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Sunday, April 19, 2009

This is not a TEST

Hello everyone, and happy today! It is about time for an RVD blog, right? I realize I may take too long in between posts, but I start to write several blogs for weeks before I actually complete and post one, so that’s how it comes together. In an effort to stay better connected to you, and to keep up with technology, I’m giving in to several requests and starting a Twitter account. Sign up to follow what I’m doing at Twitter@therealRVD

Rob Van Dam (TherealRVD) on Twitter I hope that each of you had a fantastic easter Sunday, but statistically speaking, that’s not likely. Hopefully you were in the percentage of happy holiday havers. What could be better than celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ by painting and hiding eggs and pretending a rabbit did it? Yay Easter! Where’s the drink and food?

We just got back from France, where I wrestled for the up and coming AWR. It was a good experience being back on the road, from wrestling nine matches to long bus rides between towns, finding gyms on the road and hoping to score good food when the bus stopped. A lot of the things that got to be monotonous before were very tolerable for me this time. It was second nature to me and I guess some of my burn-out has cooled off because for the first time I can remember while over- seas, I wasn’t anxiously counting the hours until my flight home came. Sonya and I stayed an extra day in Paris and had a great time. On RVD TV you can see footage from the trip and catch glimpses of Chris Masters, Sabu, Scotty 2 Hotty, Marty Janetty, Gangrel, Heidenreich, Renee Dupree and/or other AWR wrestlers. We were looking forward to seeing Test but unfortunately, he passed away two days before the trip.

I have no doubt that I would’ve had some kick ass matches with him that most likely would’ve produced black eyes for one or both of us.

One thing that’s worth mentioning-I’ve been asked a few times if Test’s passing put a dark cloud over the whole trip. We were bummed that we wouldn’t see him again, and all told Test stories to each other, but sadly, we are all used to this routine. After so many of us have died prematurely, it’s almost like we’re trained to handle this, and life goes on. We all took a look at the bus full of wrestlers, and have to admit to ourselves that there’s a decent chance that next time we all get together, we may be a smaller group still.

Over the years I’ve gone from being devastated by news of Louie Spicolli’s death, to asking “Who died this time?” when someone in the business asks “Have you heard?”

At 33 years old, Test accidentally ended his life, while my peers continue to push the envelope. Being away from a binding contract that kept me on the road, I often feel like a survivor that made it home from the war. That’s not meant to be insensitive to war vets that have experienced far worse than I have.

By the way, as long as we’re talking about it, my views have always differed from the military mentality. We all have friends or family in the services and we’re glad that they’re going to the desert instead of us. However, that doesn’t make them heroes in my mind. While they are brainwashed from the beginning into believing that getting shot by non-Americans is an honorable way to die, I think this sounds a bit like Kamikaze craziness. If you choose to be a gun fighter, you may get shot at. Is it ok that you want to kill non-American soldiers, because the U.S. government says it’s ok, or does that still make you a killer? Does it seem right to you that if you make it back home from the war, whether dead or alive, America is supposed to honor you unconditionally? Should it matter what kind of a person you are or should we all just worship you as a hero because you chose to risk your life to kill foreigners? I guess I never accepted the message that sacrificing my life to the political agendas of the current president equated to being a hero. Would God be pleased that I got my head blown off in the name of American beliefs? Or that I blew up a building that housed a family that felt different about God than I do? Who knows. I think the biggest difference in beliefs for me is that I don’t think that the dirt I stand on is worth dying for. I understand that these men ( or boys) do what they do so I can do what I do, protecting the American dream, but war is all about killing or dying while trying. I have had the pleasure of setting foot in many other countries, and I’d rather live in any one of them instead of dying in mine-even India, and they poop on the side of the road there.

While looking out the double decker bus window in Europe, we saw a lot of ancient castles and churches that were hundreds of years old. It made me think of just how long we’ve been killing each other over who’s right about God. It seems totally unnecessary from where RVD sits. Has anyone been able to prove that they were right about God anytime in their life? If so, I must’ve missed it. Thumpers, have a field day with that.

The official street date for RVD TV DVD Vol 1 is May 5th, 2009. Go to BIG VISION ENTERTAINMENT ‘s web site for ordering info. The sneak peek DVD is still exclusively available at

Can you believe how common it is to hear of missing or found-dead children? Before we left town, the headline news went from the Caylee Anthony situation to Haleigh Cummings-both unimaginably horrible cases. Now that we’re back, we’re learning all about the monster that killed that sweet little 8 year-old girl, Sandra Cantu. I can’t even imagine how it would feel to want to hurt such an innocent, helpless child...and I have a hell of an imagination.

While we were in France, on the news was the sentencing in Austria of Joseph Fritzl- who imprisoned and raped his daughter in a hidden cell in his basement for 24 years!! He fathered seven children that were his own grandchildren!! You guys hear about this ass hole?

