Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Thanks for all the feedback on the first RVD TV trailer that’s up at The Whole F'N Yes, I do get some hang time on my back flips!

RVD TV is going to rock! This project is as close to the heart as it gets for me. I had Docu-dude film me hanging out at my house, running all over my wonderful city, and even archive personal video footage. You'll see a lot of random activities that are part of my normal every day life here in Los Angeles, as well as some special moments too.

Something that I find myself doing very often is having deep, thought provoking conversations that explore personal opinions and positions. Many a night, I've said “Damn, we should have a camera recording this!” as I pondered thoughts with friends over such subjects as organized religion, war, relationships, death penalty, censorship and other society imposed standards, as well as getting spiritual with the right people.

Just yesterday I was telling a friend who considers himself Catholic, but doesn't believe or apply any of the rulings that would define him as Catholic that no- he wasn't. He tells me he was born Catholic. I said that you could be born white or black, but not Catholic. That’s like saying you were born speaking English. A third party entered the amusing conversation and after ten minutes of back and forth, we ended up deciding that he was a lapsed-Catholic- which he wasn't too happy about. It was still pretty funny. I've never been one to believe what I'm told without question. How can you not question it? You have to sometimes, don't you?

This relates to RVD TV through a reoccurring episode I call Friends in High Places. They're not debates. They're not arguments. We just kick around some feelings on a subject and really open up to do it. Chatting with friends in the entertainment industry is going to draw attention and I hope someone will listen to what we have to say because a lot of important points are brought up.

When I had my good friend Taboo from the Black Eyed Pees on RVD TV to talk about language censorship he thanked me for giving him the opportunity to speak about something he cares about passionately. He gets his message across. He totally gets what I'm doing and I received outstanding support from him as well as many other Friends in High Places as we tackled the likes of gun control, violence in entertainment, and marijuana prohibition, to name a few.

Speaking of the good herb, check this out.

Nick Diaz has always been a kick ass fighter, but he just got major kudos from me for recent news. On February 24th, Diaz defeated Takanori Gomi at Pride 33 in Las Vegas by submission. It was considered one of the greatest battles of the night with Nick repeatedly winning stand-up exchanges and in the end, earning himself superstar status.

On April 10th, the Nevada State Athletic Commission announced that Nick had failed a post fight drug screening by testing positive for marijuana. Ready for this? They said that “his THC level was so high that he fought with an unfair advantage. So they overturned his victory and declared it a no-contest.”

WHAT? WHAT? All you conservative voters who agree pot should be illegal, let me ask you something. What happened to the stereotype of pot making you lazy, unmotivated, slow, and unable to function? Is that why it’s bad or does it give you an advantage in a mixed martial arts competition where reflexes, speed, stamina, precision and energy mean everything? You can't have it both ways.

Maybe everyone needs some truthful education, huh? Most people have misinformation about this center of controversy. Why do you think you've never seen me make excuses for my very famous mj bust with Sabu? Anytime a professional athlete, or actor, or musician, politician, or judge or anyone with a position of respect is attached to cannabis, it helps change the dishonest perception of the plant. Nick stands his ground on this. You can read his story at BOXING -

Anyone catch 60 minutes last week? They covered the subject of debate with DEA raiding medicinal dispensaries in California. That does nothing but justify their unessential budget for keeping weed illegal.

Anyone catch Real Sports on HBO? I don't remember Marcus Bagwell sounding so southern. Hmm. This was an interesting follow up to last years special on wrestlers dying young.

If you haven't heard any of my interviews on the subject of wrestlers being taken advantage of, I offer an honest but probably different opinion than most. Forget the wrestler’s union. It'll never happen. Wrestlers are all replaceable and have nowhere else to go anyway. Are you surprised when you hear that wrestler’s don't get insurance benefits? Big deal. We are independent contractors, just like the guy you paid to paint your house. If the painter signs a contract that says he will work for you for 3 years, and work for no one else and give ownership of any plans or ideas created or used on the job to you, and he gives you the right to amend the contract on your side to implement dress codes and fines and wellness programs and whatever else you decide along the way, that’s the deal he made. If you are paying him enough money so he can get his own insurance, set up his own retirement funds, and you take care of getting him to the job and back home, what’s the problem? He’s not an employee. He’s self-employed. Would he rather have less pay, but get insurance through you? Probably not, especially since he’s covered if he gets hurt on the job anyway. Make sense? I hope I cleared some questions up for you and gave you a different angle to see the situation from. I admit as quickly as anyone that the job is way challenging, but it’s a challenge we agree to. That’s why I finished the agreement that I made and now I'm done. For the moment, anyway.

Chris Nowinski is heading the research that discovered the brain damage in Benoit’s head from trauma. This offers the best possible scientific explanation for what could have happened. I'm talking with Chris about his discoveries and about ways to educate everyone. He’s findings show that many athletes who have experienced concussions share commonalities that can include paranoia and depression and ultimately, suicide. Some of my friends have other qualities that are consistent with concussions like headaches and inability to retain information, and even difficulty staying awake. We have to look at the whole situation differently now. Many times I've laughed at my own disability to regain balance and equilibrium after a good shot to the head. It seems that maybe some real damage could be taking place, and Benoit possibly having dementia is a scary enough reason to take notice. If these suicide victims all had former multiple concussions, and there could possibly be a pattern, I’m wondering if that could explain the loss of my good friend and old travel partner Mike Awsome. If you want to know more information and especially if you know someone who’s suffering from bumps to the head, you can email Chris Nowinski at

My comic book store is no longer open; so don't plan your west coast trips around visiting it. We had a lot of fun, and brought a lot of fans together with their favorite wrestlers. The city of Lomita and the city of L.A. both contributed towards making it impossible to keep the doors open for business, but we'll have all the merchandise available for you at in the next couple of weeks.

I hope you caught Family Guy Star Wars. It was awesome! I also liked the Bionic Woman and think it'll be a great new action series for us this fall.

