Friday, July 20, 2007

If your mind is closed, nothing will get in

Hey everyone,

I feel happy. I feel healthy. I feel terrific! If you can say the same I suggest you do.

This week we say goodbye to John Kronus of the Eliminators fame. Sabu and I wrestled him and Perry Saturn many, many times and he was a great athlete.

Unfortunately, he's now one more to add to the list. I spoke to a couple of my friends in the business about the subject of wrestlers dying so young, and will have it, along with many other conversations available for you to check out soon.

So, Showtime has a great show called "In Pot We Trust" playing if you catch it. I highly recommend it for the education. I have such a hard time understanding how programs like this can play on Showtime, HBO, the History Channel, CNN, A&E, etc. and still, people have no idea about the truths to marijuana. People should know certain facts, such as:

While the Institute of Medicine (and anyone with common sense)knows it is a fact that cannabis consists of medicinal properties that can alleviate pain, nausea and pressure and many, many other symptoms for those in need, the Federal Government denies there's any truth to this. Even though 12 states have agreed otherwise and recommend it's usage, and even though the Feds themselves give it to 5 patients for medicine because it works for them…they continue to arrest, and sometimes kill people to protect a law that was created with lies and propaganda.

I urge anyone to look up the first ruling in 1937 that outlawed marijuana based on stories that it caused violence, promiscuity and it's inevitable lead to insanity. While you're researching credible sources, like medical journals, try to find one case of a lethal disease from smoking cannabis. One case-that's all. When you see that no one has ever gotten cancer of the lungs, lips, tongue, throat or even overdosed on mj, how can that not make you wonder if tobacco smokers who look down on pot smokers as if they're the destructive ones, got it right? Tobacco is dropping one out of every 6 of us!!! This isn't about getting stoned; it's common sense coming at you. Run away from it like most, or fucking think about it for a second.

I do not think kids should consume cannabis (although if they're sick after chemo-therapy treatments, their parents sure as hell should consider it!), as their brains and their drives are still developing. If I had a child, I wouldn't try to fool him or her by lying and saying that people who smoke pot are bad people. That would take away any parent's credibility eventually. Maybe you want to tell them that when you drive above the speed limit you are a bad person too. They might want to know which is more deadly. You might want to be ready. The belief that we should outlaw this weed because kids can get it makes as much sense to me as this next statement. Ready?

Kids can put their eyes out with scissors so we should outlaw scissors. Smart.

How about putting some responsibility on Mom and Dad?

Is the medicinal argument just a stepping-stone to get recreational use legalized? I split the argument into three categories: medicinal, recreational and material. Here's the thing you would discover if you cared enough about our planet and our well being, as well as our human birth rights.

In medicinal, recreational and material categories—CANNABIS IS SUPERIOR TO ALTERNATIVES IN ALL THREE CATEGORIES!!!!!!

I speak the truth, folks, even if you don't want to hear it. It's unorthodox to really look at who's the good guys here and who's the bad guys, but we have to do it.

My good friend Justin McCully is getting ready for his upcoming UFC fight in September. I got to roll around with him on the mat the other day and hope to do more so in the next few weeks. After all, I do have some free time!

The one thing I grow tired of with the UFC is the pre-fight promos where each fighter promises he will annihilate his opponent. Really? And if it doesn't go that way (because one of you is probably wrong), should we believe you next time too? And the next? I prefer the honest approach. We all know their hopes for the fight, why try to convince us they're tough guys before the fight we're going to watch anyway? Let's play back the promos to the losers and see how they feel about their statements. Just a thought. You know I've always avoided the intimidating approach before a match. I've always said "Allow my actions to speak for themselves." I know it's all about making money, but you can't tell me that after seeing a lot of trash talking, when you're really pumped to see a fight, you feel jipped watching them hug afterwards, right? Is it just me?

I just realized how much I love Talk Soup, or as it's called now…The Soup. It makes me laugh and laughing is underrated my friends.

I'll be at the San Diego Comic Con on Saturday the 28th. Look for me upstairs this year. I must have moved up to the Super Star level with the Cons! I'm not looking to do interviews, so hopefully I'm saving us both time right here. You may have heard a few words from me lately on the radio shows or even U.K. site interviews, but I'm being very selective, and reaching beyond the wrestling fan audience. You fans know that this site is the only place to get the real information straight from me. What's that? You don't think I spend enough time here on the site for ya? Good times are ahead my friend. Just you wait…

Until then, keep breathing.


Thursday, July 5, 2007

Summer's Here

I hope everyone enjoyed the 4th. Nothing like a night of uninterrupted air and noise pollution followed by a city full of ground pollution. It’s so patriotic it brings a tear.

In case you missed it, Sherri Martel passed away. This was over shadowed by the Benoit tragedy. By the way, let me make sure I got this right. O. J. didn’t do it, but Chris did?

Just checking. I appreciate all the feedback I got and continue to get from my blogs. I do read them, and although I know you love my moves, reaching out and connecting and inspiring people with intellect is my current path, so the compliments are more fulfilling now than hearing how good my last match was. I’ll be sharing some exciting news about my plans in the next few weeks.

This weekend I will be in Birmigham, at Memorabilia, July 6 and 7. It’s a long way to go to see RVD if you live around here but UKer’s, looking forward to meeting you, mate!

We’ve been enjoying John from Cincinatti on HBO. Check it out, se if you like it. Watch for season 3 of Weeds on August 13th! Looks like Studio 60 is on break again.

I’ve heard a lot of buzz about the Legends Fan Fest August 10-12th in Charlotte. Many people are telling me that they’re going and expecting this to be a huge show.

If you’re a big fan of Monster drinks-like me- you’ll be glad to know they just released some new flavors that are bigger and better! The Mean Bean Java Monster and the M-80 are now my two favorites!

Congratulations to America’s Most Wanted for putting 951 scumbags away so far! Great work guys!

The smartest words I’ve heard in awhile came from David Weck, inventor of the Bosu ball, which I use personally and highly recommend... “Balance is the foundation of all movement.”

Think about that til next time.