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Greetings everybody!

I hope everyone is enjoying the weather as much as we are here in Cali! It’s been gorgeous! Sonya is doing great. She’s just about half way through with the treatments and, as you can imagine, we are both very anxious for her to be finished! She felt so good that we went to Las Vegas to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary this week. In case you don’t know Sonya and myself, let me assure you that we are the happiest couple you would know.

Ten years ago I predicted that we could be this happy and I know that it will be the same in another 10 years.. By the way, anyone going to Sin City should plan on checking out my friend GerryMcCambridge at Hooter’s Casino. He is the mentalist, and his show is phenomenal! We are still amazed at what we experienced during his show- even though we’ve seen him before- and we decided this will be a tradition every time we’re there. You’re learning how much I am into synchronicities, and this guy takes it to a whole new level! I’ll be watching the new television series titled The Mentalist” because it’s actually based on Gerry! How cool is that? While in Vegas, we also stopped in and checked out the Bodies exhibition. Yes, you are looking at real human bodies sliced open every which way for you to see- from the insides out, but it’s not that gross, and it’s extremely educational.

Did you know that every drop of blood in your body passes through your heart once every minute? Did you know that while adults have 206 bones, babies have 300?Here’s something I want everyone to read. You’ve heard of stem cell research, right?A stem cell can become any kind of cell and therefore, we can replace body parts, fix diseased organs and even alter glitches in genetic codes. Do you know why many, if not most of the stem cell research haters are so against us utilizing it? Because they are misinformed and mistakenly believe that you have to=2 0abort an infant to get the stem cells. This is absolutely not true. I’ve know this for some time and have had arguments with nay-sayers about it, but the truth is that we should be utilizing the ability to take care of our kind in this fashion. The stem cells can come from a few places, but there is no harm done to anyone to obtain them. Not researching this is counter-productive to our survival. So, the government is trying to put cloned animals on the approved list of grocery products. Do you want to eat cloned chickens? I understand that a lot of people are not found of having it sneaked into their diets, but you have to just-for one second- think of all the starving communities around the world. I bet we wouldn’t find too many under-privileged third world countries turning down a chance to grub on some McClone burgers if we offered it. It’s worth looking into, isn’t it? I’d much rather they put energy into that rather than trying to destroy our universe. Have you been keeping up with these fuckers in Switzerland that have the world’s biggest atom smasher? They want to conduct an “experiment” whereby they crash two protons( hey, is whereby a real word? Hmmm.) into each other in an attempt to r ecreate the Big Bang experience, in hopes of learning more about how we came into existence. The downside, as they fear, is that it could create a black hole that could SUCK IN THE FUCKING PLANET THAT WE LIVE ON! First off, if that did happen, I doubt it would stop t here and second-what if it does work? Where the fuck are you going to put another universe? Haven’t they ever heard that two masses can’t take up the same space at the same time? Somebody please tell them, because they’re trying to do this very soon, as in the next few months! They had some giant gasket blow this week, which I hope slows the process down. I am extremely interested in our creation but I don’t think recreating the Big Bang is the way to do it.

OK, just to inspire some thought to you-I’ll share this. The Big Bang theory never has made sense to me, and I don’t think that I am an advanced form of a single cell. Well, other than the first ten hours or so after conception- in which we are all single cells-thank Bodies! Yes, that makes me a creationist, rather than an evolutionist, if you want to use labels. Before you hit me with “But Rob, there’s proof of human beings from 100,000 years ago”, I don’t buy that either. However, if you want to ridicule my theory that we were created as humans, I look forward to=2 0reading your comments, but I ask in advance-what happened to the missing link? Alien’s fucking took them away? Congrats to Stew in Australia, who won the auctio n of my ring-worn outfit at ROB VAN DAM EVENT WORN GREEN WRESTLING SINGLET RVD WWF - eBay (item 330271164536 end time Sep-21-08 19:29:05 PDT).
Stew, you get to own the outfit that I’ve wrested in many times- all over the world- and your money will be sent to Killer Kowalski’s Memorial Fund. In recent years, when Killer would bring his students to the WWE arenas, he’d tell me “You’re great!” and instruct his students to watch my performances in the ring. He’d tell them that I’m the best on the show and it really made me feel proud. I used to wonder-and still do- if he remembered the skinny 18 year-old kid from Michigan that visited his wrestling school with aspiration back in 1989. It probably wasn’t that rememberable of an experience, and you’ve seen my old pics on my myspace page so you know I’ve changed a bit.