You’ve probably noticed that I’m not taking bookings and traveling all over the globe. That’s true and not going to change any time soon. However, taking SVD to Australia and then New Zealand is gonna be an awesome trip! Sabu will be in Australia too so bring your hardcore energy and see us at Armageddon Expo Australia and then at Armageddon Pulp Expo.

Something I've heard a lot from you fans when we'd meet in person is “Keep doing what you do”. When I knew I was going to take a break, this didn't feel good to hear. I didn't want to let anyone down and people were telling me they were counting on me to keep it up. Looking back over the years, I used to get fan mail pertaining to how I had inspired or motivated some people I had never even met. I didn't quite get it at first. How could I have helped these people get over heart operations and other surgeries, divorces, deaths of loved ones and more? Just by doing back flips? I convinced myself that watching me entertained them and brought them positive energy. I also decided that by being a public image, anyone could fill in their own blanks to feel like they know me. You can pretend that I drive a monster truck, or hunt in the woods, or tear it up the on the dance floor, whatever. The RVD that you might “know” may be different than the RVD you meet on RVD TV.

If you want to hold onto your memories and not know the real me, RVD TV may not be for you. If you want to know the guy behind every accomplishment that made you a fan, and want to possibly grow from life discoveries shared openly by that same person, tune in. I will continue to inspire like I did with those performances, but I'm reaching outside the box on a personal and honest level. With this in mind, you got it- I'll keep doing what I do.

Roll the credits.

"Purplexion" by Harry Slash and the Slashtones, hear the RVD TV theme song at - The Slashtones



Anonymous E. Malchiodi said...

I’ve been watching you wrestle for years now and while I’ve always said to people that the three most entertaining wrestlers around are Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, and Rob Van Dam, that doesn’t mean I know a thing about you. Have I enjoyed your matches? Absolutely, but that still doesn’t mean I know anything about who you really are. People like to put their own touches on television personalities because they’re essentially a blank canvas; we all watch people on television but all the aspects of what makes a person an individual are stripped away, especially on wrestling and that’s could explain why people like to think that Steve Austin would love to drink beer with them or why Bill Maher is somebody that you could have an engaging conversation with. I’m looking forward to RVDTV and while I know it’s a little voyeuristic, I am curious to see what your opinions on certain issues are, or at least a more detailed version of what those views entail.

Pot shouldn’t be illegal but I’m convinced that it will never be legalized unless we’re in a real dire situation and the population needs to be subdued. It’s just not good for business, or at least the businesses of the less than 1% of the population that controls the country. It’s more valuable because it’s prohibited and since it grows so quickly, and in every of the 50 US states, it would be quite cheap if it was legalized or at least decriminalized. Not that long ago Bill Clinton said that pot should be decriminalized, which is great but he should have said that while he could’ve done something about it. It’s like Powell saying that the war in Iraq was a bad idea even when he was the one that sold it to the United Nations.

I saw that episode of Real Sports and why is it that everybody thinks that professional wrestlers are idiots? Last time I checked Mick Foley was a decent writer, Chris Jericho has a book and a band and other activities that your basic burger flipper couldn’t do, I remember reading that Tajiri has a degree in economics, you have your own television show and used to have a store that revolves around reading. There must be something about wrestling that motivated people to become wrestlers and while I’m not sure what it is because I couldn’t be a professional wrestler, I’m sure it has something to do with sports and wanting to entertain people. I did drama in high school and I thought it was great to entertain people and hone a craft and I can just imagine the desire to wrestle isn’t different. That one guy asking Bagwell if his buzz was good seemed a little condescending and while I’ve never had a broken neck, I’ve had injuries that needed painkillers and while I personally think those things are garbage and dangerous because of the amount of acetaminophen in them, they helped me when I was wounded.

Looking forward to RVDTV and enjoy Australia and New Zealand. New Zealand looks like a great place to live and from what I understand the requirements to live there are knowing how to read, write, and do math. Maybe I’ll move there and herd sheep or organic fruits and vegetables to be exported to America. Take care.

October 3, 2007 at 4:22 PM  
Blogger JAYLTEAVI said...

Hi Rob, you sure have alot of knowledge to share.but i have some questions, like do you enjoy what your doing better then wrestling? do you rather share your thoughts or have a great match? I know you could make a bigger difference for people on sharing you knowledge.Rob, do you have your own questions about life? Do you believe that to much marijuana is bad.Do you beleive that it does harm in some way.I really havn't heard or remember you talking anything negative about it.Do you believe it has effected you? positively or negatively? How would you compare your life before you even tried it? Have you ever change your way of thinking? Not sure what you'll talk about in your show,but here are some questions that could answer how your like. whatis your goal in life.what are your believes in God? I always have enjoyed you as a performer and belive you carried yourself well off the ring. I also like to know how much you care about the wrestling business and politics in it. that keep the sport down. Do you believe other wrestlers are being held back? sorry for all these questions you may answer them or you may not when you like. One last question or comment i like to share again when you enter the the wwe for the 2nd time when you were going for the title in the triple threat match vs Steve Austin and Kurt Angle.I always said that no one would have been surprised if you walked out that night as the WWF champion. What kept the WWE from waiting like 7 years later to give you the world title? Did you get frustrated? Again sorry for all these questions.I always cared about you not getting to be in the position you should have been in the WWF.Wrestlers make wrestling not vince and if fans follow a wrestler just to be held back it sucks. What are they waiting on these guys to get older,except for some wrestlers like orton or brock and rock and Cena it looks like you have to be 30 plus to be world champ.don't tell me that guys like carlito , jeff hardy and kennedy are going to be more entertaining later then now.It's like you you were very entertaining all you needed is the right story with the right feud.Tell me a guy like HHH doesn't work all in his favor another story with the hated vince, he crushes umaga like no other, he has steel cage matches, has two villans i n every match against himself. he makes jokes about vince new son to get over with the fans. so he gives himself the best stories and best matches. and ofcourse he always wins. all this to hide his lack of wrestling and entertainment. And it's not because he's a face,because as a heel he always came on top too. So Rob do beleieve in this? and if so do you care for other wrestlers and fans who have enjoyed this entertainment for years. Do you believe vince and HHH brain wash fans in to likeing the wrestlers that are sent up there throats? Do you believe talking about it is good for fans be able to notice and choose for themselves who they like. without the WWE telling a wrestlers after he turns heel the same all story that you the fans made him change or they say screw the fans. I saw Edge getting cheered in toronto then he say screw the fans of toronto. the WWE ofcourse gave him that speech .whats wrong with the fans loving there home town hero.what's wrong with the fans cheering on a heel. sure they cheer them sometimes ,but if he says crew you then the fans change. I don't know if you care much about these stuff ,but i like to hear a more direct opinion from you about this. Especially if you go to TNA because in the WWE your less alow to speak your mind.Anyway Rob thank's for having me. Keep doing what your doing. just kidding do what's right and look for that will give you the peace you need. I got it from a movie, but it make sense to me.Doesn't it? take care Rob from probally your biggest fan J.L.-T.V.
Hasta la vista Robby.,bye.

