Thursday, February 7, 2008

No Formula for me, Thanks.

Greetings everybody. I hope 2008 is treating you great!

You may have caught one of my interviews I’ve done recently, to promote RVD TV. Fans that don’t read my blogs and only know the man with all the moves might be surprised at my honesty. That will be consistent, as I don’t lie. I’m not saying that I’ve never told a lie in my life, but that’s what growing is all about-looking back always shows a lesser you. If I enjoyed lying, I could have delivered the promos that the wrestling business wanted to here-about how my championship match next week meant more to me than anything else in the world and blah, blah, yawn. I couldn’t have cared less. Oh. don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that the wrestlers are lying to you. They are that excited to be there and it really does mean a lot to them. They’re just marks! I was more of a black sheep, so when I talked about something I really DID care about- like ECW’s return at One Night Stand, or inducting the Sheik into the Hall of Fame, I delivered. Then, I was the mark. While my close friends appreciated the speeches, most of the others up there were shocked because they don’t know me. Work environment, pretentious place, untrust-worthy co-workers, homesickness, depression, resentment- sometimes you have a little guard wall around your true self, don’t you? I know what you’re thinking. You think I’m going to transition into how the only place to catch the real RVD is RVD TV but I’m not. Not yet.

I’m going to give you some insight above what most fans and wrestlers realize, because I have the brain to lay it out for you. Most wanna-be-wrestlers pattern themselves after their favorites. To that I’ve always said “why bother?” There’s already someone like that, and that position is filled. Maybe once your hero is inactive you can steal his position in the minds of the new fans that didn’t know him, but unless you have something special to offer the business, why do you think the business needs you? Okay, now there IS an answer. Ready for it? I think it’s fair to say that around 80 percent of the wrestlers in the dressing room don’t sell tickets. I’m not saying that they are unimportant, but their job is to fill up spots on the card. Ouch! That honesty probably hurt a lot of the boys, but here’s a way to check yourself. If no one has ever bought a ticket, just to see you (your cousins that you couldn’t get comp passes for don’t count) than how can you complain about not being paid enough or treated right? That makes it very hard to justify. Of course, these wrestlers still have to do business and like I said, they are important even if they are interchangeable. Here’s the formula they use. Put in enough time, put enough guys over, and your time will come and they’ll be putting YOU over. Of course, pushing an unmarketable identity is bad business so what happens when their time doesn’t come around? They become bitter. They feel that the business missed the boat with them. Next is the part of the formula that so many of my peers tried to apply to me when I was leaving, that it annoyed me. They meant no harm. They’re used to the formula. They don’t know what it’s like to be a legend. They’d say “Well, you have about 2 or 3 months after TV where you’ll hold your value and be able to get paid decent for bookings.” Those poor clueless bastards. Don’t they l know that nobody remembered them while they were still on television every week? That’s what relying on the formula does for you instead of thinking for yourself. I left WWE in June. In July, I heard wrestlers that had been gone for a long time equating time-since-tv directly to personal value! I’d hear “ You’re still like 4 weeks off TV so you got awhile to capitalize on it. I’ve been off for almost a year so I what I need is to get on TV again so I can make another run afterwards.” Uhh…yeah, sure. That’s all you need. It's not like you should bother learning how to work. Hey, I’m glad the formula is there for so many who need it. For those that stand out and know how to be superstars-may you inspire all who admire you!

See how that ended up being positive? Remember- everyone’s a teacher. Who do you want to learn from?

Hey-did I already move on from talking about my interviews? Nuts. I wanted to tell you about an upcoming…live…online…video stream interview I’ll be doing that you can all watch and even participate in…all…over…the world! That’s right! February 5th! Let’s make this TheStream.Tv ‘s biggest show ever!!! -

How’s the writer’s strike treating your favorite shows? I know. Still, we found some good ones to tune in to. The Sarah Conner Chronicles kick ass. Medium is back. We’re fans of the L Wod. Shut-up! We are! Lost is days away. Just found Breaking Bad and-wow! That’s set for season pass! Hogan looks awesome on American Gladiators. Yes, I love Ninja Warrior, too! Here’s a reality show for you that’s hard to look away from. I’m talking train wreck with bodies lying around, ya know? Celebrity Rehab. Oh my God! Watch Celebrity Rehab.