I made an offer last week on RVD RADIO that’s worth repeating. We were talking about pedophiles, that prey on innocent children and not only hurt them but maybe even kill them. I said that anyone in the listening audience that may be one of these monsters, and I’ll expand it to my blog reading audience, feel free to call in to my show any time. There’s not enough accessible advice for people like you and I’ll help you do the right thing, and kill yourself live on the air.

That’s or (347) 308-8754 on Wednesdays.

Now that President Obama has given the green light on stem cell research, expect a lot of cures to be “discovered”. They know they can do it, they just have to make sure they can get paid for it.

Did you guys notice how the question of legalizing marijuana for economic reasons was snickered at and dismissed at Obama’s recent Q&A? It was the most voted on question, and yet everyone in view on camera laughed at it like it was a joke, even the president. We need money. That’s the only reason pot is prohibited anyway-to protect financial interests. It’s time to quit pouring that money out to the streets and put it where we can use it. Tonight at 10p.m. ( 7 p.s.t.), I’ll be on Geraldo at Large on Fox News to discuss this. 4/19/09

Besides disagreeing with the presidents feelings on legalizing marijuana, I like the guy. He’s a world leader, uniting several countries with a common feeling of trust. He visited over seas while we were there too, and welcomed France back to NATO for the first time in over 40 years. I still don’t care about his dog though, and am tired of hearing about it blown up on the news. What about you?

I haven’t been writing much about Wrong Side of Town- the action movie written to showcase RVD-because in typical Hollywood fashion, it has met delays that I don’t want to bore you with.. Having said that, I will be updating you from the set, providing I find the time as we are rolling into production next week. Obviously, we have much to talk about here.

I’m expecting to have a lot of fun filming this movie. I’ve always been a fan of action movies, specifically fight movies. That’s why it’s so cool to have participated in three martial arts movies and now to be starring in an RVD movie. That’s what we dream chasers do. I think that some people are wired to believe that the world is full of endless opportunities while others feel that the dream life isn’t meant for them. Some of us want it all and that drives us, while others are content to watch from the sidelines, living vicariously through others. Do you agree? If so, which are you?

I spoke with boy genius and brain researcher Chris Nowinski about the possibility that successful people are wired to think differently. I don’t know if that’s a fact, but I do have an opinion. I’ve had my share of use and abuse of what some call “vices”, but I’ve never felt like something was stronger than me. Since I don’t know what it’s like to feel like I want to quit something but can not because it is stronger than my mind, I can only assume that people use this as an excuse to give themselves a break. I only think I can. That’s seeing success. If I think I can not, that’s failure-not success.

Have a festive 4-20 everybody! If you need another holiday to add to your list, feel free to celebrate April 20th along with many of us enthusiasts. Tell the boss you need the day off. If for nothing else, my dad’s birthday! Yay! Food and drink...or whatever. Cough.

Ok, go join my Twitter account so I can hit you up from the limo on the way to the Geraldo show later on.


Have an awesome day.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Weedies" endorsement

Hello to all my free thinkers who wait patiently for me to get around to writing these blogs. It is that time again. In the near future, I think I may give video blogging a try. Anyways, I feel like writing so if you feel like reading...

What’s on the table? Wrong Side of Town has been post-poned until April. You know that if you listen to RVD RADIO. Listeners are privy to a lot of information and stories that non listeners don’t get. Last weeks episode was one of the most downloaded archives we’ve had so far, thanks to some incredibly funny stories that aired. Check us out live on Wednesdays. This week Brett Hart, Justin McCully, Sabu, Fonzie and others joined SVD and I to talk about the Death Penalty-which you can’t discuss without bringing up child predators, gun control and private prison incomes. That’s how we roll on RVD RADIO.

Also in April, RVD TV DVD Vol 1 hits the stores with lots of bonus unseen footage. More info on that coming soon. Medium Rob tells me its already on Best Buy’s web site, so that’s cool.

I’m looking forward to getting back in the ring in a couple weeks in France. With 9 matches on the tour, I’ll be wrestling along with the Masterpiece, Sabu, Scotty 2 Hotty, Test, Marty Janetty, Heidenreich, Gangriel, just go to their web site and check it out

Since we’ll be returning the 3rd of April,

I’ll have to miss Booker T’s huge Legends of Wrestling Fan Fest, but you don’t. Find out how you can meet Sting,Kevin Nash, Samoa Joe, Christie Hemme, well, there’s too many to name. Go to the web site!

Does everyone want to beat the shit out of Chris Brown as much as I do? Rihanna’s going to lose a lot of fans if she takes this punk back. I’m sure he’s just as innocent as O.J.

