Saturday, February 7, 2009


Have you people been watching the news lately? There’s just so much to talk about!

Yes, I made big news when I returned to WWE for the Royal Rumble- and yes, I did look good- OK, OK, real good-but I let’s talk about what’s on the TV news lately. We survi ved the Peanut Butter scare (most of us), we witnessed Jessica Simpson getting brutalized for looking bigger, and now the big news is that Christian Bale lost his temper and yelled at someone using adult language. Ooh. Shocking. Are you guys getting pelted with t his over and over? 

Here’s one thought provoking piece of news I saw the other day that caught my attention. I saw a married couple petting the clone of their dead dog. Crazy? Yeah, kinda. No, make that very crazy. They loved their pet. They want their pet to live forever. Ok. I get that, but what is that thing they’re petting? Does it have their dog’s memory? They said it had the personality, but was still a puppy- although it was rapidly approaching full growth at like 8 weeks. Any opinions out of you?


I don’t know if this is huge everywhere, or just here, but the lady with the octuplets is all over the tube here in California. She already had 6 kids, then received 8 embryos via  vitro fertilization, resulting in 8 m ore babies. Obviously, this lady feels that it is her destiny to have many children. Sonya’s great aunt had 13 kids. It used to be popular back in the day of righteous morality so why is everyone so upset over this lady’s situation? She said she’s never accepted welfare, and that God will provide what she and the family needs. I live by that same faith, knowing that my glass will be full when I need it to be. Are we trying to apply New World Order ethics, controlling the Earth’s population and perhaps even deciding who should be allowed to live? Is the gift of life ours to control? Exercise your right to have an opinion by calling this lady crazy because she made a decision that you would not have, but is it your business to decide she’s committed a crime against society? My wife of over 10 years and I have chosen not to bring children into this world. Are we criminals as well because we have different feelings than you do?

Even if you haven’t been watching the news, you’ve almost had to have heard the controversy surrounding Michael Phelps. Here’s the deal. Michael proved himself to be one of the greatest athletes in the world at the 2008 Olympics. Winning 8 gold medals solidified Michael’s position as THE  American hero. His unmatchable credentials are his reward for his hard work, and his success makes him a celebrity role model for life.

That is why so many people are going nuts over a photograph that surfaced, showing Michael-appearing to be taking a rip from a water bong. Ok. Let’s not ignore the fact that   

marijuana prohibition always has been and still is based on lies, and has no moral value. Here’s a quick recap for you regular, free-thinking blog readers and some education for the newbies. In 1937, based on testimonies that marijuana caused promiscuity, violence, and eventually inevitable insanity, the harmless plant was outlawed, making room for huge profits from the newly reinstated sales of alcohol.

Today, the Federal Government uses lies that even they couldn’t believe, to continue raking in profits by making criminals out of good peop le. I know you aren’t going to want to accept this as fact, so please look up the following ridiculous current bull shit:

Listed as a schedule 1 controlled substance ( meaning most dangerous with no medicinal value) is marijuana, alongside of heroin and acid. Listed as a schedule 2 controlled substance ( you guessed it- less dangerous and more medicinal) is the very popular meth and cocaine. Does anybody believe that meth is safer than pot? If that’s what we’re teaching our country, it’s time some attention was put on this. Thank you Michael. In fact, that’s the exact bullshit that I was fed in school in the eighties. Look up all your favorite safer-than-pot drugs here, and party as you will- as long as the government can profit from your choice of substances... DEA - Contro lled Substance Schedules Disclaimer.

Even if you ignore the fact that the Feds have a program where they supply patients with medical marijuana, even if you want to ignore that hospitals profit from prescribing Marinol ( a synthetic form of THC- the active ingredient in marijuana), and even if you want to ignore that we have 13 states ( 25% of the country’s population) where the laws back the doctor’s recommendations for medicinal use, you can’t tell me that there is no medicinal value in cannabis because I witnessed the quality of life it helped provide for my wife while she suffered through 6 months of chemo-therapy. You can’t tell me that, and neither can the government-and if I had my way, they couldn’t tell you that bullshit either.

Although President Obama has vowed to quit wasting our resources on arresting patients, he has not appointed his new DEA yet. In the mean time, Bush’s cronies are still in office, taking advantage of this transitionary period to bust five dispensaries here i n Cali over the last several days. Step on it, Obama. People are suffering. Forgetting the medicinal argument and sticking to the subject of recreational marijuana use, our country spends over 7 billion dollars annually to arrest over 700,000 people because they choose to use the organic weed. 

I’m glad that I have a position to reach a lot of you to share the truth. That brings me back to Phelps. He has a chance to educate people on the truth. Although the photo doesn’t prove any illegal substance was present, let’s assume the worse, because he’s not ducking it. Every head shop in every town I’ve ever been in refers to them as water pipes or tobacco pipes, now all of a sudden the news reporters say it’s a marijuana=2 0pipe in the photo. Whatever. Being such an advocate for freedom and truth, I also have a strong belief that kids should stay away from marijuana. We should tell them the truth- that their developing brains are like wet cement and playing with it before it’s developed  is a bad idea. What we should not do, is tell them it’s a fucking drug like heroin.20If Michael Phelps was busted injecting heroin, people would have every right to go nuts over it. In the current situation, many seem to ignore the difference, just like the government wants us to. “ He broke the law.” “He was caught doing drugs.” He was ingesting marijuana-allegedly- which close to 50% of Americans try at least once.

If Kellogg’s wants to drop their endorsement because he’s inconsistent with their image, fine. That’s their choice, as a business. It’s also a business choice for nearly ALL sporting events to promote big alcohol company sponsors. I guess that’s consistent with their image.

I hope Michael doesn’t sell out and start doing public service announcements about how “dangerous” and “potentially deadly” his reckless actions were. It costed millions. I’m sure he’s sorry he got busted. Here’s what I’d like to see...

How about we stop ignoring the fact that World Champion athletes who take their health extremely seriously sometimes choose to use marijuana? Why are we ignoring the message there?

I could go on and on here, but I think I’ll reach more people with Fox News. Set your recorders to catch RVD on “Geraldo at Large” tonight at 10:00 pm e.s.t. ( 2-6-09 ).

Geraldo At Large -

Besides the distractions of the news, I have my focus mostly on preparing for the action movie “Wrong Side of Town”, which begins filming almost immediately. I’ll keep you posted from the set on RVD TV, which you better check out if you haven’t yet.

Immediately following the movie, I’ll be re-packing my bags and heading to Europe for a couple weeks, wrestling for the AWR. Sonya and I are really looking forward to this upcoming tour, also featuring Chris Mordetzky, Marty Jannetty, Andrew "Test" Martin, Sabu, Gangrel, Scotty The Hotty, Heidenreich , Shawn Maxer, The Suicide Machine, Paul Tracey, Dunkan Disorderly, "Hot Stuff" Joey C, The Mexican Mini Wrestlers and... the hard hitting ladies of American Wrestling. 

 Here’s what we have for a schedule:

Wednesday Mar-18 Paris (Zénith)France 

Friday Mar-20 Rouen (Zénith)France 

Saturday Mar-21 Clermont Ferrand (Zénith)France 

Sunday Mar-22 Dijon (Zénith)France 

Tuesday Mar-24 Bordeaux (Patinoire)France 

Thursday Mar-26 Liege (Palais Des Sports)Belgium

Friday Mar-27 Basel (St Jacobs Halle)Switzerland

Saturday Mar-28 Grenoble (Palais Des Sports)France 

Sunday Mar-29 Nancy (Zénith)France 

Wednesday20Apr-01 Lausanne (Patinoire)Switzerland

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