Anyone planning to go to my favorite vacation spot, Hawaii, stop and see my good friend Tommy Rogers at his new surf board rental booth at Waikiki-right behind the concession stand- and tell him you miss watching him and Bobby Fulton, tearing it up as the Fantastics.

RVD TV is membership based, and not everyone can see it, so I won’t be pushing it to death here on my blogs. However, you have to set aside at least a paragraph for it, especially when I creatively bring it up like this…

Several nights ago, Justin McCully (JMC), SVD and I went up to Big Bear to the Punishment Palace in stealth mode, with a night-vision camera. We thought it’d be a good idea to prank Kendall Groves while he’s up there training for his big fight. Plans fell apart- one after another, we got stuck in the snow, Tito – our inside man- left, and still, we persevered. Kendall, Solomon, Rude Boy, and the other Punishers all gave their stories of the night to our camera for a future episode of RVD TV and we are all laughing our asses off. That’s LMAO’ing for all you keyboard kats. We also filmed my friend ( not lover-no matter what he says) Jay Mohr at the Improv for an upcoming episode of RVD TV and were fortunate enough to get a cameo by his beautiful wife Nikki Cox!

I can’t believe anyone is doubting Brock Lesnar. Maybe they don’t know first-hand that Brock is ten times as strong as he looks. Maybe they just think of him as a pro wrestler, when in fact, he only did that for a few years of his life, maybe? He’s a shooter. He’s a physical freak of nature. Just because he doesn’t have a long MMA record does not mean he suffers from lack of experience. I saw him pummel that poor bastard at his MMA debut here in Los Angeles. I wasn’t surprised. Frank Mir is no push-over, but my money’s on you, Brock.

The blog’s getting kinda lengthy, but I want to leave you thinking about something. Obviously, it’s inhumane and sadistic to want to watch someone being tortured, right? To get pleasure from hearing someone scream in pain and maybe even enjoy seeing that person die is not a nice thought. We can all agree with that, right? So, what if this person caused you great harm and pain? This person killed someone you love, carelessly. You experience grief beyond imagination and have someone to point a finger at. Is it wrong to want to see that person get what they have coming to them?

I admit that when I watch America’s Most Wanted (best show on television) I want these ass holes- who rape little kids and then hide the bodies in hopes of getting away with it- to suffer so bad that I personally want to punish them. Are thoughts of brutal dismemberments okay in the name of justice? When I watch some idiot trying to escape a police car chase on tv, risking or hurting the lives of innocent people unfortunate enough to be in this idiot’s way, I often hope to see them crash into a tree or off the road. That’s not very zenful of me, is it? Is it okay that these thoughts come from a dark place if someone is held accountable? An eye for an eye isn’t always such an easy equation. It could be two positions on a cycle that never ends, but we can’t see the other side. Explore your thoughts. Do you wish people harm? Anybody? How do you feel about that? While you’re kicking this around in your head, remember- all actions have consequences.

Have a Vantastic week everybody!


Anonymous Jadeinne said...

Hello, RVD! Nice hearing from you again. Well, sad to say I wasn't able to lay an eye on your show, but I'm sure it DAMN rocks. Keep it up! And keep up the good work too. :-)

February 8, 2008 at 4:18 AM  
Blogger btmullins said...

Excellent blog dude. I always enjoy the well thought out way everything is delivered, and am left thinking myself.



February 8, 2008 at 5:42 PM  
Blogger JAYLTEAVI said...

Hi Rob, Hi Rob. Rob got to say i'm glad you didn't sell out to say what ever the writers in the back or others wanted you to say before a match or interview. Wrestling might be what it is ,but i always like it to be more reallistic instead of the same old same old,stuff. Just like they say every wrestlermania is greater than the other or the previous one or every wrestler match is bigger than the last.It's just a bunch of bull crap.

How big could the WWE title be if Vince won it.Not even mention about the Tag Titles and the IC title.They just basicly hold potential World Champions with those belts so they feel a bit satisfied before they give them the big prise.Because if they give to many wrestlers that deserve the World Title to fast that's when there going to be lost of politic problems.Because everyone of them will feel they should be champs and should be in the spotlight.

The WWE criticize WCW so much from not letting brighter wrestlers shine, and pushing more the older wrestlers that they basicly are still doing the same thing. And those younger ones that are pushed like Orton and Edge are made Heals
to help make the old Legends look even better. Where's the young wrestler being a face vs the older legend. Kind of like HBK vs Bret at mania or Austin vs HBK at mania.

