Thursday, June 28, 2007

Benoit Balls

Well, there’s no need to wait until we have our heads wrapped around this, because I doubt that’ll happen, so here it is. I know that a monster committed those terrible, unforgivable acts of horror. Just like everyone who knew Chris Benoit, I can’t think of him as a monster. Not Chris.

Chris was truly a role model’s role model. You simply had to respect him and admire his focus and unmatched discipline. If I ever got asked a question about who I looked up to the most in the business, you guessed it. That’s me sharing a real feeling with you. Not talking about bull shit that I have little interest in, like who would I like most to wrestle with, or what’s my favorite color, but who I actually looked up to in the dressing room. It’s Chris Benoit- in the ring and in the dressing room and with his family.

The last time I talked to Chris, a few weeks ago, he told me how much he respected me for stepping away from the business. His message now comes to me from beyond. He said “Some of us don’t know when to get out.” I told him that I always held a little contempt for him telling me back in 1992 that I was a dumb-ass for wanting to quit WCW, and mentioned the irony.

Over the last several years, on overseas tours I’d always see Chris in the gym when the other guys were recovering from the night before. He’d train hard and sometimes I’d see him allowing young wrestlers to follow his lead and get a guaranteed killer workout. He took pride in what he did and set a great example for others, myself included, to follow.

How many murderers…baby murderers at that… are praised so highly by EVERYONE who knew them? This is all so bizarre and new information seems to come out every few hours but I can’t imagine we’ll ever understand what happened here. It appears that Chris took the answers with him. To tell you the honest truth, the easiest thing for me to believe at this moment is that if no frame work was involved, he was taken over by demonic energies with no compassion. I have to believe this is often the case with such inhumane acts.

Nancy, Daniel and Chris’ tragic deaths obviously have affected a lot of people. Just remember, there’s enough hate in this world. Hateful thoughts do not move us in the right direction, so make a conscious effort to remember that. It’s important now and always.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

June 16 Update

Why do people care about the famous so much?

People are genuinely infatuated with celebrities because we all grew up in front of televisions. Didn’t used to be that way, but it is with our generation and the following ones as well. That puts a lot of pressure to be responsible on the celebs, or does it? Should they still be able to say “Nappy headed hoes” if that’s what they’re thinking without suffering strong consequences? Should they live by what they know as right, or what others tell them is right because they decided it so? Have you ever thought of what a waste of energy it is to invent a language, and then decide certain different words used to describe the exact same thing will be offensive and not tolerated? Why invent them in the first place then? What a fucking huge waste of energy! More on this subject in the near future.

Anyone watching Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List? Funny, funny show. This is one reality show that doesn’t insult the viewer with phony “reality.”

Watch for Robot Chicken Wars this week.

Also check out Cash Cab if you haven’t seen it. It’s a fun show that can make you feel like an idiot while watching New Yorkers in their natural habitat.

Congratulations to Ben Carpenter for making national news last week. You might have seen him after his crazy wheelchair ride mounted on the front of a semi truck! Ben lives right outside of Battle Creek, so they probably had to call out of town for a news crew, but while crossing the street at an intersection, he was pushed and picked up by a semi truck when the driver failed to see him. Ben rode for over two miles at over 50 miles an hour on the grill facing straight ahead on his chair to make an incredible story. What some people will do to hear their name on the news!

Ghost Rider just came out on DVD. Watch for exclusives at Target, Walmart and Best Buy from what I understand.

Watch right here for updated information on my status, plans for the present and future and good television show recommendations. As always, I will continue to report the information as it comes…to you. Lots of news on the horizon!

Until next time…feel good!

Friday, June 1, 2007


For years I have been telling people that there is an alligator in the Los Angeles Harbor. They caught him and gave him a stupid name. After 2 years of different hunters bragging about how they were going to be the ones who caught him, and supposedly booking Steve Irwin before he passed, they finally caught Reggie the Alligator and arrested him. You can see him at L A Zoo soon.

About the internet rumors- one thing I have to know. How can "reporters" put their name on reports that continually end up being bull shit and maintain any credibility? Always wondered that. As for how it feels reading about yourself? Sometimes it's flattering, sometimes it's offensive, sometimes it's funny and sometimes it's just silly but too lame to be funny.

I can save everyone a lot of time by letting everyone know that I won't be doing wrestling-related interviews at this time, other than WWE-appointed. You might catch some of my media press on Friday I'll be doing in Jacksonville to promote Sunday's One Night Stand. I'll probably say something cool.

Have a great weekend everybody and remember, it's going to be a great fucking summer!