As the boyfriend of the murdered Virginia Rappe once said about the accused Fatty Arbuckle- “This is what comes of taking vulgarians from the gutter and paying them enormous salaries and making idols of them.” Yeah, I quoted a piece of Hollywood history that probably no one will understand. What about it?

We all love Rihanna’s eyes and no one wants to see them black and blue. She needs to do the right thing and find another fella...ella...ella.

My favorite radio station in Los Angeles changed format from talk radio to...well, who cares? I’m not going to listen to it. You can get the podcast of Adam Corolla, but basically- there is no more talk radio in L.A. I guess if I liked basketball there’s AM radio, but I don’t. So far, we still have Love Lines so we can hear Dr. Drew tell kids that taking ecstasy can effect their orgasm, but gross! You mean I have to get Serious Radio now? I’ll look into it. I hope my friend Chuck Zito still has his show on.

I find good talk, whether it’s on the radio or on a Friends in High Places episode on RVD TV, to be stimulating to the brain. Maybe a new talk radio station will fill that slot in L.A. soon. They better. Fuckers.

Bob Backlund is appearing with Ric Flair and others to sign autographs and take photos at the end of the month. It’s coming quickly Dude, if you haven’t seen Nitro Circus- find it. It’s a very, very entertaining show. Travis Pastrana was the first extremist to backflip a motor cycle-you saw that footage-and now that he’s retired from competing( I think) he and his friends do the most amazing stunts. Hydro planing motor cycles across water, jumping from an airplane with no chute, flipping a fucking monster truck! It’s ten times better than the best stunts you liked from Jackass, but without the gay. C’mon, I’m just saying what we all know. If you and a group of your buddies all know exactly what each others butt holes look like, you might be gay. Anyway, I highly recommend Nitro Circus. These guys take harder bumps than wrestlers and always seem like they should’ve been majorly fucked up, but they get up and do it again! They don’t make you wait for long set ups, the show moves at a quick pace and they even have a crazy girl doing their stunts!!!

Have you guys noticed a slight slump in our economy? President Obama had sworn to quit wasting federal resources and he is coming through with his promises. Last week, he finally got around to looking at the medical marijuana policy and the new attorney general Eric Holder made the official announcement for the new American policy. Federal law complies with state law on the marijuana issue.

For everyone that is reading this and thinking “oh, big deal” I have some news for you, because I know you count on me doing the thinking for you sometimes. There is no fear of being harassed by the DEA if you have a doctor’s card in 13 states now. Marijuana dispensaries are a legitimate business, generating big tax revenues for the state. They are going to look at that, and then consider ideas like the bill Tom Ammiano from San Francisco is trying to get approved in Sacramento right now-legalizing the herb for everyone 21 and over. Most of us are too young to remember that ending alcohol prohibition got us out of the depression in the 30’s because people drank anyway and the profit went to the streets. How long will haters refuse to consider looking at the honest facts in favor or keeping America in the dark?

I, for one, will not let the lights go out. People like Kimberly Guilfoyle- who had the ignorance on my Geraldo appearance to suggest Michael Phelps should put down the weed and eat some carrots-think that even looking into the truths about the plant is a dirty thing to do. Is that what you think? Sounds like brain washing to me. By the way, does anybody believe that Miss Guilfoyle knows more about physical fitness than Michael Phelps? Or RVD for that matter? I would love a chance to debate her or any opposers on this issue. In years of researching, I have never came across one good reason for marijuana prohibition. I’m guessing that it won’t be very long before it’s not an issue.

By the way, coming from Battle Creek, I know a lot of people who count on money generated from Kellogg’s. That’s why taking a stance like they did by dropping their endorsement of Michael Phelps’s risks a lot of people’s wellness. I don’t wish those people any harm but I have decided to join the thousands out there who will not be purchasing Kellogg’s products in the name of moving forward. Kellogg’s was the only sponsor to want to make the statement that they made, which to me is a bad one. As I alway say, kids should not consume pot. Adults should not lie to kids about it or they won’t get or deserve trust.

Founded on lies, protected by lies, the plant that never killed anyone has been the number one distraction from important issues that need focus. After decades of the government denying the medicinal properties of cannabis, they now admit that it is medicine if the state claims it is, and that’s going to help so many people out. People like I saw wasting away up at the chemo infusion rooms at City of Hope because their policy on mj- when asked how to stimulate appetite or suppress nausea- was to not bring it up,but if someone else brought it up- like me, they told everyone that they should try it. That shit’s got to change. Think about those people, tired and weak from not eating, when you say “ I wish Rob would quit talking about weed.”

Go back to thinking that your taxes are all going to support the Octo-Mom and enjoy the dark, sheeple. Just don’t expect RVD’s blogs to not hurt your eyes a little.

Everyone else, enjoy your day. I’ll leave you with some wisdom spat out by a wise monkey recently that helped put things into perspective.

What you do for yourself, you take with you.