Cena could have had come back like more of a complete BabyFace ,but they dicided to bring him back at Madison Square Garden that he was surely to get booed especially because New Yorkers dislike people from Boston.It isn't bad for wrestling but it sure better for other wrestlers that want to have all the popularity for themselves.

Anyway enough with that. One of the things i really wanted to say is that it'll be great if you ever come back,where ever it may be that you be have face some Top Wrestlers
,but not just in a small storyline
,but in a more lasting one. If posible for the WWE title or TNA title. Fans will always remmeber you,but i'm sure the WWE or others might say you never face enough top stars especially for a longer feud and for the title. You always have the great matches ,but i know guys like Shawn Michaels feared you would out performed them.Even Vince wouldn't like that a guy from ECW was better than his wrestlers.Many fans that know you from the beginning know that no other wrestler was more exiting than you and put against any other great wrestling performer would only make you excel even more over them.And i feel i'm sure you would have like to prove your self more against other so called legends.

In the WWE they criticise many wrestlers for not putting in a match.Probally like Ric Flair criticising Foley.But i believe everyone could be good in nthere own way.Could Ric have been thrown from the top of the Helll in the Cell and down the floor like Foley.
Could Ric flair get in the top rope
and make a spin and fall into the crowd like you RVD. He could be Hardcore ,but in his own way.If your a big guy you wrestlers within your abilities you use your power moves. you pick up wrestlers and you toss them around. could Flair do that? could he be put in a mainevent vs andre. So a Power wrestler has to ajust to a bigger wrestler ,but not the other way around. Because in real life Ric doesn't stand a chance ,but in wrestling there just more miracles.

When you see many Wrestling Biographies in the WWE everyone one
who talks about the wrestler could only talk so far Vince McMahon let's them or else they wouldn't be talking at all. Everyone just kisses ass. Unfortunely there's not a newspaper out there that doesn't care if they get fired or don't get to be put in the hall of Fame of wrestling.You could only see other sided from the story from hearing from other wrestlers not in the company or other wrestlers own biographies.

The WWE could cover up many things ,but they would never hide from me any many of your old and new fans that know how great you were,are and forever will be. Better then the so called Show Stopper that didn't want to face the Whole F,N, Show. I sure wouldn't. Why be embarrass. On 2nd thougt for me it would have been a privilege to face
my favorite wrestlers and Eveyones
Rob Van Dam the whole F'N Show. from probally your biggest wrestling fan J.L.-T.V. "Hasta la Vista" Bye.

February 11, 2008 at 5:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Batista and HHH will win the Eliminatin Chamber.

February 11, 2008 at 6:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Elimination Chamber

February 11, 2008 at 6:04 PM  
Anonymous The Invisible Man said...

Rob, I run a digital video business. If I worked for free on providing you with an intro for RVD TV would I be able to name drop you as a client on my website?

Ps. I've watched your work for years (mostly on TV but quite a few times live) and am a huge fan but the in depth look at your character is fascinating! I'd have been an even bigger fan if I'd known half of your views... good to get to know another spiritual dude like myself.

Peace bro.

February 12, 2008 at 3:24 PM  
Anonymous The Invisible Man said...

If you're interested you can find contact details at my website:

February 12, 2008 at 3:59 PM  
Blogger Fenn said...

Hey Rob, as always, an excellent read. Thanks.

Once again, you are featured in my blog.

Take a peek if you have the time:

Oh, and uh... you should open a wrestling school... yep... LA needs a school on the West Side.

February 12, 2008 at 4:21 PM  
Anonymous The Invisible Man said...

Check out an alternative for your intro to RVD TV:

February 12, 2008 at 6:22 PM  
Blogger Reggie said...

Hi, Rob!

Geez, I love reading your blog. I have ever since I found out you had one. ^_^ If only I had the cash to spare I'd get me an RVDTV subscription... ah, perhaps after I move. After all, I play you in an e-fed and can use all the accurate source material I can get. :P

Anywho. I found the last two paragraphs of your entry especially intriguing... they remind me of something to a similar effect that you wrote some time ago- on the teaser page for that comic you were writing, if I recall correctly. They are words that really hit me- I too abhor the amount of violence and wickedness in the world. I as well sometimes consider, if I could, taking matters into my own hands.

