Friday, January 4, 2008


Happy New Year everybody! I’m excited about 2008 and all the good things it’s bringing.

Many of my projects will be coming into play over the next few months, so I look forward to filling you in as they come to pass. Of those projects, one that we’ve all been waiting for has reached its moment.

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So, I had a big match with Booker T. in Texas last week. Thank you to everybody that made it, driving in from all over the map! PWA has a lot going for them. Official Booker T. Web Site The promotion and the wrestling school are very professional- as if you’d expect anything less from Book. It was also great to see Scorpio, Boogie and Shelton who were in the house. It was fun wrestling Booker T, but not fun enough to live back on the road again, in case you’re wondering. I do appreciate the booking offers from all over the country and also Japan, England, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, and any other country I may have forgotten, but I’m still not looking to leave home.

Traveling to Houston and back did remind me how much I dislike flying. Many of you can relate to the pain-in-the-ass security lines and privacy violations, and probably even the delays and cancellations. I’m giving myself a headache just thinking about all that crap, let alone the constant, unnecessary announcements on the airplane that have to be a deliberate attempt by the captain to keep me from getting any rest. I don’t want to look out the window. I’m trying to sleep! I don’t care that we’ll be starting our descent in 25 minutes. For the love of God, just do it! They even wake me to try to get me to eat their “food”, but if you ever put your tray down you are trapped like baby in a high chair and that’s what they want. Now, here’s a perspective from a frequent flyer. That’s right- I qualify. Spending hundreds of days a year going through airports, you learn the system. A couple weeks ago, I went from my car to boarding my airplane in 7 minutes in Long Beach. LAX is a lot bigger. I usually do it in 20, I’ve done it in much less.

Even when a frequent flyer can deal with the challenges set forth by the system…you know what else they face? They still have to deal with you! You cock-blockers that don’t make a living from flying make traveling as hard as you possibly can for us. I use the word cock-blocker because I think it sounds funny-but here’s what you do. Let’s just start at the gate, shall we? You know that we’re boarding by group numbers and you know you’re in group 4. Why do you have to stand in front of the passage way, cock-blocking us passengers who get to board ahead of you? I’m sorry you don’t have credentials to pre-board and they won’t let you on until they call your group number but dude, get out of the way! Once inside, I can wait to pass until you’ve stored your luggage but when we are deplaning, after the flight, don’t stand beside me or sneak up to try to pass from behind so I can’t get out of my seat. We do it by rows, starting at the front, cock-blockers! After we get off the plane, you cock-block on the moving sidewalk like it’s a freakin’ ride at Six Flags. You cock-block at baggage claim because -why should anyone else get their bags if yours hasn’t come down yet, right? I have no doubt that you drive home slowly, in the passing lane. If I’ve offended any of you cock-blockers-hey- no hard feelings. Just think of someone else once in awhile. Hey wasn’t that a funny use of the word cock-blocker?

We have to be careful to not let our pet peeves get the better of us. I bet I know one of yours. How do you like people who talk on cell phones while they’re driving? I heard that they’re going to outlaw it here in California this year. Do you think we should enforce laws based on “good ideas”? Or do you think we should use statistics? I’m all for making a change for the better, but I know we don’t all have the same views on logic. I think texting while driving is potentially dangerous, but do I know that it causes many accidents? I don’t know. This should be a factor, when we’re taking people’s freedoms. Maybe we should outlaw eating while driving. Dipping your French fries in ketchup at 60 M.P.H. has to be dangerous. Anyone looking into that? Seems like it would cause the same kind of danger. I’m just saying, for instance, if they’re going to say a substance kills-shouldn’t they have an actual case or two to prove it before they ban it? Maybe cell phones really do cause accidents. Maybe the almost-silent-noise of the hybrid cars really do cause blind people to get hit often when they’re crossing the road. Maybe selling or buying alcohol on Sundays really…hey-what IS up with that? I just want to enforce my opinion that real-life cases should be required before we surrender our quick feelings on a subject that sounds good based on “common sense”. Look around. Our senses aren’t all that common.

You know me- I’m just trying to have you thinking.

As always, I look forward to reading your feedback. Have a great day!