What you do for others, you leave behind.

RVD...making the world a better place!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Have you people been watching the news lately? There’s just so much to talk about!

Yes, I made big news when I returned to WWE for the Royal Rumble- and yes, I did look good- OK, OK, real good-but I let’s talk about what’s on the TV news lately. We survi ved the Peanut Butter scare (most of us), we witnessed Jessica Simpson getting brutalized for looking bigger, and now the big news is that Christian Bale lost his temper and yelled at someone using adult language. Ooh. Shocking. Are you guys getting pelted with t his over and over? 

Here’s one thought provoking piece of news I saw the other day that caught my attention. I saw a married couple petting the clone of their dead dog. Crazy? Yeah, kinda. No, make that very crazy. They loved their pet. They want their pet to live forever. Ok. I get that, but what is that thing they’re petting? Does it have their dog’s memory? They said it had the personality, but was still a puppy- although it was rapidly approaching full growth at like 8 weeks. Any opinions out of you?


I don’t know if this is huge everywhere, or just here, but the lady with the octuplets is all over the tube here in California. She already had 6 kids, then received 8 embryos via  vitro fertilization, resulting in 8 m ore babies. Obviously, this lady feels that it is her destiny to have many children. Sonya’s great aunt had 13 kids. It used to be popular back in the day of righteous morality so why is everyone so upset over this lady’s situation? She said she’s never accepted welfare, and that God will provide what she and the family needs. I live by that same faith, knowing that my glass will be full when I need it to be. Are we trying to apply New World Order ethics, controlling the Earth’s population and perhaps even deciding who should be allowed to live? Is the gift of life ours to control? Exercise your right to have an opinion by calling this lady crazy because she made a decision that you would not have, but is it your business to decide she’s committed a crime against society? My wife of over 10 years and I have chosen not to bring children into this world. Are we criminals as well because we have different feelings than you do?

Even if you haven’t been watching the news, you’ve almost had to have heard the controversy surrounding Michael Phelps. Here’s the deal. Michael proved himself to be one of the greatest athletes in the world at the 2008 Olympics. Winning 8 gold medals solidified Michael’s position as THE  American hero. His unmatchable credentials are his reward for his hard work, and his success makes him a celebrity role model for life.

That is why so many people are going nuts over a photograph that surfaced, showing Michael-appearing to be taking a rip from a water bong. Ok. Let’s not ignore the fact that   

marijuana prohibition always has been and still is based on lies, and has no moral value. Here’s a quick recap for you regular, free-thinking blog readers and some education for the newbies. In 1937, based on testimonies that marijuana caused promiscuity, violence, and eventually inevitable insanity, the harmless plant was outlawed, making room for huge profits from the newly reinstated sales of alcohol.

Today, the Federal Government uses lies that even they couldn’t believe, to continue raking in profits by making criminals out of good peop le. I know you aren’t going to want to accept this as fact, so please look up the following ridiculous current bull shit:

Listed as a schedule 1 controlled substance ( meaning most dangerous with no medicinal value) is marijuana, alongside of heroin and acid. Listed as a schedule 2 controlled substance ( you guessed it- less dangerous and more medicinal) is the very popular meth and cocaine. Does anybody believe that meth is safer than pot? If that’s what we’re teaching our country, it’s time some attention was put on this. Thank you Michael. In fact, that’s the exact bullshit that I was fed in school in the eighties. Look up all your favorite safer-than-pot drugs here, and party as you will- as long as the government can profit from your choice of substances... DEA - Contro lled Substance Schedules Disclaimer.

Even if you ignore the fact that the Feds have a program where they supply patients with medical marijuana, even if you want to ignore that hospitals profit from prescribing Marinol ( a synthetic form of THC- the active ingredient in marijuana), and even if you want to ignore that we have 13 states ( 25% of the country’s population) where the laws back the doctor’s recommendations for medicinal use, you can’t tell me that there is no medicinal value in cannabis because I witnessed the quality of life it helped provide for my wife while she suffered through 6 months of chemo-therapy. You can’t tell me that, and neither can the government-and if I had my way, they couldn’t tell you that bullshit either.

Although President Obama has vowed to quit wasting our resources on arresting patients, he has not appointed his new DEA yet. In the mean time, Bush’s cronies are still in office, taking advantage of this transitionary period to bust five dispensaries here i n Cali over the last several days. Step on it, Obama. People are suffering. Forgetting the medicinal argument and sticking to the subject of recreational marijuana use, our country spends over 7 billion dollars annually to arrest over 700,000 people because they choose to use the organic weed. 