Would I actually do it? I'm not sure. I don't think so. Even if I had the proper drive to take this sort of vengeance upon evil people, I'm hardly equipped to do the deed- I'm a smallish woman with no clue how to operate a firearm and no knowledge in the martial arts whatsoever. But even moreso, were I as strong as an Amazon with all the munitions knowhow of a military woman and all the fighting skills of... oh, say, you, if I had all this and could tear some wicked person limb from limb.. I really doubt my conscience could take it.

Karma, after all, isn't selective, is it? If you do wicked deeds you invite wicked deeds, and even in giving someone their just desserts a person has to watch what one does. Kind of a catch-22... no one man (or woman) is the hand of Karma. As much as we may want to, ultimately, the act of punishing evildoers isn't up to us as individuals.

Still, I highly doubt people would begrudge you, or anyone else really, thoughts of such things, or even writing scenarios of such things as a form of catharsis.

Just my two cents. :D I can't wait to read your next entry, sir.

Peace n' Joy,

February 12, 2008 at 8:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, Rob.

You always manage to find some way to break the "stupid-wrestler" stereotype in a new and interesting fashion.

In criminology, one of the hardest things to contend with is knowing the horrid things that people do to one another, and rectifying with yourself the vengeance that you sometimes want to bestow on them. There are many who deserve to be destroyed for the things they've done to others, but who has that authority? Certainly not another fallable human being, regardless of how much sleep I WOULDN'T lose for strangling the Green River Killer or something.

Another flaw in that is this: if you're going into CSI or a more scientific field, you have to be completely impartial. You could show up to a scene with a dead little girl and a man with blood on his hands and a grin on his face, and you CANNOT take it into account. The evidence speaks; show your emotions, and you could blow the entire trial and lose a conviction.

However, if you go into homicide investigation, I learned, you can bang his head on the roof when you throw him into the back of the car.

All things have their way.

February 12, 2008 at 10:40 PM  
Anonymous Alexandra said...

Loved the blog. Food for thought was interesting and somehow i've always wondered the smae thing. Personally I would never wish harm to anyone or enjoy watching it take place, but for the cold, heart-less people out there who do these unspeakable acts to other innocent people I believe they should come to justice. I just cannot believe how many people out ther that are against cruel and unusual punishment for criminals, I mean did these same criminals give a care about the rights of the people that they harmed? the answer is no some of these people do not even have remorse for what they've done or get released and go out and do it again. I believe strongly in capital punishment, why keep these people around? all they do is cost society more money to house, feed, and entertain them. To me I know that everyone is innocent until proven guilty and even some people that are found guilty are later found to actually be innocent so I guess I cannot speak in general of criminals, but for these people who have admitted their actions or there was one or more reliable wittnesses I think they should be brough to justice no questions asked. If it were up to me they would get done to them exactly what they did to their victims. Well thanks for letting me vent can't wait for the next blog

February 13, 2008 at 3:58 PM  
Anonymous CalmMountain said...

Nihao RVD-san ~

Happy belated Valentines! Also, happy belated Year of the Rat!

2008 is the Earth Rat so perhaps it will be a year to test the patience, with unexpected delays and slow but steady developments but much reward for those who can endure hard work. You should have no worries then. If I'm not mistaken, you are born under the most loyal of the Chinese signs(and the most loyal alignment of that sign - double loyalty, wow...) and so your dedication to your principles will get you through significantly more smoothly than the average person. May you and SVD-san continue to have much to celebrate!

Yes, I somehow could not avoid stumbling across links to your many recent interviews... Congratulations on the successful launch of RVD TV! Sounds as if you have enjoyed the work and that is always important. I am highly tempted to invest in a subscription but might have to wait until my internet access is more established/regular.

Uhm. I write to you now from the 8th largest city in the Golden State and am, in some very tiny sense, doing what you have happily retired from - living out of a suitcase. I wish I could tell you how I felt but my emotional side has more or less shut down. The sheer differences between this city and where I resided before... Where words fail, I turn to numbers. The population increase is something like 403,000 and I have heard more languages spoken here than at any other time in my life. May I please know, what in the world inspired you to reside in the City of Angels and coming from a small town yourself, how long did it take to recover from culture shock and adapt? There is so much here... The city is not unpleasant but i do not yet know if I will have the courage - or the means - to stay.

