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Hello readers. I hope everyone is well. Let’s catch up.

SVD and I had a great time in Portugal. I wrestled Raven on Friday in Santa de Maria Feira, frog splashed Joey Mercury in Elvas, and then we spent a couple of extra days in Lisboa to absorb its beauty. What a gorgeous place this was! Two highlights that stand out from the trip for me follow. In Elvas, everyone was hungry so we all left the arena before the show and traveled across the border to SPAIN to crowd a McDonalds counter with McWrestler Meals. Good thing we had the camera, right RVD TV watchers? The second memorable moment for me was the worst bump of the tour by far, and it was in my hotel room shower. My feet slipped out from under me, the curtain and curtain rod came down, I nailed my head on the sink counter on the way down and the shower hose broke and flooded the bathroom. It was pretty awesome. I’m just glad SVD didn’t have the camera on when she opened the door to see me lying in the water, covered in soap! I recommend visiting Portugal to anyone. Just be careful in the shower.
The weekend we were gone, Ron Slinker passed away. Ron gave me the professional name- that stuck with me throughout my career- back in 19991. Ron also got me my job with Bill Watts in WCW in 1992, and when Bill refused to let me use my professional name, Ron came up with Robby V. Of course, if you watched the show back then, you saw Robbie V, or Robbie Vee, or -well, who noticed anyway. I met Ron in Tennessee when I wrestled for USWA when he was there to see his son-in-law, Tex Slazenger. He was the first promoter to tell me that I was going to be a big star. Part of paying my dues involved driving down to Florida to sleep on this guy’s floor when I wasn’t even old enough to drink. You’ll read all about it some day in the big book. For more info=Ron Slinker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wow! From what I understand, WWE has added a concussion management program. I think that’s great news. I have recently joined Chris Nowinski’s program to learn and help educate with proper information about head trauma. Concussions have always been a pig part of my job, and I’ve had dozens of them myself. I laughed at them. Now, Chris has told me about common traits among different athletes who have suffered brain damage, and I find the whole subject very interesting. I have friends who live with “blanking out” and headaches and just like me, consider it part of the job. Let’s look into this more. WWE is apparently going to reexamine the wrestlers on a regular 6-month basis to test their memory, cognitive skills, and reaction time along with other appropriate measures. This is excellent. I wish similar tests were used to determine the cause and effect of drugs on people with different variables but of course, that would give us too much truth! For more info click here The Sports Legacy Institute -

Speaking of truth, I met with the legendary Jack Herer last week, which was way cool! Jack is responsible for exposing the truths about the corrupt war on pot with his book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”, as well as “Grass” before that. “The Emperor” should be read in every public school, but it is not conducive to the governments plans. This was where I first learned that marijuana is basically non-toxic and no one’s ever died from it being in their body. I also learned here that cigarettes kill over 450,000 Americans a year but the government has huge interest in Alcohol, Tobacco, Pharmacy, Paper, Plastics, Oil and other enormous conglomerate businesses that would suffer if Cannabis was utilized the way it was intended. In the last ten years I’ve done a lot of research that-along with common sense- supports the truths I read in Jack’s book. The other day, he taught me a couple new things. He said that Budweiser sponsored the Reefer Madness movie campaign in 1937 and has paid for 50% of the governments war on pot since then, until around 1991 when the pharmaceuticals took over the responsibility. Hmm..makes sense, since I know what the war’s really bout. He also said that Hemp was used for 80% of everything until about 100 years ago. Not just the lumber in the walls, but the primer, the paint, the carpet, everything! Welcome to Jack Herer's Home on the Web

I often get asked why I speak so freely. How can I not? I reach a lot of people and I have a conscious!I recently watched nicotine junkies taking their last sucks before the International flight like they were baby puppies getting milk from their mother. It was pathetic, but I’ll fight for your right to make stupid decisions, because it is your right.

Our government outlawed hemp by prohibiting “marijuana” and enforces the position that it is a dangerous, addictive drug with no medicinal properties. They arrest and kill people to enforce this and at the same time they give it to patients of theirs, to help with their ailments. Why do I speak out?

People consider murder an option to make their lives better, and people think everyone should own a gun! The gift of life has always been over looked and often considered surplus when power comes from destroying it.

