no! Watch Drew Carey cover the heart-pulling story of Charles and a local 17 year old boy with bone cancer-who had to get his leg amputated- who the sheriff used to get Charles prosecuted and shut the store down. I’m warning you- it’s a fucked up story Reason TV Documentary Raiding California.As Drew points out, the average time spent in California prison for murder is 20 years. Charles Lynch looks at doing 100 years. Does that sound fair? On Monday, October 6th there will be a “Free Charles Lynch” rally in downtown Los Angeles at the Federal Courthouse at 11:00 pm, showing support for his request for a new trial. Friends of Charles C. Lynch - Home I enjoyed reading the feedback from my last blog, as I always do. There were some interesting comments about Evolution theories. While Sonya and I were at the Bodies exhibit, we were told that people used to have tails and that eventually, people will no longer have the small toe because we tend to survive by the “use it or lose it” motto. Years of skeletal studies led to this conclusion. Did you know that? I didn’t do the research myself, so it’s all just theories to me. Hmmm...that sure would make a good subject for a topical talk radio show... Also among the fans comments, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about whether RVD TV will be on DVD. Of course it will. This is one of my many projects that I have on my plate, all of which take a back seat to my number one priority, but the RVD TV DVD project is moving as we speak and I’ll have news for you soon. Back to Sonya, she’s doing great. We are very thankful that these times we are going through are not more than we can handle, and Sonya is still full of positive energy, loving life every day. She really is awesome.

One thing that I always tell people I will someday do, is host my own radio show. I could probably make that h appen right now, but that's for down the road, when I am ready to report to a regular schedule-you know, like most of you do. It might be way down the road. The thing about blog talk radio is...I can do it when I want, for as long as I want, with no restrictions. So, guess what? Starting next Wednesday, Oct. 8th at 7pm pacific/10 pm east coasters...RVD RADIO!!! I’ll have celebrity guests, take your live phone calls, and talk about the shit that I want to talk about! I will warn you that if you haven’t seen RVD TV, you will get to know a different RVD than you’ve seen on WWE television. This is the real person that my friends, family and RVD TV watchers know. What am I warning you about? You’re reading my blog, right? This is me. From my perspective, I can inspire people outside the ring in a much more meaningful way than from inside the ring.. I can share energy with people in a more direct, insightful way than pretending I hate the guy I’m wrestling. I know you miss that shit, too. That’s why you’re going to call in and let me know how you feel. Feel free to tune in and/or call in from anywhere around the world! The premier episode will feature Chris Mordetsky-the Masterpiece, and Dr. Shawn Staziak. Topics include individualism, censorship, RVD TV, and wrestling. Also be ready to ask Dr. Shawn health and wellness questions for your body and spirit on his talk radio show immediately following RVD RADIO. By the way, my show is going to kick ass! I have no doubt I could host a 4 hour show with no guests except the callers, and I’ve always loved doing radio shows. It’s just fun, and of course now I have my own message to deliver- and it has nothing to do with my enthusiasm to defend a television prop in your town.RVD RADIO Speaking of WWE...From Jim Ross’ site this week: “Just my two cents, but the WWE would be well served to make RVD a richer man and get him back on TV. Van Dam is a unique star and a bona fide main eventer.” AWWW...shucks J.R.! Thanks for noticing.You will be seeing RVD soon on Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Wrestling. Starting October 18th on the Country Music Channel, this show is going to surprise you. I thought it sounded silly at first, but people are going to really enjoy it and I’m glad I was part of it. Along with Jimmy Hart, Hulkster, Bischoff, Brian Knobbs, and Jason Hervey- Brutus Beefcake put it best at the CCW training camp when he said “It’s been too long since we’ve got to see the 5 Star Frog Splash.” AWWW...shucks Bruti. YouTube - Hulk Hogan - Celebrity Championship Wrestling - Trailer Championship Comedy celebrated it’s one year anniversary recently. This is the comedy promotion that you may have seem pictures of me at. Congrats to Tim Chizmar for keeping the fun going. Check out the comedy and compare it to your schedule and see if they are coming to a comedy house near you. They are if you’re in Los Angeles on October 7th! Check them out at the Hollywood Improv on Melrose for guaranteed laughs - Championship Comedy™ I don’t make it out to the movies very often, but I’m really looking forward to Bill Maher’s movie “ Religulous”, which came out Friday. Religion is a subject I love to debate and it is a perfect example of people’s fear of thinking freely or challenging what they’ve been told.