I think perhaps you might have been proud of me, on the trip I did my best to be the most considerate person in the entire airport. Would you agree, the root trouble of airports is the emphasis on destination? Nobody seems to enjoy the journey anymore... They are too focused on where they have been and where they must be next and whether their luggage will arrive intact. Oh and then, of course, all the signs about high alert of terror attacks probably does not help to ease the collective tension. *sigh*

I think maybe people are not so nomadic as our ancestors once were. Maybe we have too much separation anxiety. I do, at any rate. Confidence seems the most practical cure but it is not easily acquired, for some of us. Perhaps this is one benefit you say...patterning oneself after another person. It forces us to step beyond our own little guard walls once in a while. *shrugs*

I can not speak of cell phones and cars, since I do not own either. However I will admit to being rather nervous of (and for!) cyclists who operate handheld cell phones while riding in high traffic areas.

Television is one of the many things I left behind with the move. Still, I did finally manage to catch an episode of 2 and half men before I left and the opening theme kinda freaked me out/caught me off guard. Is that really their voices doing the singing? Oh and just wanted to inform you that even the Tivo-less can indeed spot the vanity card at the end. Not much chance to read the whole screen but it does stand out.

Uhm. I don't know... In my own humble opinion... and I am sure this will sound corny... but I try not to hate anyone. There is a proverb I read once, maybe Chinese or Native American, I don't remember... But it said this: the fire you carry for your enemies will burn you as much as them.

Now I am not perfect or anything near it and yes, to be quite blunt, there are many people in this world I would like to kick, Severely. While wearing steel-toe cleats or something. But to walk around in a bad mood about it does not make anything - least of all me - feel better. Science is now starting to prove that bad moods can be literally and physically toxic for a person. So then I begin to think... The people who commit these awful trespasses and violences we call crimes... They must be toxic themselves. They must be out of their minds. Crime is not the habit of truly happy, stable people - is it? They must be not themselves. And to say that killing them is the solution... I can understand and trust me, I can even sympathize but it also saddens me a little because it is like admitting that we as a society have no better cure. It is like saying that we have given up hope. If we offer even these people, who have broken the public trust, nothing but bad energy and violent solutions... Then are we not becoming part of the cycle? I don't know.

In theory - and perhaps nowhere else is practical - is seems like we would have to offer good energy to break the cycle and find peace. But that may be far easier imagined than done, I realize. Our toxic brothers and sisters, they are not accustomed to good energy - they who need it the worst, would likely also adapt the most slowly to having it in their lives... It is akin to the tales of starving children who get sick when actually fed - the body rejects what it does not recognize. Improved results take time and society can be impatient: that is the largest factor in death vs. other solutions I suppose.

My heart is still heavy for Rabid-san... In spite what he did, I can not hate him. I think maybe he suffered more in life than death but it not my place to assume such things.

There is a manga called DeathNote, maybe you have heard of it. I only did recently. The DeathNote is the central item to the series, a demons notebook - when a humans name is written in it the human will die as specified within seconds. It challenges the audience to consider: if such an artifact came into their grasp, would they use it? And so while I am sincere in my hope that people should not give up on each other so frequently... I have to admit RVD-san, I would use a DeathNote. In fact putting one of your favorite shows - the Americas Most Wanted - out of business would likely be a high priority. Killing in the real world... I doubt that I am capable. Even the most skilled among us can not guarantee mercy - quick and painless - but if all I had to do was write the names.... Yes. I could.

Does this make me a bad person, I wonder? Hrm. Perhaps I am simply a little toxic.

Forgive my little ramblings. I should depart for now. Thanks for the blog and aura check. Please keep taking care! Also, [lease forgive any typos, I am not yet familiar with this keyboard layout.

Courage and Peace!


February 15, 2008 at 5:04 AM  
Anonymous Derek said...

RVD, DON'T sell your purple singlet!!!! NO!!!

That's my fav one of yours, so you must keep it!


February 15, 2008 at 10:26 PM  
Blogger JAYLTEAVI said...

Hi Rob,Well Rob whats new in the WWE? Or should i say what's old. Well in the WWE is still alla bout the game especially since his alliance with Stephanie McMahon.Well it'll be stupid to think that if you're married with the boss daughter you wouldn't be able to take advantage.
It doesn't matter if it is for the title or not he always get the spotlight.