Where’s the respect for life lost? Let’s see.If you’re attracted to the same sex you’re likely brought up to believe God hates you. In fact, if you’re Christian or Catholic or whatever, there’s a pretty good chance that you are taught that God does not accept you. Kill people that don’t share your beliefs or live on the same piece of land, and you may be seen as a hero. Die from fighting against people from other countries and your life will be honored from the perspective of the U.S.government. As long as it’s part of their agenda. We live in a world where people throw cigarette butts on the ground and are convinced that my choice to use “fucking” instead of their acceptable “fricking” or “frigging” or “freaking” has done them harm. People look at Global Warming like people used to react to claims that the world wasn’t flat.I live in a world where a fantastic story book is respected as the exact word of God, and murderers are expected to tell the truth in court because they swore on the Bible.

Some priests fuck little boys and others are looked up to as if they have God’s ear before he goes to bed every night.Policemen murder their wives as if they were gang-banging target practice, but hide the body instead of fabricating evidence.
With past Presidential scandals and constant hypocritical assholes getting busted in politics all the time, how can we not acknowledge that we are -and always have been- lied to?

“A foolish man simply accepts what it is that he thinks, while a wise man thinks about what it is that he accepts.” This came from a story I read recently by Alex Shane, a man who shares my message. HHH Black Magic I live in a world where irresponsible junkies that are hooked on drugs are thrown into a cage like criminals. Our rights as human beings to freedom are over looked for big business.

Good friend and very smart writer - Jimmy Palmiotti- quoted Abe Lincoln in a book I read that really stuck in my mind. “Those who would deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves, and under a just god, can not retain in for long.” - jimmy palmiotti -

No doubt I make myself a target by speaking so freely, but we , as people, have a right to seek the truth. Now, here’s the reason that most people don’t understand my willingness to speak the truth, even when facing undesirable consequences. Are you ready for this? I have integrity.“Having integrity means I’d rather go down for what I believe in, then go up for what I do not.”

That’s an RVD original. Now check yourself.


Anonymous Sean said...

What’s up RVD?

Great blog as usual. I was glad to see that WWE has added a program to help quell the overabundance of concussions in their business. It’s too bad that most casual fans don’t realize how much punishment wrestlers put themselves through. I didn’t know that concussions were so detrimental in the long term as you described it. Blacking out for no reason sounds kind of scary. That’s why I wish more wrestlers would do the smart thing like you did and realize when to get out of wrestling.

The human body has an extraordinary ability to recuperate, but the ability to do so gradually degrades with age. That’s why it would be best if people retired from high impact sports like football, pro wrestling, or MMA before they reach 40 years of age. It would save a lot of brain cells.

Regarding the legalization of pot, hopefully you get a chance to check out Lewis Black’s TV show Root Of All Evil. They’ve had some pretty entertaining arguments on the show, one of which was weed vs. beer. The show is a comedy, but they did make valid points and counterpoints regarding the legalization argument.

Perhaps one day lawmakers will come to their senses and at least decriminalize it so that people don’t end up with a criminal record for petty offenses. More of our budget should be spent on the school systems so that teachers are paid better, students have adequate facilities, and so that the information they are taught is relevant and beneficial. All one has to do is look at any forum or social networking site to see how uneducated people have become. Poor grammar and an inability to spell properly has become commonplace. It makes us look like a nation of imbeciles. Proper education in school is much more advantageous than misinformation about a simple plant.

April 12, 2008 at 10:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey RVD & SVD...
Sorry too hear about your tumble in the shower, those hotel mats are hopeless!! But with RVD-tv I'll get too check out the McWrestlers Spanish Border Tour lol..
Thanks for the new info on reefer madness too, who would of ever thought that about a bud.Budwieser that is. That's why I enjoy reading your blogs so much, as it makes for thoughts that really makes one think.
If 80% of everything was made by a humble weed how many billions would that equal to in todays market? So it makes sence to give it such a bad name that the US goverment would eventualy make most of the world ban it too.

I hope you keep us posted on how WWE is now testing for concusions and the after effects. Some of my favorite stars have had some big knocks, so to hear Styles in 1999 say "multiple concussions" knowing that guy is still wrestling today scares the hell outta me!!!
These tests may shorten peoples lifetime in the sport, but saving there lives is way more important than, one more match.

Even though I didnt know much about Ron Slinker I know without him, wrestling history would not be what it is today. My thoughts go out to all his family & friends. Reading about RVD & Raven having a one of a kind match reminded me of Robby V vs. Scotty Flamingo.
Thanks for another highly informative blog, now it's time to watch some RVD-tv!!!!
That extreme fan fom Oz, stew

April 13, 2008 at 10:30 PM  
Blogger The TRUTH said...