This week we’re auctioning another outfit off eBay Store - RVD 5STAR STORE: to raise proceeds for City of Hope-the cancer research center where Sonya receives treatment. Did some of you guys catch “Stand up for Cancer” last week? It’s not the kind of show that I would have gravitated to before, but we no longer have the luxury of looking the other way. Guess how many women in this country will get cancer...1 out of 3. For men it’s 1 out of 2. Yes, you read that correctly. 1 out of 2 men, and 1 out of every 3 women will get cancer! That’s every one of us, or our family and friends. One American dies every minute of every day from it. Sorry to bum you out, but these are some amazing facts that everyone should know. If I knew more about cancer before, I could have somehow forced a colonoscopy check earlier and caught Sonya’s cancer at an earlier stage. Maybe she wouldn’t even need the chemo. I didn’t fucking know. She didn’t fucking know. You should know. Our sympathy is with original ECW’s Francine , who very recently lost her father and her sister to the big “C”. Send her energy. So, the country is in the worst financial shape it’s been in for a long time.Still, we blow 7 billion dollars each year to fight marijuana, based on bull shit. OK, don’t want to read about that? How many billions did we spend for 4th of July fireworks? What do we spend for New Year’s Eve celebrations? Let’s go straight to the top of celebrations. How much money do you think the 2008 Olympic closing ceremony costs in American dollars? Over 300 million as I understand it. Couldn’t those funds be put towards better survival necessities?You could argue that it brings positive energy and I get that, but really- is it necessary when our country is so broke that “homeless” is the new “chi llin”? Do we really need to know if an African runs faster than a German, for that matter? There are so many ways we piss money away, as a country. We suck at recycling and we don’t utilize alternative fuels and you know why? So the rich can get richer all the way til the end. They might be counting their money soon .

Weeds is over for the season and that sucks... but Heroes is coming! Entourage is awesome and we’ve also been enjoying True Blood. You checking that one out Scotty Riggs? He recommended Dexter which I love, and which will also be here next week.. It sucks big time that we lost Evan Tanner. Every time that guy was in the octagon, he sported a different look-from long hair, to short hair, from clean shaven to full beard. He was very interesting and a hell of a great fighter. I felt his spirituality and he will be missed by the fight industry and a lot of fans. Congratulations to Rashad Evans for that ....BRUTAL... knock out punch he delivered to Chuck Lidell, earning a title match with UFC light-heavyweight champ Forrest Griffin in December. That will be an incredible fight, and it’s20extremely hard to predict a winner on that one! Can you believe that we have almost 40 RVD TV episodes up at hat’s a lot of RVD! Remember, if you’re thinking of joining, you will get to view every single episode since the very first one- in any order and any time you want. I’m glad to share with you the real person that I am. All right everyone. You know how little kids need your praise and encouragement and kindness to develop in a positive way? So do adults.

Try being nice to people. That’s my blog.



Anonymous Rich said...

Hey Rob

I am a massive fan of you in the ring and I think you are very wise on social issues. The money wasted on unnecessary war and on making innocent people criminals is insane.

My deepest sympathy goes out to your wife. I have found a similarly passionate relationship and I admire a man who cares so deeply for his wife.

I do have to point out that there is numerous examples of fossilised missing links that have been found. If you are referring to humans specifically. A simple google search will yield many examples of missing link evidence for humans.

Here for example
here and here

Hope you get a chance to read some of these and maybe thing about what they mean.

September 22, 2008 at 11:23 AM  
Blogger Jonfun said...

I agree with you on stem cell research. It something we should investigate but so many people think that its "man playing god." If they would actually look into the matter at hand they would find that its been researched that they don't even have to use embryos anymore as a stem cell source.