October 3, 2007 at 9:22 PM  
Blogger Jadeinne Sparrow said...

You've got a very good introduction to your blog, Mr. Van Dam. I wanted to know more about you but sad to say not the "Marijuana" side. That does not mean to offend, sir, but please do understand that I wasn't used to read a very long paragraph about that.

Anyway, I can feel it in my heart that your RVD TV rocked hard. Congratulations! Fans missed you very much!

October 4, 2007 at 7:55 AM  
Blogger Teyegrrlily613 said...

Hey Rob I bet that some of your best conversations are when you're smokin' ? I know why people have such awesome conversations when tokin'. Because at one time I was taking a Psych class and the teacher was talking about studies being done about our intelligance level while smoking the good herb. She said the studies(I spelled it wrong at myspace oops! :D) that were done concluded that our intelligance level is alot higher when you are smoking weed,( I think I spoke of this once before) than when you are straight. So I put it to the test and got high just before the test. On a normal day I usually do like a C average. I got an A- on the test so I figure someone with your intelligance would ACE the test!
I was listening to conversation at my bible study tonight and it kind of bothered me that their belief is that only christians are saved. BIG QUESTION??? Where does it say that in the bible??
I took Jesus as my personal Savior. Yes. I have faith and believe. Yes. I refuse to say I am a christian anymore and I thank you for opening my eyes. I don't want to be so closed minded that people run from me when I bring up the subject of God because I come across as being holier than thou. I want others to see the LOVE our Savior has for us. ALL OF US. Not just the people who became christians. I am a sinner and I will be one till I die but because Jesus died for me. I can live. This is a gift that I will cherish forever. What you have been giving all of us has been a gift. A gift of spiritual knowledge understanding and deep thought. Thank You. I know you don't know everything and I know you are learning from all of us. We like that about you. You listen back and answer back and I appreciate that you answered my comment on your prior blog(on your myspace). I am keeping you in prayer.
Now as for telling you to keep doing what you do. Man, that must have been hard knowing you were going to be leaving the ring for a time. But hey the real fans are the ones who want to look at the real you not just how good you are in the ring. I am bummed that WWE made you look like just another dumb jock. I love reading your blogs and have learned quite a bit from you and I have learned alot about myself.
I am now a member of the YMCA and am working on my balance. I got weighed today and I lost 4 pounds!! Rob I have a question, when I start working on the bosa ball should I go barefoot so I will be able to mold my feet better to the surface? Or should I wear my shoes? Does it matter?
Well I gotta say this I have alot of great memories I refuse to let go of but I am looking to the future and want to grow with you. I am EXCITED about RVD TV. I'm glad you will be talking about so many different things.
Man it was great to hear about his unfair advantage especially when all you hear about is driving under the influence of marijuana being a NO NO.
Now as for your adventure you and SVD will be going on I wish you a safe journey and lots of fun and say hi to Sabu for me. I think it is great we have the same name. But mine is spelled with an i at the end instead of a y.


October 4, 2007 at 8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,can you give me your yahoo id? mine is DX_Altair.Please

October 4, 2007 at 11:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey RVD,

A thought occurred to me while reading your blog. How about doing an RVD-TV episode from Vancouver or Amsterdam? I don’t think an explanation is needed as to why that would be high-quality entertainment.


Baltimore, MD

October 4, 2007 at 2:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Rob,
I been reading up on all your blogs and I agree totaly, rvdTV is gunna be sweet as. You already put me on to Robot Chicken, we dont get it here in Australia so we have been missing out bigtime!!! I think rvdTV will give a great insite to what else happens when wrestling isn't happening in the life & times of RVD.
I'll be at Armogeddon in Melbourne hoping to see your favorite superstar and mine RVD & Sabu. I have never been to a sci-fi expo but it should be huge.
And even bigger yet I'm one of the 8 luckiest RVD fans in the land of Oz ever coz I got a ticket to Wrestlefest, So I will see you there too :)so I'm nervious as!!!!

Reading your blog today so I can keep up on your news and I got shivers even before I red the name Mike Awesome. He was a huge hit in Mebourne and he had 11,000+ chanting Awesome insted of Goldberg. And that is the happiest I ever saw him in the ring as he did a bow to all 4 sides of the crowd...

Gotta bail for now, keep that spirit high.... stew barr

October 4, 2007 at 6:39 PM  
Blogger Thorsten Reiter said...