What? O.J.'s guilty? He seemed like such a nice, kind-hearted killer. Hey- anytime you bring a gun and are ready to use it, let alone pointing it, you are jeopardizing the lives of those around you. I mentally roll my eyes every time I hear someone complaining about doing hard time for any "small" crimes of dealing, stealing, or wheeling around illegally with guns. Guns are so much part of their accepted day that they don't consider the added trouble for having it. If you point a gun at me, it's just as offensive as shooting at me because we didn't agree to trust your trigger finger with my life. Point a gun at someone and you are holding them by their hand as they hang over the edge of a cliff. People don't usually volunteer for that shit and if bad consequences come to the offending party, it is well deserved.

While we were in Spain this summer, we learned of some horrific news via the television. Hourly updates were reported about two little girls who were murdered in a small, innocent town of Weleeka, Oklahoma. Remember that story? SVD grew up in Okemah- the next town over- and used to walk down the very streets as these little girls. This hits way too close to home and although no suspects have been arrested- months later, we will do our part to make sure this tragedy is not soon forgotten. Sonya wants the proceeds of this week’s auction to go towards helping the unfortunate families of those innocent little girls and we hope attention is not taken off of finding the responsible parties and bringing them to justice. This week’s auctioned wrestling outfit has a matching t shirt that SVD wore to make us a set. This is a unique package that we hope will serve the important cause.No Leads in Murder of Oklahoma This is a long enough blog, so anything else can wait. Well, more thing, before I go.You do know that it’s wrong to vote for one person to run the country because you think she’s hot, and not vote for another person because you think he’s black, right? Just making sure. You should make sure, too.

Talk to you soon.


Blogger Psycho Judge Metal Gear said...

JR is right, WWE is in a slump right now and could use some RVD! I hope you return there one day.

I'm looking forward to your internet radio show, should be epic!

As always, good luck, and well wishes to you and your family, man.

October 5, 2008 at 7:06 PM  
Anonymous oaks56 said...

yeah totally agree on the holiday bullshit. plus think of the fact that we give people $25,000 to fit their fat ass through a hole on some game show i saw. or giving away tons of money on other game shows, or through the powerball. seriously does a person need $100 million dollars? no. couldn't that money be put to really good use so we all could fuckin' prosper. of course not. not when everyone has to live in constant excess. not looking for everyone to be total equal money wise here but just looking for everyone to consider one another a little more that's all.

anyway kick ass blog ass always!

October 7, 2008 at 10:37 PM  
Anonymous CalmMountain said...

Nihao RVD-san,

Congratulations on the radio show! Wish I could participate but I'll be in class. Look forward to listening to the archived broadcasts though, once those are up.

The No Leads Murder Case is creepy. It's very kind of you to raise money for the families, not only because they will have the unexpected expense of funerals to contend with but also because the gesture... *how to word this* must believe in their innocence, that's all. I'm not sure if I do. I don't know enough about the people or the case to have that kind of an opinion.

Meh. Recently in the news, there have been clips from that Lehman Bank CEO trial. I don't totally trust the medias spin on it but yea.. The bank top managers may have been taking perks and bonuses and assuring everyone that the company was perfectly fine, as recently as a week before the bank failed. The only reason I mention this: it reminds me of WWE. I don't even watch WWE much anymore but I read the online results and every week their trivia seems to include the words 'more people watched WWE than'. You know, if they're really so popular then why the heck do they have to constantly remind everyone? It just stikes a bad chord. If you ever want to go back to their ring, that's completely your decision but I'm still not convinced that WWE isn't a slowly sinking ship.

Anyway. Must dash. Please keep taking care.

Courage and Peace!


October 8, 2008 at 12:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What really ticks me off about the election this year is that there are SIX presidential candidates but you only ever hear about TWO. The other four - Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney, Charles Baldwin and Robert Barr - apparently aren't spending enough money to be worthy of media attention or even a lousy invitation to the Presidential Debates. Since when did wealth become a requirement for running for office? With 'Leadership' like this, is it any wonder our economy has gone to hell?

Come on people - THINK. It's not illegal YET.

October 11, 2008 at 11:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey rob kick ass blog thanks .that charles lynch story is Bullshit.What gives the government the right to send him to jail for helping people.i hope the "free charles lynch" rally went over well.anyway thanks again and i hope to see you back in the ring eventually.

October 12, 2008 at 6:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,
Awesome first radio show!! Wanted to comment on the Chris indy show stiff. I live in Danville,Va. and this guy rolled into town posing as a D.J. That lasted about three weeks before he got ran out of town. On the other hand Chris should had nailed shady's wife whose got a nice rack. But if you are going to work indies in this area just get in touch w/ Cham Pain, Shane Helms, Shannon Moore, or C.W Anderson , Ron Killings. They should be able to point you in the right direction but with the economy the way it is you would be better off doing what RVD is doing and that's Japan and Spain places that can pay you.


October 13, 2008 at 11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

when you get back in wrestling you should join TNA impact.

November 7, 2008 at 11:55 AM  

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