I’m glad that I have a position to reach a lot of you to share the truth. That brings me back to Phelps. He has a chance to educate people on the truth. Although the photo doesn’t prove any illegal substance was present, let’s assume the worse, because he’s not ducking it. Every head shop in every town I’ve ever been in refers to them as water pipes or tobacco pipes, now all of a sudden the news reporters say it’s a marijuana=2 0pipe in the photo. Whatever. Being such an advocate for freedom and truth, I also have a strong belief that kids should stay away from marijuana. We should tell them the truth- that their developing brains are like wet cement and playing with it before it’s developed  is a bad idea. What we should not do, is tell them it’s a fucking drug like heroin.20If Michael Phelps was busted injecting heroin, people would have every right to go nuts over it. In the current situation, many seem to ignore the difference, just like the government wants us to. “ He broke the law.” “He was caught doing drugs.” He was ingesting marijuana-allegedly- which close to 50% of Americans try at least once.

If Kellogg’s wants to drop their endorsement because he’s inconsistent with their image, fine. That’s their choice, as a business. It’s also a business choice for nearly ALL sporting events to promote big alcohol company sponsors. I guess that’s consistent with their image.

I hope Michael doesn’t sell out and start doing public service announcements about how “dangerous” and “potentially deadly” his reckless actions were. It costed millions. I’m sure he’s sorry he got busted. Here’s what I’d like to see...

How about we stop ignoring the fact that World Champion athletes who take their health extremely seriously sometimes choose to use marijuana? Why are we ignoring the message there?

I could go on and on here, but I think I’ll reach more people with Fox News. Set your recorders to catch RVD on “Geraldo at Large” tonight at 10:00 pm e.s.t. ( 2-6-09 ).

Geraldo At Large -

Besides the distractions of the news, I have my focus mostly on preparing for the action movie “Wrong Side of Town”, which begins filming almost immediately. I’ll keep you posted from the set on RVD TV, which you better check out if you haven’t yet.

Immediately following the movie, I’ll be re-packing my bags and heading to Europe for a couple weeks, wrestling for the AWR. Sonya and I are really looking forward to this upcoming tour, also featuring Chris Mordetzky, Marty Jannetty, Andrew "Test" Martin, Sabu, Gangrel, Scotty The Hotty, Heidenreich , Shawn Maxer, The Suicide Machine, Paul Tracey, Dunkan Disorderly, "Hot Stuff" Joey C, The Mexican Mini Wrestlers and... the hard hitting ladies of American Wrestling. 

 Here’s what we have for a schedule:

Wednesday Mar-18 Paris (Zénith)France 

Friday Mar-20 Rouen (Zénith)France 

Saturday Mar-21 Clermont Ferrand (Zénith)France 

Sunday Mar-22 Dijon (Zénith)France 

Tuesday Mar-24 Bordeaux (Patinoire)France 

Thursday Mar-26 Liege (Palais Des Sports)Belgium

Friday Mar-27 Basel (St Jacobs Halle)Switzerland

Saturday Mar-28 Grenoble (Palais Des Sports)France 

Sunday Mar-29 Nancy (Zénith)France 

Wednesday20Apr-01 Lausanne (Patinoire)Switzerland

Check out their web site at

As always, I’m holding back on telling you about a bunch of stuff, so keep checking

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's Warm in Cali

Let’s see, what do I have to talk about this week?

Oh right- there’s my kick-ass appearance at the Royal Rumble! YouTube - WWE - Rob Van Dam RVD Returns - Royal Rumble 2009 Check it out unless it's taken down before you get a chance. This came together at the last minute and worked out well for everyone, you included!

Besides the awesome RVD kicks flying everywhere, it was cool seeing everyone back stage. Yes- everyone. I also enjoyed knowing that these guys were driving on to Cleveland while I was flying back to Cali!

In a really therapeutic way, Sonya got a lot of energy from seeing everyone, and everyone seeing her. She’s amazing, and we know that she has inspired many of you, and myself also.

In Sonya’s first-ever blog, she’d like to thank everyone for all their personal efforts to participate in her healing.


Hi Everybody!

I know this is long overdue so please forgive me, as you can imagine I’ve had a lot on my plate. I want to say THANK YOU to everyone that said a prayer for me, lit a candle at mass, held me close in your hearts and thoughts, sent me an email, or a card. I read them all! Many of them more than once. I want to thank all of you that shared your stories of hope and survival from this vicious disease. Thank you to those of you that sent gifts, they were all so thoughtful and kind. I love my plush animals filled with homegrown lavender, the plants and flowers, my mega gift basket stuffed full of amazing organic products, and my knitted with love lavender scarf. These are only some of the cool things you all sent. I can’t say thank you enough.

I’ve now finished chemo! YAY! My new mission in life is to enjoy every second of it cancer free. For those of you that have cancer in your family please get regular check ups, early detection is key. If you are due for a colonoscopy and you are scared, take it from someone that must get one every year, the prep is the worst part. Know your body and wear sunscreen! Most importantly, when life rains on you jump in the puddles and splash. Don’t wait until something like cancer comes along to illuminate your rainbows.