Hey Rob, it's always great hearing from you. I am a huge RVD fan from Germany and I think you are very cool. I am also a big Sabu fan and it's great that you 2 will travel to Australia. That has to be fun. I heard and watched Sabu RF Shoot Interview and he is pretty cool and funny. Ever thought of doing a Shoot Interview with RF Video? You are a big inspration to me and I am proud to be a fan of yours. What do you think of martial arts legends like Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee? Do you like their movies? Would be great if you could answer this in your next update. Can you tell us RVD fans how you train? Stretching and all. Would be very interesting. That should be enough for now. If you read this, please tell Sabu that I am a huge fan. Have fun in Australia and New Zealand. Much love and respect from Germany. Be save.

October 5, 2007 at 6:37 AM  
Anonymous Ryan O'Farrell said...

Hey Rob, I see that they are still fighting pot. Pot is better than cigarrettes and beer, but the government doesnt make that illegal. They're just a bunch of stubborn assholes. The action in wwe is getting boring and more boring without you. TNA is very entertaining with two hours and remember tna as a choice. Definitely be a world champion there. Anyways the blog rocked and I'm looking forward to RVD TV cause your my hero and favorite wrestler. Peace out Rob and have a great day.

October 5, 2007 at 3:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey RVD, love your blog and tv. you should talk to High Times magazine about RVD tv and your love for the mighty herb

October 6, 2007 at 12:46 PM  
Anonymous guS said...

hi Rob! i'm spanish and i don't understand english sorry, you and rey mysterio are the best superstars of wrestling

good luck

now, spanish

bueno Rob felicidades por ser una gran estrella, me encantaria conocerte de verdad, como todo el mundo, y nada decirte que espero que regreses pronto a la ecw o a la liga que vuelvas, que ya te hechamos de menos, y nada un abrazo Rob!!


October 6, 2007 at 1:02 PM  
Blogger JAYLTEAVI said...

Hi Rob, how's it going? Well Rob talking about mix martial arts you sure would have been one tough dude in the octagon you surely taken lot's of punishment in ECW and the WWE, but i'm glad your not there because it's a very dangerous sport where guy's really get hurt. Sure there's lots of risk in wrestling and a demanding schedule.still happy you don't have to fight there,in the octagon.I like Triple H to fight there against Goldberg, S.Stiener,Billy gunn,K. angle. and you. One on one, Mano a Mano let's see if he can push his way to victory there.

I was checking out a pole it's that how you call it.of who the fan's like to see go for the title and Val venis was way ahead despite HHH making himself get over Val Venis was ahead by today on rob i guess someone didn't like that and they had him get squashed by Snitsky.Kennedy fame gone down since Smackdown,wonder Why?

On the other hand Tna isn't doing that great especially since Russo came.k.Angle looks to be pushing himself? Other top dog is Cage great on the mic good wrestler lousy Frogsplash. What happen for pushing there own stars like Joe and A.J title yet for joe. guys getting out of shape like Hernandes from L.A.X and showtime Eric Young.well hernandes can't do well now the jump from the ring,over the top rope and out side the ring.i thing guys who want to be push have to be comitted and try to stay in shape. What will it be like if Cena ,Lashley and Batista start looking a bit like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Movie Junior.that's not cool even Carlito and S.Benjamin new look. Not even Jeff Hardy shorter hair well Jeff not that bad. anyway i don't see HHH getting a hair cut or Michaels like i mention before. I guess HBK back,i guess he came back after faking an injury from really getting a hair Transplant.The WWE is all about HBK and HHH and vince? Too bad Austin and the rock left they wouldn't be pushed aside for HHH.still wondering where i like you to be The WWE, TNA your decision if you decide to return ofcourse.Too bad Vince bought WCW. sure be good if Ted Turner came back hired Pauly E signed a bunch of talent and then hired the whole F.N show. and that way get back at Vince,shut him down. Hired HHH and put him in his own Faction with Al snow the new job squad.that be awesome. HHH was in the video of the self destruction of the ultimate Warrior where they said Warrior was all music and when the music went of that was it. thats nonsense ,but that applies probally more to him after his theme music finishes about 80% plus of the action it's over. well i'll stop here don't want to go on with this to much again. But i don't see much wrestlers getting over like they should.You know it's all about the Game.and HBK.Not much action on Smackdown unless you like Batista, Mysterio and Taker facing again and again khali, Mark Henry, Finlay those are some great entertaining heels. You know HHH brought Randy and Booker and Kennedy to face him.ECW? well glad your out of there. Rob if you have another Radio interview hope you could post it here on time. got more to say ,but i bet nobody likes too read about it.I just hope other's could see reality and see beyond what Vince want's them to see. You said you asked Vince why the crowd chant's ECW when they see something extreme and Vince replied by saying because he past the last 5 years training the fan's to do that. I know most fan's don't would disagree with that crab. but i know everything he does now is for fan's to chear for HHH because you know HHH has vince ear and intimidates the other writer's.Can't fan's see that he is put in a position do things other wrestlers aren't alowed to. he got what he wanted to be champ one more time he doesn't care about how much time he had it. as long as he gets to be 20 times champ and at the end get the best part of the other wrestler. and set himself out to be in Wrestlemania mainevent.or win the title there, if he's not in the mainevent.Fans should see the truth and for the better of wrestling start booing his ass.that's vince really baby boy.Heel or not Heel it's he always gets the better part.Like the rock used to say out with the old in with the new. Except if it's RVD,because the fan's havn't gotten enough of Mr.Paperview the Mr. of Mr. if your Mr. Paperview you should be Mr.Wrestlemania.but i guess screw freaking wrestlemania. I guess Vince didn't like when you mentioned something like that at the 1st ECW One Night Stand.well Rob i hope you don't stay out of the ring as much as Chris jericho did.I say save us RVD not Y2J. Take care Rob from probally your biggest fan J.L.-T.V. till next time gadget next time,bye Rob, (R.A.S.)

October 8, 2007 at 10:49 PM  
Anonymous CalmMountain said...