I also saw the story on the "Big Bang" generator. Another instance of man doing something he probably shouldn't do but we're always trying learn an improve our world, right Rob? I mean you had to continue to innovate a style to captivate people for years in arenas, on TV, and PPV's. You probably like that analogy dude. :-)

God bless your wife too and I will pray for her recover fully. Have you bought the Chuck Norris book? Black Belt Patriotism? You and him seem a lot a like with open thinking. It takes a dreamer to change the world from earth to heavens. We all need to dream a little to make the world better. Later Rob.

September 22, 2008 at 12:34 PM  
Blogger peaceonearth said...

Hey Rob, you asked for a challenge to evolution, so I will give it to you. I am admittedly not very informed on the subject, but I will do my best to represent my opinion. As for the evidence part, in which I will not be able to keep up with you, I'll just say that there is very much geological research that says the Earth is millions of years old, and I have only ever heard circumstantial research that counters that. This is an area in which I would like to increase my knowledge, so I expect to be owned by you in this regard right now, but next time this comes up I might be in a better position to counter you the next time this comes up.

I do, however, think I can better argue in terms of philosophy. While there may be gaps in research about human and global evolution, I don't know if that alone warrants a belief of creationism. Now don't take this the wrong way, I'm not trying to attack your beliefs. I'm really into a lot of what you say about good energy. I believe that, regardless of any other beliefs, you can't deny the presence of the forces of karma in our world, and that there is a balance to everything. In the same way, I believe that regardless of whether you believe in creationism or not, you cannot deny the existence of natural selection. I don't want to be spreading negative energy and I don't make a habit of insulting others' beliefs. However, as I see it you are arguing creationism on the basis of fact. Had you just said, "I believe in creationism," I might have not replied at all, but it seems to me that it was more of, "I believe in creationism due to facts, or the lack thereof." In that case, I feel much better about arguing simply based on fact. Specifically, is the lack of evidence a reason to believe one way or another? You say there are holes in evolutionist logic, but what about creationist logic? You seem to want proof that there is unquestionably a missing link, but I could just as easily turn around and ask for proof of a creator. I guess I would just like to know how the absence of bigfoot supercedes the absence of a tangible creator.

Again, I respect your right to your beliefs and to a certain extent your beliefs themselves. I just don't personally think, when talking about belief in the sense of proof and fact, that you can say any belief is greater than another. One of the foremost thinkers on religion, Descartes, admitted that everything he held to be true could be absolutely false. I think when approaching issues like creation there's no way to say, in the sense of getting a consensus, that it is or is not true, and that you have to approach the argument keeping in mind that there is no proof of certain things. When trying to attain consensus the most important thing is to base arguments on what is known for sure, not on speculation of what is not known. I don't hold any ill will towards anyone for believing in what cannot be proven or practicing those beliefs, but I don't think you can base a discussion of this type on speculation.

Anyways, I'm totally with you on the stem cell thing. I think certain people are just completely opposed to any type of change due mostly to being brought up in environments that foster this type of thinking. It's a self-sustaining cycle, and the thing that really bothers me is when it hinders people who actually want progress. If you don't want treatments based on stem cells fine, but why do people think it's right to expect the rest of the world to conform to their standards?

Anyways, best wishes to you and Sonya. It seems like every time you post a blog you've got more positive things to say about the treatment, which is definitely comforting when dealing with, "the big C." I hope it keeps up, and I'm definitely hoping I can contribute to all the energy that's helping you two through the proccess. Here's to hoping everything keeps going well. Peace out!