Much love and good health,

Sonya “SVD” Van Dam


What else? Oh, did we talk about the movie? Next on my list of projects to attack is an action packed display of coolness called Wrong Side of Town. I’ve been in 3 martial arts movies so far-name them with me....Super Fights, Blood Moon and Black Mask 2, but this movie is starring RVD! Huge difference there! I should be able to handle it, seeing as how I’m an action hero in real life. More info on this forthcoming. I’m looking forward to filming RVD TV on the set for a few weeks to give you watchers the real back stage inside scoop! Filming starts in early February so I’m “prepping” for it now. Because of that...

RVD RADIO( which recently won the People’s Choice Award) will be taking a break from live shows for a few weeks. My awesome producer at blogtalkradio Nikki Starr will be filling in with some archives and will keep the chat room open for the regulars who look forward to our weekly gift of feeling socially adequate for 2 hours every Wednesday from 9-11(6-8 p.s.t.)

Noticed the new site?

It’s pretty sweet, huh?

More features-like videos from me or youtube or even my demo reel of action on the profile page!

While you’re checking out the new features, take a look at the RVD outfit that’s up for auction. When 5 Star Comics online store manager Tony Vela ( plug for ya, Ton!) told me that I gave him an outfit that’s been on trading cards and even an action figure, I almost wanted to take it back and trade it for another. Almost.

Also, take a look at RVD TV DVD Vol 1. This is the first of many to come, and an exclusive at This is a sneak peek at a varied version of a DVD that will be in stores in the spring. Every DVD from my web site still comes with an autograph. Sweet!

Another of one of my many projects is a comic book that I wrote, which is materializing at it’s own pace. Here’s the deal. It’s a 4 book set and after 2 books, my artist had to leave the project. I need someone to replace him, but I really, really like his art work and I’m only interested in finding someone that can match his style-which you can see a sample of here.....final_page_11_.jpg 685×1023 pixels and final_page_12_.jpg 614×1024 pixels If you can hang, send in a sample to my webmaster at

I heard the new RVD Classics action figure is due out in Spring. I hope they make a lot of them. I always noticed that my figures were hard to find in stores. I’m sure you noticed the same thing. There were plenty of certain wrestler’s figures but not mine. Hmm..You’d think they would’ve made more, but I guess they needed the room on the shelves for the others to hang. I think they felt the same way about my t shirts in the arenas. Ahh..the good ol’ days.

After filming Wrong Side of Town, Sonya and I will be on tour in France, where I’ll be wrestling for one of those select bookings that I take. This is not a green light for promoters to contact me about working in their flea markets. If you would contact any of the select promoters that I have worked with over the last couple years instead, I’m quite sure you’d have a different idea of RVD fitting into your budget.

What do you think? Enough news? No. I know want to leave this blog thinking.

On our last RVD RADIO show-which you can still listen to-we talked about Power and Greed. We had Sabu, Spike Dudley, Fonzie, Officer X, Neil Kaplan and others on-hand to discuss the deep subjects. The thing with Greed for me is this. I want a big house. I want several big houses with millions in the bank. Is that greedy? As a dream chaser I find that I want to reach for the stars, and I believe that many people feel that you should only want what you need or you are sinning. Maybe I’m wrong. Where do you draw the line? Is it a sin to want a lot? If you already have a lot? More money? More sexual partners? More friends? More food? More happiness? More power? More Where do you draw the line between greedy and ambitious?

With power, I believe it can mostly be limited to having something that others want. That gives you power over them. If you can help them with a job, favor, whatever upgrade in life-you have power over them. If they don’t want what you have, there goes your power.

The guy that takes pride in the loud noises that his motorcycle makes when he’s revving it up thinks he’s cool because he has that power. I think it’s just obnoxious. He has no power over me. The power of influence is a good thing, and from our conversation we talked about my ability to empower others with positive energy. If I want a lot of power am I greedy?

Feel free to tell me what you think, you always do.

Back atcha real soon-

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Greetings free thinkers!

Greetings free thinkers. Feel well. Everybody. Just, go ahead and feel well.
There you go. It’s going to be a long one.. Grab a beverage.
We have much to discuss, so let’s start at the top.

Wednesday, December 17 is Sonya’s last chemo disconnect! She’ll get disconnected and be through with the treatments, and she kicked cancer’s ass! She’s so amazing, you’d never know what she’s gone through by looking at her. We are very ready for the next chapter in our life.