Nihao RVD-san –

Uhm. Actually read this blog about 5 minutes after you first posted it on this site. Always try to hold off on replying right away. Want to choose my words carefully. You strike me as being both world-wise and very perceptive. Which – at least in my own experience – is rather uncommon, perhaps even intimidating. You’ve basically had to read between the lines for a living… And I’m just a complete stranger who wants to tread lightly. So please forgive my hesitations.

RVD TV… Doesn’t surprise me, for some reason. Is this part of why you devote such attention to other shows, perhaps? To study the tactics and methods?

There’s a saying, I read it once somewhere and it stuck with me, that sometimes the highest possible praise is complete silence. No criticism – this project is too early in development, as far as the public is concerned, for that anyway. No prodding or requests or debates or speculation – cause you’ve obviously got your own plans. No spoken compliments – cause you've selected something that comes so naturally and suits so ridiculously well that it’s hardly worth pointing out. Just complete silence… Just sitting back and appreciating a masterpiece, being made by someone who’s clearly in love with the task.

I was very tempted, to keep my silence.

But a caring heart is a beautiful thing to share with the world and an open mind is a precious resource. It’s hard to accept gifts of such magnitude... Because it's hard, sometimes, to believe that anyone would even offer such things. When you grow up around newspapers and headlines and labels so much... With the history and the politics and the bristling paranoia on all sides... The world doesn't always seem such great place. Conversation gets declared a lost art, intelligence a lost cause and every day humans find awful new ways to die. Somehow, they forget to mention that there are people out there with auras like lighthouses. Go figure.

That's what it is, you know. Inspiration is merely the ability to put some aspect of someone else’s life into perspective. To provide clarity and restore a measure of hope. In the BTR interview you mentioned not complaining about the schedule because it was an "if everyone else can do this then so can I" mentality. What you've done for the world, it's sort of like that. Only multiply the effect. We might have to invent new numbers. Because there are people who don't even know you personally - and who don't have to know you ever in any way at all, though it's certainly a nice touch - people on different continents, in different languages, people who maybe were just flicking though channels and caught a couple minutes by accident... And all they really have to see is someone doing something which they were told - however scripted it may be - that they would never do. That's it: success and effort resonate.

For those of us who are more complex... For those of us who are vaguely aware of the industry and all the implied politics and preparations therein... For those of us who watch more than once in awhile... The light just gets brighter, the appreciation that much deeper. We see you turning obstacles into springboards and suddenly our own life situations aren't so impossible anymore. The better we get to know someone, the more we learn of their true obstacles - so the better it gets for us. Because most of our obstacles aren't scripted either. So it's just another point of common ground, another stepping stone. Another motivation. Another 'maybe I can really do this' moment.

Life is full of twists and without that occasional kick of courage, we'd all end up in knots.

Statistically speaking... The fans that you actually hear from... Is likely the smaller percentage. So the true impact of this positive energy is difficult to imagine, let alone to measure. Oh and of course, on top of all that, I'd have to look some things up - but we should pause to consider that WWE is carried over analog, radio and satellite and so some portion of the programming(and some portion of RVD TV, in the near future perhaps...) might eventually end up bouncing through outer space... *laughs* Yea. A writer could have fun with that idea.

Congrats. You're an honorary Papilio Tempstae! *grins* (Quantum Weather Butterfly. It's a reference to the rippling butterfly effect of Chaos Theory.)

You say over at that life is about where we're going and where we've been and where we are... Yea, it's the journey that defines us. Amazing thing is... The heart, the soul, the mind - those can take all kinds of intense personal journeys without any motion from your feet. So truly, if the idea of travel displeases you, then you need not go anywhere near another airport for as long as you live. (But you will, it sounds like. Nice. Hope Oz and NZ are good to you and yours. I'd attempt to insert a witty remark about croc wrestling and/or boxing kangaroos here but figure that you and Terry-san will likely hear enough of those later. If you haven't heard them all by now.)

So much for silence, huh? *smiles* Eh. I give up. It's hard for a complete stranger to convey friendly respectful silences online.

Look forward to learning more about both you and the people around you. As you must realize, you've chosen a good combination of methods - written words, TV and internet all together gives you staying power plus the ability to reach a much wider audience on a much wider range of subjects. It's a nice direction to go in because it allows you to keep doing what you've been doing best: inspiration. Just on an even more conscientious level this time around, I suspect.

Understand that the 'high places' is a pun and a ratings draw but hope that beyond the cameras, you have plenty friends in low places as well.

Like the sound of Purplexion, the tune has depth and pace... Keeps the listener on their toes - fitting. *grins* Hey, if you don't already have some incredible design contacts at your disposal (which is likely the case, dang) why not have a fan contest to design the RVD TV logo? Docu-dude-san could give us the deadline for having it in. You and SVD-san could judge, of course. Winner gets... I dunno. An honorable mention in the credits, bragging rights and something from the former comic book shop. (Bummer the shop had to be closed but onto bigger and better schemes, I guess. Cause there are no coincidences, right?) *shrugs* Meh. Up to you. No worries if it doesn't happen.

With all due love and respect, RVD-san... Come on. Please? We know that you know better. Yea. Stereotype = single sand-grain of truth buried in a pile of metaphorical horse manure. And that includes the stereotype for cannabis. Which means that yea - unfair and idiotic as the base decision may be - the Athletic Commission can in fact have it both ways. Because, as you've pointed out on more than one occasion, we ARE all unique. Literally and genetically. So what apparently affects you or Mr. Diaz in a good way, could - and likely does - have negative effects on others. *shrugs* And that's expected, at any rate. Because if we're all different then it's illogical to believe that any chemical is going to have the same affect on all of us, right?