Liked i said before if you get storylines with Vince it's probally the best push you could get. That help Steve Austin alot. HHH and HBK.Looked what it has done to a guy like Finlay who has the fan in his favor besides the fact to be asociated with the well liked Hornswoggle who is well liked.

"So the big surprise is HHH winning the Elimination Chamber" I was surprise that he didn't win the Royal Rumble,so i knew he had a way to get to the mainevent and once they mention the Winner of the Elimination Chamber would be going for the WWE title at Wrestle freakinMAnia. So that explained it all.

Triple H let J.Hardy beat him only so Jeff returned the favor at the Elimination Chamber. Like i said before who ever that Jeff Hardy would win. Should had noted that Hardy would be facing Randy Orton or Cena or Both and that would be unlikely after loosing to Randy Orton cleanly at the Rumble. The same thing they did with Randy Orton when he lost the WWE title cleany to HHH at the Rumble some years past.To get out of the ttile picture for a while. I guess Hardy will win the Money in the Bank to go for the WWE title.I aslo expect
Mr. Kennedy to have the WWE title
probally before Jeff Hardy.

The Rock used to say out with the old in with the new.Triple H probally isn't that old for a wrestle he's as old as you are Rob.
Different is has gotten every storyline he want's and every title he want's when he want's.

When will the WWE move past HHH,HBK,R.Flair,Undertaker.Is that one of the reasons you don't watch turn on the T.V and it's all about them. They have to retire. But afterwards. HHH will me managing the WWE watching that no ones breaks his 16 or 20 titles reigns he plans on having.I'm still waiting for HHH and HBk to go to SmackDown.Or undertaker and Batista to come to Raw. That probally be when they been satisfied with there SmackDown title reigns that they won't challenge HHH 20 title reigns.

It's funny to watch how the rush all the matches at No Way out only to give space for the Mainevent.Who ever thing Wrestlemania is that great. Well if your just interested in the Mainevent and HHH. you might like it . Because there so much wrestlers that they rush all the matches. I knew they would continue the money in the bank match, not just for Jeff Hardy, but it's a way
to squash a bunch of wrestlers in one match so they could be a Wrestlemania.But even then you see the WWE doesn't have that great of highly great wrestlers (much do for there lack of push.)that they need to bring people like Mayweather to help sell Wrestlemania.Wrestlemania
has always have celebrities,but it seems that they need it more to help Wrestlemania be atractive to Wrestling fans,but in reallity what they actually are bringing none wrestling fans who care about these other Celebrities. Where's those old Clean single matches Bret vs Shawn,Hogan vs Warrior,Andre vs Hogan,Rock vs Steve Austin,Rock vs Hogan,Warrior vs Savage (some matches weren't that clean but still were Mano a Mano,One on One,matches.)It probally still good ,but to bad it takes other wrestlers out of wrestlemania.Imagine if Angle,Christian Cage and Booker T wouldn't have left.

Well i respect people opinion,But seeing HHH,Cena,Orton at Manaia isn't very new. the last time i wrote here before today i said it'll probally be a Triple Threat match a Manaia because HHH already faced Orton not do late last year.And a rematch wouldn't be that atractive when you already seen the same wrestlers fight,not to long ago.

What makes a great macth is when you see two great wrestlers that never wrestle each other one on one go at it. Especially if they never have even touch each other.Because you can't tell who would win or how would they fare against each other.
Also when both are in the top of there game beacuse Bret did faced HBK before Wrestlemania and won ,but HBK wasn't on a high level yet.Plus they added fact on how would they do against each other in a never before seen One hour Iron Match.

Well Rob i don't want to Bore you i don't actually know how much you care about what i write or what you thing about it because even if you wanted to talked about it you would have to consider talking about every other peoples commentary here.I really don't have anyone to talk about wrestling which is how many fans got to know you. The fact about how the WWE treated you when i knew from your old ECW days. I knew you were great in wrestling and i didn't need the WWE to push you hard to know you were a great sports entertainer. But i did reconized how they tryied to disminish how greater you could have become to be if you were giving the fredom you had in ECW. That open my eyes to all the politics in wrestling.Which still goes on with other wrestlers today.
Which i have another story i liked to metioned one day about what i believe is wrestlers using wrestlers to help each other or just themselves.

Well Rob thanks for having me from just a fan, that being probally you biggest wrestling fan J.L.-T.V. to RVD-TV the only place to be. till next time gadget next time,bye.

February 18, 2008 at 7:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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