On RVD RADIO, on the 17th, we’ll talk about cancer, and survivor stories. We want to hear from you, so be ready to share. Also joining SVD and myself will be Survivor contestant and actress Jeri Manthee, ECW original Francine, Neil Kaplan and Sabu, to name a few.. We’ve all had so much fun with RVD RADIO over the last several weeks. My blogs have to share the outlet position for my life pondering now. We’ve talked about so many topics from government conspiracies to holiday seasons, organized religion to language censorship. Last week, we had Sabu, Fonzie-that’s right, Daddy, Kid Kash, the Masterpiece, of course SVD, and our official RVD RADIO law representative Officer X all talking about Road Rage. Lots of stories!

RVD RADIO airs live Wednesdays 6-8 P.S.T. (9-11 E.S.T.) and you can go to or call (347) 308-8754 to listen or join in.

RVD TV recently aired its 50th weekly episode! That’s a lot of kick ass videos and they are ALL still available to watchers. Check out the site for membership information.

In celebration of RVD TV’s 50th episode, we’re upgrading the web site AGAIN, to add more features and more fan interactive options, not to mention making everything more user friendly to enjoy. Also...

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Congrats to Justin “the Insane One” McCully for his victory over Eddie Sanchez on UFC’s Fight for the Troops Night. This bout did not air on Spike TV, but can be seen at
JMC was in his best shape in UFC history and fought like the master that he is.

My good friend and very funny comedian Larry Weaver has a new eBook entitled "Funny Employee Awards: Your Complete Guide to Organizing a Humorous, Entertaining and Rewarding Recognition Ceremony." It features 101 funny awards certificates that you can print and give to your coworkers.

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Sonya and I went to a screening of “The Wrestler”. I like Mickey Rourke. I like Marisa Tormei. It was entertaining to watch, from the beginning to the end, but it left me feeling a bit... disturbed. The character is doomed from the start because he’s a wrestler from the 80’s who just won’t quit and sacrifices everything for his passion. It was too real. At the same time, that’s what they went for. They told a story about a particular man at a particular time in his life, and they chose a depressing story to tell. I didn’t really know how I felt after seeing it, just unfulfilled. Maybe it was because I wanted the other side of the coin exposed. Maybe I felt judged. When I shook the director (Darren Aronofsky)’s hand, I just id “Thanks for reducing my life’s dream’s to rubbish.” I’m not sure if everyone got the message that I did from the movie, but I’m pretty sure it had to do with the meaninglessness of the wrestler’s commitment to his dream. Go see it, form your own opinion. You know what? Let’s talk about “The Wrestler” on RVD RADIO Wednesday as well.

Click here to read about the oldest stash in history- two pounds of still-green marijuana found in a 2,700-year-old Gobi Desert grave!

Here’s something else in the news that I found to be VERY interesting. A man named Felix Kha was cited for possession of marijuana, even though he produced the proper documentation, identifying him as a medical marijuana patient, here in Cali. The Orange County Court ruled not only that the man was in compliance with the law, but also that the police must return the marijuana to its rightful owner. The police refused-of course- and with the city behind them in support, went to the Supreme Court to fight for their cause. DENIED! They have to give it back!
"It's now settled that state law enforcement officers cannot arrest medical marijuana patients or seize their medicine simply because they prefer the contrary federal law"."Perhaps, in the future local government will think twice about expending significant time and resources to defy a law that is overwhelmingly supported by the people of our state."

Read more about this story at Cops must return stolen property . Remember everyone, we now have 25% of American adults living in Medical Marijuana states, and a president-elect that will not endorse arresting patients. Still don’t see a change happening in our life time? Keep thinking that then, stubborn reader-but I side with common sense.

When I read the comments that you readers leave for this blog on my myspace page, I’m going to be looking for your answer to a question I pose.. Well, that and of course more importantly the congrats to SVD. Yay! Ok. You ready? This is a serious question. I really want to know what your opinions are on this. Here we go.
Why do you think the top killing drug ( by far-many hundreds of thousands of annual deaths ahead of second place) is the most accepted to use?

I look forward to learning from your responses. Until then, and after then...oh, what the hell- during then, too...Have an awesome time enjoying life!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Found $$$"

What’s up free thinkers? Are you enjoying these debates?..

It seems that our country really wants to feel comfortable that someone is working on fixing our economy, before we get sold and bought at a reduced price. The Central Banks could buy us, but they’d rather jut loan us our freedom, at present value plus interest. When these banks loan us each dollar for a dollar plus interest, can we ever truly catch up? Not mathematically- and this is exactly when you should use mathematics.

Let’s stretch our imaginations and pretend that we are in such bad shape that we need to find a way to bring profitable income to our government. We need cash. We need it now. Ok, it’s not so pretend. It’s very fucking real.

Not only could we save 7 billion dollars annually from ceasing to chase down the “Devil’s Weed”, but we’d better utilize our resources- like the armies of wasted soldiers and researchers and bogus office positions to focus on something with merit. If we regulated and taxed marijuana, based on today’s national usage, revenues would likely exceed an amount of another 30 or 40 billion. Having that money in the economy wouldn’t suck, would it? Instead, they’ll want to make sure you pay the ridiculous jacked-up price at the pharmacy if you want to achieve good health. That way, the rich get richer.