On the flip side... I'm inclined to agree with you in that it does appear to be a case of splitting legal hairs. Context, that's the key. There's so much stuff in - and on - what we all eat(and drink...) anymore. Chemicals that get dumped on crops and fed to livestock; all those fertilizers and insecticides and growth hormones and what-the-heck-ever else to improve yields. The more I read about ingredients... Scary. I mean, what is the point of screaming about any 'famous person' using 'performance-enhancing drugs' if we're dumping the rough equivalents onto farms all over the world? Are any of us NOT consuming something that we can't pronounce on a daily basis? Kinda sad, yes? Cripes. Does all the screaming, finger pointing and drama really make us feel better or does it just distract us, maybe, from the true scope and root of the trouble? I'm not trying to endorse any drug, legal or otherwise. Abuses are bad and addictions are dangerous and nobody should pick up anything that they don't understand, much less don't need, and add it to their chemical intake. But there's also got to be more middle ground than laws currently define. We don't live in a black and white world anymore, do we?

Sometimes I wonder, why aren't we allowed to vote for the people who work at the FDA? Shouldn't we have some idea of who exactly is running things there? But then I must remind myself, this IS the same government system that has promised to reform spending since before many of us were born and that currently wants us to believe that 'war = good business' while 'global warming = myth'. Listening does not appear to be their strong suit.

*Insert random violent impulse to install a massive stereo near Capital Hill and blast the Twilight Zone theme song and/or Dr. Strangelove soundtrack for at least a couple of months here. No, likely wouldn't do much good. Yes, I'd feel better anyway.*

Thanks for clearing up some questions in regards to wrestlers and unions. Good to know. The industry seems to be in transition. Something should have to change there but it’s going to take a decent amount of input from the affected talent to decide what might work. With the off-season(kills profit) and union(takes choices away from workers) concepts shot down… I don’t know. Stricter rules and/or more tests will probably end up being the corporate compromise. Wish they had something better. Maybe a slightly bigger roster on a rotational schedule could provide more time off opportunities for the talent without down-time for the company? There has to be something. Much as we respect some of these gentlemen, they aren't getting younger. (Though some of them could pass for younger... o.0) The fans would feel better about supporting an industry with an overall lower injury and death rate - and hopefully the fans wouldn't be the only ones. We'd just like to see these guys and their families live long enough to get some fraction of the vacation and life rewards(cause the guys seem to give up so much, with the current schedule) they deserve. That's all. I know, this is perhaps not a realistic goal but it's something we want to reach for regardless. It's the happy ending syndrome, we were raised on it. 'Work hard to brighten millions of peoples lives' is not supposed to result in something as bitter as 'sudden death from previously undetected medical condition'.

Forgive me for sounding anxious. The trouble with being a fan.... Is that WWE has a page on their site which states that they will not actually read or respond to anything you send them. (I'm not sure why the contact form is still there, then.) And for every live person in an audience at a taping, there's at least a couple hundred watching via cameras... And since you can't see us or hear us and maybe don't get much chance to read any mail that does somehow make it to you... Erm. Yea. As I mentioned before: the percentage of fans that you've actually ever heard from, we're likely the minority. That kinda bothers me. Cause with as much as the talent is willing to endure and personally risk (I know you're trained professionals and I know a lot of it is scripted but things can happen anyway - so there is always risk...) merely to entertain the populous of a lonely planet... Each and every one of you deserve to realize, if only for one memorable instant, how many people you've touched. You deserve to get the positive energy back, tenfold. At least. Maybe that could help lessen routine pains and boost the morale slightly. (Mind over matter, yea?) Maybe it could start a global cycle of positive energy. I dunno. Worth a shot.

Eh. I probably sound like a rambling raving psychotic now so I'll take off for a while. Thanks for putting up with this. I don't have many places to release ideas at the moment - working on that, though. Please keep taking care. Hugs to SVD-san, her dignified presence here is almost as reassuring as yours. Does she read over your shoulder much?

May you always have uplifting fanmail.



P.S. - Read an article about HCM the other day. HCM = Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, thickening of the heart muscle. It tends to cause mid 30 to 40 year old persons, males especially, who are often described as perfectly fit health gurus to keel over with no warning. Fairly rare but when the first noticeable external symptom is cardiac arrest... Uhm. Know I shouldn't worry. Honestly, I don't worry too much. But it bothers me not to mention these things, in case someone finds the information helpful. I'm sure that you and Terry-san have already been checked.

October 11, 2007 at 10:30 AM  
Blogger JAYLTEAVI said...

Hi Rob, i was watching the other day the Ring of Honor Paperview from Phily. It reminded me alot of the old ECW specifically due to the fans reaction. there was very good wrestling my favorite 2 single matches was Matt sydal vs Claudio Castagnoli and the mainevent nigel Mcguinness vs Bryan Danielson who refers to himself as the best in the world.

He reminded me of you because he would ask who the best in the world and the fans would reply , You are.then they would chant repeatedly best in the world,best in the world. It reminded me of ECW when the fans would chant to you whole F'N show Whole F'N show.It was awesome to see great wrestling, apreciative fans in a vince free enviroment. Plus the other opponent Nigel McGuinness jumped from the top rope and into the fans,It wasn't like when you did it with Bam Bam Bigelo,but it was nice to watch someone who surely saw your matches in ECW in which you set the standard for many amazing there was other very good matches.There also was the return of austin Aries and they showed guys like Samoa Joe and C.M. Punk who used to wrestler for them. Philadelphia fans are awesome, you know it for experience.

Talking about TNA, i wanted them to do very good ,but i feel like Paul Heyman said there failing to push there own stars like Pauly did with you. you see TNA and you see Kurt Angle and Cage involed pretty nuch in everything, but if they weren't there TNA would probally be pushing A.J Styles or Joe more. It's o.k Angle and Cage help the company ,but there just not mixing it up enough, or probally i havn't been able to watch enough of the show.Anyway sure miss not seeing you wrestle. would like you to be in a show where you would be a big part of,where ever that might be.As long as i know your still going to return it's just isn't the same watching wrestling, i enjoyed the Ring of honor PPV,but which you were part of it,because i know you would be respected there. If wrestling is your jop, i just hope it'll be worth working for where ever that maybe even if it has to be the WWE.