Amazing that your passion against the Almighty God, your creator THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, continues to grow and has reached the level of speaking out AGAINST the ONLY person who cares enough to save yours and every other human's soul from the depths of hell.
You must really believe that you are correct or you are just too caught up in this temporal world to realize what is TRULY RIGHT or TRULY WRONG (not according to man's standards but GOD's). I'm sure with all your "fans" it must be difficult to realize that without the shed blood of the RISEN Savior JESUS CHRIST covering your sins that RVD and all others will be guilty on the day of judgment.
In the end, there is only ONE payment for sin that will be accepted by God and that is the shed blood of God the Son, the RISEN LORD JESUS CHRIST.......
There is way tooooooo much to comment on in your blog, but this is all I have time for right now.

Your HOLY BIBLE (KJV 1611) believing "friend"

Eddie "O"

p.s. For by GRACE are ye SAVED through FAITH; and that NOT OF YOURSELVES: it is the GIFT OF GOD:
(my capitalization!)

p.s.s. Let me apologize in advance if my comments come off as a cocky wrestler.......

April 14, 2008 at 12:41 PM  
Blogger JAYLTEAVI said...

Hi RVD, Glad your O.K. Looks like you had some pretty strong comments to say this time. Which much of the ones i undetstood are true. Many of the things you said are just pure facts.
And thats nothing anyone could say about it. That doesn't me i agree with all you say.I never have and probally never will.But one thing i have notice is that there good things in you.Lots of people believe to have or know the truth.but many of them are doing harmful things to other people.In life not to many people are givin. Or give good to others. In what ever matter.but i believe it's more important to not cause harm to others.What good would it be to give to other people ,but cause harm to others.Even if it's by just words or plain cruelty.Many people seek the truth in life.People Seek an answer. but what ever they find it's only could be the real truth as long as it helps you be a better person and cause no harm in anyway to others.And being in war for your country isn't one of them.Everyone fights for there country. Where ever you live you have been shown to have the truth in which ever country you are.If the truth is spread in every country. how can people kills someone with the same believes ,but since they are send to war they kill each other. Again isn't the truth world wide.How can people be from the same religion love each other ,but hate themselves from being one democratic and the other republican.What kind of truth do they do they really share.Why do people pray to god but keep hoping
in man to help this world.Do you really believe this world is getting any better? Do you have your hopes made for what some human could bring or what Jehovah good bring.Jehovah. I have a name and so does god.they don't call me by human or any other title.Everyones likes to be call by there name and so does God.(not too many people mention it)

Rob i have always refer about being your probally your biggest fan or wrestling fan. It Doesn't mean i share all your thoughts and i don't believe anyone completely does.As a wrestler i have always felt there was no one better to put a match. you also have lots of charisma.Especialy when you had more freedom in ECW(the old).Lot's of wrestlers have some jokes written out to get over among other things. But why they do it. Well is mostly to get over and suck up to the fans. To show they are popular enough to be champions.

Why do fans besides knowing wrestling isn't all real. Keep following wrestlers in which the company makes to be an heel and makes to be a face.I f they are made to be a face they are cheered . For eveyone usually except Cena.

I remember the WWE bringing Orton back from Smackdown. He was a heel and fans were cheering him.A couple of days later he's put against Hogan. He's puts besides a hated Edge. And he sent to criticize, The fans and there he's hated again. I'm sure others didn't want him to get over as a face. Especially for those who want want to stay faces and stay in Raw forever.

Like i was saying before as a wrestler there's no one better.Of from being a wrestler. you shown lot's of honesty and you done good to others. Like caring for fans who were under a tree backstage.When others wouldn't show there faces.It doesn't matter why exactly you did it ,when other just wouldn't.

And for the wrestlers i heard about
all those popular ones many in which people learned many negative things about outside the ring,but still cheer as heroes inside.

Many people might have thought your cocky.but do many people know your been a better companion to other simply not thinking like others in taking wrestlers spot.Or kissing up to others.

being freinds to a guy like Mysterio shows more then being freinds to a guy like HHH. In which some have done just to get high in the company.

So for all those wrestlers out there i picked RVD as my favorite wrestler and yours. till next time Rob next time.Bye.

April 15, 2008 at 12:19 AM  
Anonymous Lori said...