September 22, 2008 at 4:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Rob !
I can't belive you mentioned me on your blog, how cool is that !!! The singlet arrived Tuesday, and looking at it close it's amazing to see the detail you wouldn't get to see even on the biggest HD screen. So I can't wait till it's behing glass and on display!!!
Doing a bit of searching during and after the auction I found that it not only went around the world it saw some of the best matches against Jerry Lynn, and it was on RVD's 1999 ECW magazine cover. The signed photo is just as cool, 31st.Jan,2001. UPW live at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, CA. RVD(w.Bill Alfonzo) .vs. The Fallen Angel. I found a wmv file of the match so with WWE not being to keen on the 4:20 logo I'm guessing that was there last time in battle.
Reading about Killer Kowalski over the last few months and weeks made me remember the image I always remember. Never seeing one of his matches but always hearing about them from my dad or from wrestling comentators that made you learn as you watched. That first time I saw Killer Kowalski all my head could think was taking on him would be like taking on Jaws from that James Bond movie. Hearing how nice he was too you and other students over the years no matter thier size, age or ability made me see a whole new side to "Killer". I thought it was a great when later he held so much pride for your ability's and how he would bring his students to see you.
Also watched the 2nd in ring outfit auction and was really glad with how well it went for a great cause. My dads tests came back possitive for prostate cancer only a few weeks ago, he has just came back from hospital and started treatment. Add me to the list of people who didn't know the facts about stem cells. I thought you had to abort a child to get them. So now knowing the truth it baffles me even more to why the goverment set the ban, yet failed to tell all the facts.
And even though I tend to disagree with the whole evolutionary theory since there is so many missing links and so many of the anchient scripts have been burnt. Like, How did the Aztec's know so much about time and space?? When so called moden man took another 5000 years to work it out?? Some things just dont add up right...
Well time too wrap this up,
Stew from Oz
PS.Thank You,Thank You,THANK YOU!!!

September 25, 2008 at 4:05 PM  
Anonymous CalmMountain said...

Nihao RVD-san,

Belated congrats to you and SVD-san for both the happy anniversary and the health to enjoy it. May your prediction of continuing happiness be true!

City of Angels, City of Hope, City of Sin... Sounds like you've struck an interesting balance.

The bodies exhibition does sound interesting and educational, I just hope that respect has been given where it's due. I recall hearing about a similar exhibit years ago but the people running that one got arrested because the 'bodies' on display had been illegally obtained. (i.e - the corpses had been stolen from morgues, I can not concieve of what that must have been like for the surviving relatives to endure.)

Babies have more bones than adults because they don't have as many joints, if I recall right. Adult bones fuse together... So we've still technically got the same number of bones, we just don't count them separately anymore.

My heart goes out to the lady Francine, one funeral at a time is almost more than a person can bear. Yea. The rate at which cancer cases are increasing is astonishing but also motivating. We've got the ability to change those numbers. Medical research has come a long way and has already upped the survival rate, if we can up the prevention rate then we'll be doing great. If we can find the cure... We've got to and we will, that's really all there is to it.

You've been to cancer treatment facility more recently than I have, so perhaps you know if this is true: are they gonna rename the disease? I've heard rumors that the medical researchers are trying to take all two hundred plus known forms of cancer and reclassify/rename them, so that when a cure for one type of cancer is announced, it doesn't cause mass confusion among patients of all the other types. Also, there is a reason that involves funding: apparently right now most the funding for 'cancer research' is lumped together because some corporate moron(s) hopes to find and profit from a blanket cure. Hence reclassifying all the known forms of cancers into separate diseases would lead to independant funding for each one and an acknowledgement that they can't all be treated in the same manner. Something like that.

Guilt is hard to let go of sometimes. My family as well, when the diagnosis came we all paused and wondered why we hadn't realized that it might be cancer sooner. In retrospect, it made so much sense. If only we had known... But we didn't. Very few people do. So we have to learn to let the guilt go - because blame doesn't help in the healing process - but also learn to pay more attention and get checked, so that nothing like this can creep up so easily on us again.

Stem cell research is a great tool, in the right hands and for the right reasons. There is massive potential for a wide variety of very bad things as well - we have to acknowledge that, not ignore it - but this has pretty much always been the case with human inventions.

Hrm. Strikes me as rather weird that a person in favor of stem cell research is against the particle accelerator. Do you not realize that these sciences are on the same quest, just on different scales?

Stem cells are the cells that are called 'building blocks' in humans and other species. By understanding these cells there is indeed much hope for repairing and regrowing damaged body parts and for approaching diseases and their cures in a whole new way. With the LHC (the Large Hadron Collider, which is the specific accelerator you refer to because the larger ILC hasn't been built yet - it's supposed to be up by 2010 though), scientists are essentially looking for the 'building blocks' of the universe. They are hoping to 'see' (and given the tiny size of the item in question, I use that word loosely) at least one specific particle, which has not been previously witnessed by humankind. Confirming the existence of this particle would be a significant step in the right direction for turning a large number of scientific and mathematical principles from theory into provable fact. What we could do with that kind of knowledge, I can hardly imagine. The possibilities are wonderful (and a bit scary...) to contemplate. I suppose that there would be quite a lot of practical applications for the science of terraforming, at least.