Well Rob that all, That's all folks.till next time this has been you friendlyhood neighbor J.L.-T.V. probally your biggest fanatico. hasta la vista Rob,Bye Now.

October 12, 2007 at 9:50 PM  
Blogger Teyegrrlily613 said...

Hey Rob, Updating again...
I went to the Y again today and this time stayed on the bosu ball for count of 60!! Hands together and also started trying one foot at a time. I love the advice you gave me at Myspace. You are right balance is the foundation of all movement. I have been noticing I need it in everything I do. I have more questions I will ask on your next blog. I don't want to overwhelm you. It has to do with my work out routine.


October 15, 2007 at 2:08 PM  
Anonymous Katchfyre said...

In regards to the wrestler insurance situation: yes! I was really surprised to hear that the wrestlers are treated as independent contractors. Hadn't heard much about how the WWE goes about its business before.

I live in a small town dominated by a few big employers. The situation here is that the employers always have more people applying for jobs than jobs available. One of the first things they tell new hires is that they can fire them for any reason, at any time. The other thing the employers here often do is skip out on providing health insurance, even to full time employees. Legal challenges against these companies don't tend to get far. Lawyers are willing but expensive and the big employers have 99% of the 'official' paper trail in their greedy hands.

Doesn't seem responsible or respectful, does it? Doesn't seem like good business. This is the mindset I'm surrounded by so when I hear about the independent contractor situation in WWE, I can't help but draw parallels to the bad employers here and it makes me angry. This is not something I ever expected to have in common with any famous professional athlete. Because it is not a situation I would ever wish on anyone. No matter how much you are paid, there is no substitute for respect.

I understand that the WWE does pay well enough for employees to choose their own insurance. Does this prevent them from employing people without insurance? Are we supposed to believe that they can do random drug tests but not ask for proof of valid and up-to-date insurance? And what about the grey areas, shouldn't there be some kind of safety net? You say that if someone is hurt a work - okay, they're covered. But what if a work-induced injury gets worse when the employee is off the clock? What if you're off the clock when the injury happens but on the road and half a continent away from home, where your doctors are? Who steps in then?

The expend enable part still blows my mind. It's insulting! How can anybody even say that? What kind of company would be proud of that?! Isn't it true that the top-paid wrestlers are the ones that have the skill and charisma to get the ratings? So without the guys... What exactly does the company have, to attract and entertain fans? Nothing! Doesn't the WWE realize that disrespecting the guys is by extension, disrespecting the fans? Within a storyline they might get away with it for a limited time because within a storyline, the scope is not across the board and there's always a chance for justice. However if it's also this way behind the scenes then WWE should just be shut down. Because if they are not shut down then they will just continue with their unethical policies and create a work environment that breeds resentment and depression. It's just not smart: employees who feel expendable aren't noted for being overly passionate or productive.

All the wrestlers whose interviews I've heard and read over the past few months acknowledge that the use of drugs and/or painkillers is common practice. Would it be fair to say that not all the stress and pains of this job are purely physical? Isn't it correct that depression and resentment tend to make any little ache seem worse and that people who are depressed are more likely to overdose?

The guys who have stayed with company... Do they love their work, to show up under such circumstances? Or are they convinced that there's nothing else in the world that they'd be any good at? Some fans may accuse the guys of selling out since just by being there the guys are sending the message that this kind of treatment from employers is acceptable. I'd rather accuse them of working for a company that doesn't deserve their loyalty. Nobody should settle for being expendable!

The guys should never doubt that they have the power to initiate change. You don't need a union to go on strike. Enough people no-show an event, it would damage the profits and force the company to answer directly to the fans.

By the way, one of my friends owns a PS2. We play some of the Smackdown vs. Raw series. Had to mention this because we recently finished season mode and watched the credits. And did a double take. And watched the credits again. Are we missing something or is John Cena the only actual active wrestler who made it into the game credits? That's messed up! Fellow fans: Cena is only mentioned in the credits because he helped compose his own entrance music. There are at least a couple other guys who contributed to their own songs and didn't get listed but that's beside the point. The point is that none of these guys who inspired this game and who put up with being scanned, studied, recorded and helping to sell the product on top of their already insane schedules are thanked by name in the credits for being wrestlers. The closest that anyone gets is 'thanks to the employees of WWE' and hell, if the guys are independent contractors then technically, not even that covers them.

October 16, 2007 at 10:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Van Dam, I become a fan of yours from watching you wrestle others, and I understand you are different from the RVD I see on tv. I do not care if your different I will think you are awesome either way. And I am pumpedd to see RVDTV.

October 17, 2007 at 4:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Whole F'n Show

Do you have anything to say on Shawn Michaels return.I AM VERY SAD about the shop closing. By the way, I am excited to hear about the show RVD TV.

Good Luck with that.

October 17, 2007 at 4:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Rob,
Meeting 3/4's of the worlds greatest tag team & of course not forgeting the one and only Sabu in Melbourne at the Armageddon Expo Australia was HUGE!!!
All you Hardcore Kiwi fans are in for the one hell of a show but don't miss out on seeing RVD at the Armageddon Pulp Expo. I'd fly to New Zealand if I could it was that f'n good but I dont have a passport. So don't miss your chance and go see RVD!!!!!

I'll write Sabu,SVD&yourself a proper Thank You for coming out to Australia. You really did make my One of a Kind wish come true I never thought was possible. I hope you all got to enjoy your time here to be yourselves and see some of the coast line & a kangaroo. wallabies are nicer I reckon, plus they don't kick as hard.

Your most extreme aussie fan,
and Sabu's too...

Remember all you RVD fans who are in New Zealand, tell one, tell all... R-V-D is on his way!!!.
Armageddon Pulp Expo

October 17, 2007 at 11:47 PM  
Anonymous Josephine B said...