Hello Rob!
Sorry to hear about Ron...Condolences to you and most definitely the family.
I love the blogs!! I try to read once a week as I'm an uber fan. They're very insightful.
Speaking from a mom of a teenage daughter,(15) I completely agree with your stand on the pot issue. I know some will say what kind of mom are you? Well, I'm one who educates her child on the good and bad of everything, drugs, drinking, everything. Education is key! If kids are educated at an early age about these points the government sees as wrong or bad or whatever, they're more apt to make real,educated decisions which are in turn the right ones. I don't smoke pot but I DO NOT judge or fault people who do in any way. Some of my best friends are "stoners" lol

I believe the dollars spent on the "war" on drugs (mainly pot) should be used to better the school system in the U.S. Teachers are underpaid, under-appreciated, over worked, with too many students in their classes. It's over whelming!

In regard to the wwe's new program...I like it! I am a mma myself and have been for 15 years now. I've been knocked around, beat up, bruised, suffered concussions, black eyes, broken bones, the whole scheme of things. And have in turn had suffered blanking out, ditzy moments I believe is because of the life I lead and the sport I choose to belong to.

I believe you're a fantastic role model for people and I for one am so very happy you are getting out to more people around the world.

I knew there was a reason I liked you back in ecw in 97' or so! :) I chose to be an uber fan tell it like it is, no punches pulled! I like that!

Keep up the great work, RVD!
Uber Fan, Lori WPB, Fl.

P.S. Hope your head is better :)

April 16, 2008 at 7:43 AM  
Blogger Shelton Credit said...

My name is Mark and I'm actually leaving this comment for my daughter Isabella. She is 8 years old and has been a huge fan of yours since she was 4.

She has 5 autographed photos of you and we've been front row, center at Allstate Arena in Chicago on many occasions including the night you injured your knee.

The next night you were on TV again and then gone for at least a year or so.

My daughter was able to hi-five you, HBK and a couple others that night and she couldn't have been happier.

I too have been a wrestling fan since I was 8 or 9 back to "Dick the Bruiser" & Crusher days at The Chicago Ampatheater days in Chicago.

You are truly on of the best and I hope to see you return somewhere soon.

If there is any way you can drop a quick hello to my daughter, it would be great of you.

If there is anything I can do for you, just let me know.


Mark Shelton

April 16, 2008 at 9:24 AM  
Anonymous CalmMountain said...

Nihao RVD-san,

Welcome back to the states. Glad that Portugal was mostly good to you and yours. Wow. That's a mental image. Hope the Spanish McDonalds are able to offer better nutrition than some of the American ones do. About the fall - no worries, we all lose our footing now and then. Kind of curious though.... Wonder if the day you slipped was the same day that Mr. Ron passed. Dunno why but it wouldn't surprise me. Anyway. Hope you've recovered your balance and hope the whole incident didn't startle SVD-san too badly.

Look forward to reading that big book, whenever it comes to the bookshelves. Might be a while, no doubt.

The news of the concussion management program is great - almost too good to be true. Forgive me but while I do have some respect for the WWE company, I'm not sure if they can be trusted to keep their end of the bargain for any length of time. This program sounds like something they'll drop at their convenience which would be as soon as the congress, corporate sponsors and/or the media are looking the other way. *shrugs* That's just the impression I get. May the WWE prove me wrong. The guys certainly deserve more a wholesome approach to care.

Thanks for keeping us posted on Mr. Nowinski's work at The Sports Legacy Institute. You're not the only one who finds it interesting.

You make a lot of valid points with your examples. Overall, society does not often seem to emphasize or even acknowledge truth - suppose we're out of practice. Guess that's known as 'progress', right?

Please keep taking care and speaking freely.

Courage and Peace!


P.S - To this bible-clinging Eddie person: In case you haven't noticed RVD-san tries to encourage people to be more aware, be more positive and think for themselves. A person who truly lives by such standards is not going to be easily 'corrupted by fans' or anyone else, for that matter. Okay?

From what I can tell, your argument appears to be along the lines of "god loves you - but only if you believe exactly what I say the bible preaches, right now." As if to imply that you are somehow more qualified than anyone else to know the will of god. Which is not only insulting, manipulative, self-righteous, self-contradicting, judgmental and full of negative connotations - but is also basically a threat. Honestly, if your message wasn't so blatantly ridiculous then it might even be offensive. Please try to understand: some of us have been fortunate enough to escape from organized religion, we do not regret the decision to depart and we have no intention of ever returning to the flock of broken souls. Arguments like yours are a perfect reminder of why. Thank you. Have a nice day.

April 19, 2008 at 2:44 PM  
Blogger Sssshhh! said...

I made a picture of you!
Check my blog you see it there. Is in spanish don't need to know spanish to see the picture!

It would be great if anyone check this out.

April 19, 2008 at 5:40 PM  
Blogger JAYLTEAVI said...