The creation of black holes on Earth is nowhere near as fearsome as it sounds. I did a little research. The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider(RHIC) in New York reported the possible existence of black holes during their experiments in 2005 and we're all still here. (Of course, their possible black holes were absolutely tiny and evaporated in well under a second.) Did you know, though, that black holes can be dormant? PBS had a special on the subject the other evening. The supermassive black holes which are centrally located in many galaxies - including our own - they are not always sucking everything in. They take breaks, apparently billions of years long in some instances, to digest what they've already absorbed.

Honestly, from the sounds of things, if the goal is to reenact and understand the Big Bang then the creation of a black hole in a particle accelerator might be an indication that these scientists are on the right track. (Big Bang was one of those things that I grew up disliking because it felt wrong and seemed so incomplete but I simply wasn't made aware of the proposed alternatives until I outgrew the educational system. Ah, irony.) Anyway. Ultimately, I would not be too surprised if it turns out that there are some really nifty practical applications for small, temporary black holes. Teleportation leaps to mind but so does anti-gravity and a whole new definition for recycling.

Granted, I'm no expert and I've grown up around far too many end-of-the-world theories to really be startled by that phrase anymore. But at least if the world ends by accidental instantanteous annihilation... This option, in my mind, beats several of the other scenarios. *shrugs*

Yes, 'whereby' is in fact a word. As for the whole question of whether two masses can occupy the same space at the same time, I think the answer is unclear. I'd love to give you a better explanation but I don't yet have a firm grasp of Quantum Mechanics.

Personally lean towards evolution kinda heavily. There is a growing collection of 'found' missing links, both in fossil form and in living examples. The similarity of human genetics to the genetics of other animals adds to the evidence and the many stages that an unborn child goes through in the womb are often viewed as evidence of our evolutionary ancestory.

However I also still feel there's room to debate that the basic fundamentals of creationism and evolutionism could work together and perhaps even overlap a whole lot more than people seem to notice. It's like the same story, told from two different points of view. The main trouble with creationism as a stand-alone theory, in my own humble view and limited experience, is that it tends to be ego-centric and thus lends itself to historic amounts of corruption. Sure, we're no accident but lets take it in context - is anything in our world truly coincidental? *shurgs* That's just where I stand. But as was mentioned before *points to posts above* Descartes had a good point. So believe whatever gives you the most happiness because maybe we're all wrong.

Cloning animals for food is not a bad idea, as long as health standards can be maintained and ethical concerns are addressed. There is some necessary hesitation on the grounds that... Well. It seems like a ridiculous amount of work to do, merely to produce a slaughtered piece of meat. There are other avenues for ending hunger which deserve to be explored. Why not sponser a return to agriculture in the global economy? That would create more jobs. Why clone a live chicken, why not just grow an edible piece of meat in a test tube? No slaughter involved, then. But this is something that needs to be a large, complex dicussion and these points are merely the tip of the proverbial glacier.

The finanical world was built on a foundation of lies. It will be interesting to see what happens now - will they return to honesty and rebuild or just restart the same old games? Either way, they're gonna find out that they can't expect the taxpayer to provide huge rescues while unemployment is soaring off the charts...

Enough from me for now. Take care, RVD-san. Hugs to you and SVD-san.

Courage and Peace!


September 29, 2008 at 1:06 PM  
Blogger JAYLTEAVI said...

Hi Rob, glad Sonya doing better,i know it's a little late, but happy anniversary.

I also feel the goverment shouldn't be wasting money when there other more important things that are needed.

It's like if you have a family and it's bad economically part your still out throwing parties, with out attending it's real necessities. Priorities should come 1st, but i'll bet they're doing o.k cause their rich.

Rich, but still asking for the poor people's money. Thats life and it'll never change; not in this one.

Well Rob your trully missed, but priorities 1st. right?

From Probally your biggest fan, always- J.L.-T.V.

Till next time, next time, adios.

October 5, 2008 at 12:22 PM  

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