RVD your the best wrestler I've ever seen but I miss watching you kick f'n ass on tv are you coming back to wresting or are you just going to do the tv show because I think you would do better on wrestling. I think that all of your loyal fans would think the same way and what happened that was so bad that you had to leave ECW? PLEASE REPLIE SOON

October 18, 2007 at 3:05 PM  
Anonymous Josephine B said...

hi RVD it's me again can you send me on facebook or msn? On facebook just search my name but if it's msn then send me at

October 18, 2007 at 3:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When is RVD going to have a kid?

October 19, 2007 at 5:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

RVD gettin a tv show, now we're talking. Should be a great watch itll b nice to hear you talk about real issues not just wrestling. Tho you in the ring and your views on it rock too. Must be special influencing people world wide that youve never met, i know you have me.

October 20, 2007 at 4:09 PM  
Blogger JAYLTEAVI said...

Hi Robby, i saw the TNA PPV it was pretty good,and the thursday show was also good.Nice to see tomko and Styles as tag champs. I it's great to see sting world Champ, i respect Sting for not going to the WWE and being with TNA. at 1st i wanted him to be in the WWE ,but considering what WWE does with there talent it was better of for him and TNA.I hope Booker goes there i heard they were going to sign some major star, sure be nice to see you there too. It's quite refreshing wacthing TNA. It reminded me when i watched WCW for the 1st time back then when hogan havn't arrive to WCW yet.WWE keeps holding guys like Jeff Hardy, i don't care if he's good in the mic or not, there ways to work a bit around that.If you push guys when there 33 years of age or older just to have them be champs for one or 2 times.WWE is careful on giving guys title ,because they know as soon as they been champion once they might feel they deserve to be champion many more times.And that doesn't go well with guys who are looking to be champ 15 or 20 times.

I think TNA could be a lot of fun to watch this year.Sure like to see the return of Mr. Thursday Night.why not call him just Mr. Wrestling or Mr. Everynight.Mr.night Mr. Excitement.Mr.Mainevent. Anyway i think you know him.He likes to get High only to land harder down low.he points to himself only to prove thats theres nobody else who could be better than whole F'N Show.The king of Extreme. Mr. One of a kind your favorite wrestler and also mine. Take care Rob from probally your biggest fan J.L.-T.V.
See yah in R.V.D.-T.V. the only place in the net to be. Bye.

October 20, 2007 at 10:16 PM  
Blogger Teyegrrlily613 said...

This is to anonymous who asked when RVD is going to have a kid. Rob clearly states it on his myspace he is not interested in having kids. My suggestion to all who would like Rob to answer questions get yourselves a myspace and friend Rob at he is now answering questions on his blogs and answered 2 of mine 1 on each blog. While you are at it friend me at...
It is a RVD fansite and is listed at WFAPOM (Wrestling Fans Against Posers Of Myspace) Spudz will answer your questions about which sites are real and fake and has a complete list of fansites that you can friend. I am possitive Rob would love it if you friend me. The more on my RVD fansite the merrier!! If you choose to start your own fansite let wfapom know. There is a link to wfapom on my site or go to... make sure that you clearly state you are only a fan if your site name is a Super Star or you will be deleted.

PS Rob, glad to help out in any way I can and I'm sure you would love more friends requests at your myspace site. I've been thinking of making you a support code. and posting it on my site so others can randomly support you in a bulletin. I know it would be fun and I love making codes.

October 21, 2007 at 8:50 PM  
Blogger Fabian said...

Hey Rob,

It was really good meeting you at Armageddon today in Auckland. Thanks for mentioning RVD TV to me. Just saw the trailer and I just couldn't stop smiling. Looking forward to the show with great interest.

So what did you think of the local talent from IPW? Hope you're enjoying your stay in NZ too.

Do come back again someday. Do an episode of RVD TV down here perhaps.

All the best my man. I don't smoke weed myself but I do agree with what you had to say on the subject. Peace out...

October 22, 2007 at 12:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Based on the "lapsed Catholic" theory (and criteria), I'd have to say that (being raised in Alabama), every Southern Baptist I've ever met qualifies as a "lapsed Baptist".
Hookers on Saturday, church on Sunday.
And "Bionic Woman"? Come on, Rob.

October 23, 2007 at 12:05 PM  
Anonymous CalmMountain said...


Wasn't going to speak up right away but the fire news is scary. Hope you and yours are all right. Once you're home safe and recovered from jet lag, please let us know you made it. And if there's any way that we can help you help Cali... That would be awesome.



October 25, 2007 at 10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

respect rob.islam is peace.hope all goes well.has terry ever showed you koran? ask him about it bro,please.

October 28, 2007 at 3:33 PM  
Blogger blade1231985 said...

hey rob van dam whats up when is your Rob van dam tv coming out cause i would love to watch it on the net please right back

November 2, 2007 at 4:20 PM  
Blogger blade1231985 said...

hey rob van dam whats up when is your rvdtv coming out

November 2, 2007 at 4:22 PM  
Blogger blade1231985 said...

hey rob i have u on myspace hope to hear from u soon and i miss watching u in action on ecw and on raw but most of all u rvdtv real kick ass no dought

November 2, 2007 at 4:28 PM  
Anonymous lvlonkey420 said...

Man, this bud's good.

November 7, 2007 at 3:20 PM  
Blogger jeremiah buhl said...

Hey rvd i am a big fan of yours and i was wondering if u can add me on your myspace account.I got one question to ask you why did you retire.My e-mail is,e-mail me any time.

December 8, 2007 at 7:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you rock i think u should go to TNA

December 17, 2007 at 3:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey rob are you back in the wwe yet?

March 19, 2008 at 3:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey RVD just wanna know when your comming back to wwe or not e-mail me PS: hope your wife gets better

January 7, 2009 at 4:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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March 16, 2013 at 3:50 PM  
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