Hi Rob. Just want to talk some wrestling.Well in the WWE they took out the SmackDown king of the ring. for what reason would they do this. Well it obvious for someone out of SmackDown to win it. Ecw highly unlikely. Raw of course. I knew 99% it would be from Raw. I read it was W.Regal. Still not sure, but i thought it would likely be a heel.Unless it was HBK HHH. Now that Booker gone. It was probally a good idea for a Raw Heel to be pronounce king of the Ring. Probally so someone could come bashing in and say i'm the real king of kings. who knows maybe down the line.

On another subject i think if you ever decide to come back to wrestling and go to TNA you could bring a strong following and really bring TNA on Top. you could bring a 1.0 rating on your own . Bringing all the ECW fans that were waiting for your ECW return. And bring the Extreme to TNA.I believe the WWE fears that. And thats probally one of the reasons they want you back.

Just like Carlito he looks headed the same road you were on when you came to the WWE for the 2nd time.
He started out well then after he got over they put in in silly storylines. now he's atach to Santino that will never give him back his popularity. They make him talk more spanish to win hatred with the fans,just like they did with Bret Hart. Making him anti American to gain the fans hatred and let the others be cool.then they let him go just so Vince could save his money on younger talent.

Anyway i read Carlito wanted to go and after hearing him on radio it was all true. He didn't like the way the WWE was making his character go.And was about to leave .but there at the last moment after the Vince stoped him after they were having loose alot and look bad. They even made him loose to Hornswoggle. (if thats how you spell it) And you know what now he'll probally be stuck with santino and later on with his Brother Eddie and it'll be a long time before he ever wins the WWE world title, just like it happen to you.and Jeff Hardy who could have been champion during his 1st run.Infact Wrestlemania would have been better if he had won the Royal Rumble and the title at Mania.but the WWE keeps draging wrestlers to be like 33 and up to be champions.

why wait? so others won't fear of anyone breaking there title reigns. Why did Cena had the title for a year. Because he's the most likely to beat HHH Record. And also you don't want to many wrestlers in the title hunt. So this other guy could
have his ego satisfy.

For keeping stars like MVP,Kennedy , Carlito down the wwe ratings are low. You talk about Jericho about how was his return and about the hype.Well let me explain. It's all back to normal with Jericho all the build up went down as sson as HHH got jealous.Which in the dictionary says.Suspicious or fearful of being replaced by a rival.yup thats HHH alright.I read HHH said, which i don't know it,s true he was saying what was Jericho going to say us from. When you were on the radio of one of your many times the guy was telling you that the WWE could do much better. Which is way true.

I also remember if i recall or remember correctly that you said once that if HHH didn't marry Stephanie some other wrestler would. Which would be a great point on you part. but i also which i would be a guy like Brian Kendrick(spanky) Because i doubt they give him the world title.Atleast for about 10 years.I aslo believe They never gave Flair the world title in his 2nd coming to the WWE because vince wanted to be the oldest person to have hold the World title.Despite i really don't care much of Flair he probally should have had one small run with the WWE title.

For last i like to say that DX and Evolution still have ruled the WWE except for some Legends and probally Edge. Which thet don't want to loose.Check it out HBK,Flair ,HHH,Orton,Batista. They all use each other. And also fans wanted a new DX member from the beginning. But DX ddidn't want to give any beef to anyone so they could do a X sign and have the fans yelling just cause of that in there favor.

If it wasn't cause of the way the WWE does things. I wouldn't careless if you went there. I beleieve one day the wrestlers will get tired of all that. Carlito is younger then other wrestlers but because he grew up in wrestling he knows it's more cause of them that he wasn't doing good than just him.

See yah Rob from probally your biggest FAN J.L.-T.V. bye.

April 22, 2008 at 11:21 PM  
Anonymous The Invisible Man said...

Keep on searching...keep on looking...if someone offers you what they call 'the truth', you must see past your preconceived perceptions and listen.

Just because something is the most obvious answer/solution, doesn't mean it's not the truth.

Peace bro...

April 23, 2008 at 2:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's UP Mr. Rob Van Dam...

I just came by your site and read about Sonya...My thoughts and prayers are with you both for additional positive energy flow.

I wanted to let you know about some things you may want to research in further helping Sonya and yourself with regards to cancer...

I have read that alkalizing your water helps fight against cancer and other ailments..

I have also read about Laetrile, Vitamin B17, which is found in apricot kernels, also is known to also aid against cancer.

If you have already looked into these approaches, I would be genuinely interested in your input about them.

July 22, 2008 at 5:12 PM  

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