If you want to expand this conversation to include the failing War on Drugs, we’ll use dollar amounts that are 3 or 4 times the amount wasted to prohibit the natural medicine of Cannabis. Easily. By the way, they allow doctors to prescribe THC in a pill form, which is a blatant admission of its medicinal value, but they deny it at the same time so they can get richer. Of course, the Feds give cannabis to those 5 patients on their system anyway, while arresting others for the EXACT same “crime”, so what the fuck.

If you are interested in knowing where the presidential candidates stand on the medical marijuana issue, I HIGHLY encourage you to check out this clip from MPP TV.

By the way, if you live in Michigan or in Massachusetts your vote can be the one that stops the illogical criminalization and helps the needy obtain their medicine without fear. Both states have an excellent chance for passing favorable laws on Nov. 4th and becoming the nation’s 13th state to admit what we already know. They are both going to have to fight a lot of lies between now and then, so lend your support if you are able. MPP Homepage

Last week’s RVD RADIO premier- or as I like to call it, “test run”, had such a huge response, that the high volume of callers overloaded the switchboard and caused big problems for the techs. Despite several unsuccessful attempts to connect calls, audio level and equipment issues, Masterpiece and I both enjoyed it and we’re looking forward to doing it again Wednesday. Because many of you called and didn’t get through, we’re going to be live for 2 hours this week, at a special time before the big debates. From 4/7 to 6/9 we’ll discuss topics such as Addiction, Will Power, Brain Damage, RVD TV and wrestling. Chris “the Brain” Nowinski will join us from the Sports Legacy Institute, and we’ll check in with Dr. Shawn Staziak. I’ve read from many fans who enjoyed the show and who have committed to listening every week, so that’s cool. I’ve also been asked quite a bit if the shows will be archived and they are. If you go to RVD RADIO last week’s show comes up, and soon I’ll have them available at and myspace/

If you’re upset because you really wanted to talk about censorship last week, bring it up anyway. My feelings are genuine so when you bring up my topics, you’re bringing up my feelings. As far as censorship goes...on regular tv, you can show a breast, as long as you’re operating on it or it’s dead, but not on a beach, unless it’s a documentary about Africa, and you can show your middle finger as long as it’s with your other fingers but if it gets separated, you are not to show it or you will be censored.

You know, I doubt you can convince me that this is not moronic, no matter how hard you try.

Make sure and check out the new “Auction” page at eBay Store - RVD 5STAR STORE: I’m going to try to keep this operative every week with items from my old store, RVD’s 5 Star Comics or even personal items from my house, so keep checking back. Being a collector has made me a bit of a pac-rat too, so I usually have stuff to get rid of.

Last Friday’s episode of RVD TV took place in Tokyo several weeks ago, while I was there for Mr. Inoki’s IGF. On it, I visit a store in Shibuyu, where many wrestlers get their outfits. Cacao has made my shin pads for years and his stuff is top quality. If you’re a wrestler looking to get a kick ass mask or just want to check out his awesome stuff, visit 覆面.com, and bring a translater if possible.

I loved Bill Maher’s movie “Religulous”. You know that I appreciate a good thought provoker, and Bill had many really good points. My bible-thumping friend Eddie, feel free to jump in here, but one of my favorite parts was when Bill questioned the priorities of the Ten Commandments that were chosen. He implied that the first 4 (depends which version you refer to) are all about the correct way to worship God and the list( the other 6 seem to be about the correct way to treat your neighbor) doesn’t include important issues like torturing people and fucking little kids. I will admit that there was an eerie moment or two when the entire theatre was laughing as Bill made fun of worshippers while he stood his position as a non-believer and it reminded me of the stories I’d heard about in Sunday school- about all of Noah’s neighbors laughing at him while he built his boat. The neighbors in that story used to seem so wrong, back when Romper Room was the best show all week.

When we truly don’t know something about ourselves, there’s an uncomfortable void and we feel fear. We like the comfort of filling that void, even if it’s with a false sense of security. It just feels better. It allows us to sleep at night.

“ I know I’m a good person and I’m going to Heaven when I die.”

“There’s no way that the United States Government would do that to its own people.”

“ Of course that man -who I thought was much like me- murdered his family and committed suicide, he was taking steroids.”

“ I don’t eat red meat so I know I’m good.”

Even “ I could nail any bitch in here, but they’re not worth my time.”

We don’t really know but we’ll accept that we do. Why not? Who wants to be afraid?

I don’t mind questioning uncertainties for what they are, and I encourage you to do the same-if for nothing else, a mental workout.

Talk atcha on Wednesday.

Until then, look both ways before crossing the street.