Monday, April 9, 2007

Robot Chicken

April 9, 2007 - I received a lot of feedback from the Angel Raich story I added to my update last time. I appreciate all the feedback, even the closed minded ones. Everyone should have a right to their own opinion. I also happen to believe they should recognize whether their opinions are educated, or uneducated opinions. That sounds fair, doesn't it? And then when I really think it through, many of us were falsely educated and we're still throwing opinions out there without being updated on what we know. Updates are necessary. The world's not flat anymore. By the way, since last update New Mexico became the 12th state to legalize medical marijuana. Also, there are now 5 surviving patients receiving the medicine from the federal government.

We had a 4 day fiesta in Mexico. Gracias to all the fans pouring out the love. One day on the bus in Mexico, a few of the guys asked me if I had seen the report on CNN that day. Later that night, I watched for and saw the report from the British University that declared alcohol and tobacco are worse for your body than marijuana, or ecstasy. Did anybody see that? I was surprised to see ecstasy named, as it's known for over doses and mixing deaths. I still believe it to be harmful, and would never recommend it to anyone. Tobacco and alcohol, they said, should be listed among the ten deadliest drugs. Hmm…how come drinking and smoking isn't considered "doing drugs", especially if it's that deadly? If you're an adult, think for yourself. That's what I'd like to inspire. Kids of course, should never consume marijuana. Of course I wasn't surprised to see pot down the list. If it's going to be labeled deadly, shouldn't there be at least one death in the history of the planet reported? No offense if you lost someone because someone was an idiot, but zero over doses? Zero cancers reported from usage? I just feel that people should make an effort to discover truth, about many subjects that are forth coming. Just to give you a head start on this one…What "drug" was first banned in 1937 for causing violence, insanity, and promiscuity? No…not alcohol. Although illegal from 1920-1934, alcohol has been promoted by corporate America for over 40 years, now killing over 150,000 of us a year from over consumption. Keep guessing...

Just got back from Vegas, watching my good friend Justin Mc Cully doing his thing in the octagon. With all the steam Tito's got, Justin is going to have a lot of attention on him as team punishment member and trainer. And he's going to produce, just like he did on Fight Night but now you're going to see him at his best. Watch this guy become a draw fast.

Mania was awesome! I know you fans want to read more about wrestling so here goes. This new ECW crap sucks and Sabu and Dreamer and Sandman and myself love representing the old school ECW the way we all loved it. Us vs the New Breed just keeps that glimmer of hope going for those of us who just don’t know how to let go. I hope we’re representing on this European trip.

Entourage is back. Sopranos is back. Heroes is coming back. In the mean time, have a laugh at Robot Chicken.

Okay Europe, here we come.